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Jason: Good morning and welcome to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. Hope everybody is doing awesome. So, how is your 2020 going. Is it working out for you? Have you hit, what do they say? Hit the ball and took off running, right? And that is it. That is the cliche out.

Keith: Hopefully, you are still running.

Jason: Hopefully, yes, hopefully you are still running.  What I read somewhere that like by January 10th or something most people have already thrown in the towel on the whole resolution thing. Just forget it. Right

Keith: That is the number one day for giving up on your resolution. They say about 20% of people have kept it going.

Jason: Wow, 20% Wow. I would have assumed it was higher than that. Well, maybe we are talking to the 20% today then. I know our listeners definitely fit in the 20% crowd. There is no doubt about that. They are some of the smartest and most educated out here in our community. Because they are listening to us, man.

Keith: Of course.

Jason: Yeah. Absolutely.

Keith: Obviously.

Jason: If it did not start off the way that you hoped, here is the good thing. Draw a line in the sand. You know what the cool thing about a New Year's resolution? You could actually make one today. There is like no rule that it has to be on the first.

Keith: You can make it a February resolution, starting February 1st.

Jason:  There you go. Perfect. Perfect. I just read an interesting article about some dictator over in some country that I cannot pronounce. He just decided that he did not like the name of the calendar months, so he is just going to change them. Yeah.

Keith:  Why not?

Jason: Whatever. Forget January. We are going to call it blue.

Keith: Sure.

Jason: Hey, I guess when you are at the top of the food chain, you do what you want.

Keith: That is right.

Jason: But hey, it is time to take action and so, hey, maybe you have got to figured. But here is the thing. No choice is still a choice.

Jason: Yeah, right.

Keith: It is.

Jason: Life is going happen. Here is the big game of life. You have to choose to participate.

Keith: I will give you one that I thought was interesting. I saw somebody say once that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result each time.

Jason: There you go.

Keith: It does not happen.

Jason: It does not happen. Does not happen, no matter what, it does not happen. Let's resolve today to choose to be a participant and make things happen. So draw that line in the sand. We are going to dig into all the right stuff in real estate, get you headed in the right direction, and get your 20/20 off to a great start, especially everything about selling your home. So grab a pen paper, whatever cup of coffee sit back, relax, and we will get things started for you.

Keith: Well, speaking of 2019, you know this better than anybody else. A lot of people in the second half of 2019 maybe even before that had planned on selling their home and it did not quite happen the way that they had hoped. Now you offer something completely different that other real estate companies do not. Let's learn more about that. Let's get that message out.

Jason: Right. So yeah, it is a frustrating thing sometimes in my world because we obviously spend a considerable amount of money advertising in. We put the message out there and let people know that they have options. But yet it is not on everybody's radar. Selling a house or buying a house is not on your radar until you are going to sell a house or buy a house. So we are just noise in the in-between time. Right?

Keith: That is true.

Jason: The attention is not there, but when the attention does get there, what is frustrating to me is we kind of get lumped into well, just a real estate company is a real estate company is a real estate company, and this is why car dealers spend so much money telling you that hey, my Ford truck is the best or my Chevy truck is the best or Dodge or whatever your flavor is, and they make these distinct characteristics. At the end of the day, it is a big box of metal to get you somewhere. Right?

Keith: That is true.

Jason: Yeah, at the end of the day, no matter what they look like are, I guess you do purchase safety. Well now we do not. We purchase features.

Keith: That is right.

Jason: Do you have Wi-Fi?

Keith: Does the radio do lots of neat, cool things?

Jason: Yeah, right exactly. Pretty soon there is going to be probably some audible thing that tells you what is going on your Facebook post because obviously we do not want you looking your phone while you are driving.

Keith: I have no doubt.

Jason: Yes. It will just be something that tells you what is going on, right, or who knows?

Keith: Well, it does it for your text messages already. So why would not it do it for your social media?

Jason: That is a good point.

Keith: Exactly.

Jason: We do have many, many options for our owners out there, and really as far as I know, one thing that does separate us for sure from everybody else is we have multiple options to offer you when selling your home and not just sticking a sign in the yard and kind of see what happens. We have a very purposeful plan for each one of our programs, each one of our systems that has really been worked out over 22 years in business. The good thing for you folks that are thinking about coming in and selling your home this year, you are not the guinea pig. Somebody else blazed the trail for you. So to all my past clients, thank you, and I am sorry. It is things that you do learn, and you learn to perfect things over time, and you see things especially when you are doing a high level of volume, you can see things quicker. Let's face it. If you are only selling 12 houses a year, you will see stuff, but it is going to take a while. When you are doing a couple hundred sales a year, it moves quicker.  What I can see in a month or two weeks, most people will not see in the year because they will not do enough transactions to see trends and or to see really where things are going to. How quickly technology is changing in the world is also affecting real estate as well. We can kind of break that down, and what it actually going to looks like for you the listener because that is my most important audience right now at this time. The owner of the house has a lot on them. A lot of decisions to make. Should I change things? Does it make sense to do this? Is it wise to put my money into certain areas of the house and then just the stress of why are they moving? You compound that with a lot of different decisions, and it really can become a stressful time. That is why you want to hire someone that has got some experience. That is going to walk through that and not just 12 times. They have done it a lot, hundreds and hundreds and maybe even thousands of times that they have had that experience. The key with our systems is we want to provide the option of our guaranteed sale to our clients. So once we determine what the goal is and what really kind of where you are going and then price. Price is key. Price is key in lot of things. Price is key in that how many eyeballs you are going to get. Price is key on will I even be able to do this if I do not get this price for my home. Now the downside with how most people come up with the number and kind of where they go is they decide what they are going to do based upon a hypothetical number, and then the hypothetical number does not necessarily work out and they did not really have a plan B. And so we approach everything from perfect world. Let's face it. Most moves start with a dream, right? If everything works the way it should, this will be the result. That is the first option.

Keith: It does not go that way often.

Jason: Then we get to everything else which is like most of the time called reality. Right?

Keith: It is a little different.

Jason:  Yeah. So here is what I noticed. I saw this over the years, and fortunately because we have sold a lot of homes, I saw it pretty quick and then what we what we determined was hey, if we actually had all this data up front before someone pulled the trigger and made a decision, they could make a better decision. Right? They could make it an actually educated the decision, and now they will not have to react to the market. They will not have to react to whatever is going on. So let's find all the answers to the issues up front deal with them proactively, and now we are not on our heels trying to figure out what to do in a reactionary standpoint. Reaction typically costs money. Right? Who wins the game? Typically, the people with the best, what, plan, offense, systems. Right? And then everybody else is reacting to what they are throwing at them. Right?  If you go back and look at most major sports events who is winning? It is really the ones that had they had the systems and the plans upfront, figured out, ready to go for the opponent that they were getting ready to play, and the opponent's playing catch-up the entire game. Right? They are on their heels. They are always in the defensive mode and it makes a huge a difference. It is the same thing when selling your home. We need to figure out all the pitfalls upfront, approach them, address those issues, and now we have a concrete plan. But it goes back to people want surety too, and so that is why we came up with the guaranteed sales program. So that people have a guarantee knowing up front what it is. Basically, what does the number look like that I am going to walk away from this house no matter what happens. And people like that answer. They like to make plans that are certain, right?

Keith: Well, he called goes back to like you said because you do so much volume and you sell so many homes. You have such a better feel for what is out there. No other real estate agent can do this because you have got the data it all goes back to the information. You have got that, not that these are bad people. They just do not have the same amount of information you have.

Jason: That is right. That is right. Yeah. It would be no different if I went to PTI today. There are planes leaving everywhere, right, and I just showed up and said I want to go. They are probably going to know want to know where. Right?

Keith: Yeah.

Jason: Well, I want to go to Dallas. Well they are probably are not going to send me on a plane headed to Europe, right, because it is not going to give me the result that I want.

Keith: Right.

Jason: I want to go Dallas and not across the pond, and so there are specific destinations that they have and you have a specific destination, and we want to get through there efficiently. We want a direct flight, not three layovers, right? Because those three layover flights stink. If you ever went to the West Coast from Greensboro, you may know what that is like. It is a lot of different, a lot of different stops, a lot of different turns. Most people do not like that they like that direct flight. One way, get it done. Let's do it right the first time. Let's get there. And so that is what we want to do.  With selling your home it becomes very personal, right? It is one of the biggest personal, emotional things that we have. It is definitely one of the most expensive. Having the guarantee is very, very, very important. Now one of the questions I get a lot is well, how is this work? There have to be rules. All these different types of things, and we do have some simple rules within our guaranteed sales program. And they are pretty simple like your house has to be built out of wood. That is pretty good. Right?

Keith: Yeah.

Jason: We do not do manufactured homes, mainly it is because of the financing rules of how that works. It has to be a house in which can be financed. That is another rule that we have. So it has to be in a condition in which a bank would make a loan on it so that we have, so if Keith wanted to buy this home, he could go to the bank and get a loan, just everything checks out like it should. That is pretty simple.

Keith: Yeah.

Jason: It is like any buyer in the world would want, right, for the most part. We do cap the price at $750,000 and the reason being is because I have well, we sell enough homes. I have done the math, and if I offered a guaranteed sale on million-dollar homes, I would own every one of them in the Triad. 100% because of our timeline in which people want to move, and you go back and looking at a lot of most million-dollar homes take anywhere between 30 months to 60 months to sell. And if you are over $2.5 million, God bless you. It is a tough challenge out there because your buyer pool shrinks, right? A 2.5 million and up, you are one one thousandth of a percent in our market. There just are not that many residential properties over in that price point.

Keith: Makes sense.

Jason: So it is a very, very, very small number. So, $750,000 below we are 100% in our  wheelhouse. There is enough demand. There are enough buyers. There is plenty of activity and is something that we feel very, very comfortable with. Once we established these rules, the owner also has a few rules that they have to follow. So those are the guidelines. These are going to seem really dumb and you might even laugh a little bit because you are like really Jason, these are rules?  There is a reason –

Keith: I was going to say if there was not a reason for the rule, you would not have made the rules, so clearly there is a reason.

Jason: Yeah, so rule one. You have to let us show the house. That is kind of a rule. We need to get buyers through the door when you are in the guaranteed sales program. I would assume you would want them anyway, and I know it seems like simple, but I had an owner one time that, she was in the guaranteed sale, so we came up with the price, she agreed, and she was an older lady, and we had five, six, seven people request to see the house, and everyone of them got turned down. So I called and was like is something wrong? Are you sick? What is going on? Was there a fire or a flood? What is going on? Because it just not normal. You put the house on the market, people want to see it. They go see it. Right, and she says oh, oh, no, nothing is wrong. I said, well, we noticed that you turned down the first five, six, seven showings. She goes oh yeah, I got to thinking about it. That is just a lot of trouble. I am just perfectly fine with what you are going to pay me. I am good. Okay, did not see that one coming. So, we had to regroup, right? So, okay. We had to put a rule in you do have to let us show the house. Rule number two. Again, seems simple. If you get an offer higher that what I am going to pay for the property, you have to accept it.

Keith: Okay.

Jason: That seems simple and logical.

Keith: Yeah.

Jason: Same kind of situation. I had a client one time that we had a guaranteed sale at agreed-upon price, agreed upon offer. Everything was great. We got another offer, and she rejected it. It was, I do not know, maybe three or four thousand dollars higher than what I had agreed to pay for the property, and I was just like this is better. She goes, oh, yeah, but I could not do that to you. I gave you my word. I would sell my house to you. You were first. They will just have to wait. No, that is not really how that works. I want you to get more money. This is a good thing. It took me about an hour to get her to agree to accept this other offer because in her mind it was going back on her word. It was just a huge integrity thing for her, and we did not have the rule in place, so she did not know up front. Now we have the rule if you get more money, you need to accept more money. I think that is a pretty fair and simple rule. Right?

Keith: Works for me.

Jason: Absolutely and the third rule and there are only three, if you have to take the house off the market for, let’s say 20 days, then that time that we cannot market the property gets added back into the contract. Simple enough. So, are guaranteed sales process is 120 days of marketing time and then we would buy the home. So if you took it off the market for 20 days, then we would just bump that time out 20 days. Our goal is that we sell it in the first week and that it is a non-issue. But if we have to have finality and a guarantee, we are in a position to be able to do that. So those are the rules of the guarantee. We have many more products and many more options for you outside of our guaranteed sales program. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. We are going to take a quick timeout. We will be back in just a minute.

Welcome back to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. So before the break we were talking about the guaranteed sales and some of the rules that are out there and guidelines and different things. We keep it as simple as possible. The best way to figure out if your house is going to qualify as just give us a call at the office.

Keith: Well, but here is a quick question. What if I have already purchased another home?

Jason: We do have that we have that were folks have already purchased they which leads into that whole plan A, plan B thing we were talking about at the beginning to show. Plan A was hey, I am going to go ahead and buy this house because I know my house is going to sell really quick and then it does not. Right? I have this conversation a lot. I went ahead and bought another house because my previous real estate agent told me they would sell my house. No problem at all. And then now it is 180 days later, a year later and

Keith: Two mortgages.

Jason: -- and two mortgages.

Keith: Which never is a good deal.

Jason:  Never a good deal. Here is the thing, guys. You do not have to wait until you get to zero in your bank account to call me. Okay, call me anytime. Right? Because yes, we do sell difficult situations. We do work through those things, but everything is elevated when you are on fumes, right, everything.

Keith:  You do not have time to do anything.

Jason: Yeah, so if the gas light came on and it is like hey, you are going to be on empty in 19 miles, maybe call us when you are a hundred miles out. Okay, if you can.  Time is critical. Can we do it? Yes, it is just the urgency that we are going to have to move at sometimes you are not prepared for. The other thing, too, is most people have slipped into somewhat a mild case of depression, anxiety, and you are not thinking clearly. We have to work through that first to get you to zero, right, and it is okay. We are trained to do it. We deal with this every day. It is not a problem. But it can make your life even easier if you do not wait. Right? We deal with that a lot and we have that situation. So depending on the price of the house, we do have a condition in there that you buy your next home with us. However, on a case-by-case basis, I will look at any property for our guaranteed sales program because we have other companies that we own that buy-and-hold real estate for rental property and those type of things. So, if you had a $699,000 home and you already bought one, and you are hemorrhaging because you got two mortgages, I may not be able to help you. But if you have a $150,000 house in a great school district, and I believe it is going to be a phenomenal long-term investment for our holding company, we absolutely would talk with you. We will look at all of it because even on the $699,000 house there could be other opportunities or options that the property has outside of just being a house to sell. So we look at all those things. We do not say no until we just cannot answer. We cannot get any more answers to our questions than we need. So we keep everything moving forward.

Keith: Well number one question because I guarantee all of our listeners are thinking this what about price? How competitive when you are making an offer on homes, how competitive are you?

Jason: Yeah. I think it is human nature just to assume it is horrible. Right?  Because that is how

Keith: It is easy.

Jason: Most people do not know how to invest in real estate, and so they think that well obviously, you just make a crappy low offer and that is how you win. No. The offer actually has to be great for all parties to have a mutually beneficial deal. Right? And it has got to be good for everybody to make sense to do it. So yeah, the price has to be right for us, but the price has to be right for the seller. The other thing is remember this you are in control. You could just say no.

Keith: Right. You do not have to take it.

Jason: You do not have to take it. It is simply an option. Sometimes we cannot even offer because maybe the house does not qualify from a financing standpoint, from a construction standpoint. If you and your brother and your other brother did 14 additions and you never pulled a building permit and nobody is a contractor, that could be a problem for us. Right?

Keith:  Back to permits.

Jason: Yeah back to permits. We do accept dirty gutters though that is okay. We have moved past that. We have moved past that.

Keith: We have got a guy that will clean them.

Jason: We got a guy that will clean it. So the best thing I can tell you is give us a call and let's talk. We have been doing the guaranteed sales program for 16 years now, and I think it is less than five people have not been able to accept our offer. We make the fairest price that we can possibly make because that is the only way it is going to work for you and for us both. To get more information you go to Jason Bramblett dot com or give us a call at the office 553-0796. Everybody have an awesome weekend. We will be back here next week. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show.