Keith: Good morning. Welcome to the Jason Bramblett Show. I am Keith Allen with Jason Bramblett. Looks like a busy show. What do you have lined up for the guys?

Jason: We do have a busy show. It is always a busy show. It is 23 minutes of radio bliss coming at you in 23 minutes actually. We cannot even make it any faster than that. But it is amazing how you can take a 30-minute show and condense it down to 23 minutes of, well, just do not go anywhere. You are going to find out what is going on. It is the spring market. It is the time that is like a kickoff. Right? We are headed to the Super Bowl. Everybody has done their prep. Now it is time to crush the spring market because it is go time. This is what everybody is waiting on. This is what everybody is talking about. This is, if you were a deer hunter, you could not sleep right now. Right? Because you would be ready to go, and that is kind of how a lot of real estate agents are. We cannot sleep because we are getting prepared, anticipated, ready to go, and it is fun stuff. So, we have got an exciting time in real estate. We are actually off to a record-breaking year, which is always awesome. So, with breaking records comes the opportunity for we need some help. We need new people. We believe, I believe, and I think the team does believe we have created a system in which many people that have considered real estate as a career or a second career or just an opportunity have not been able to take advantage of it because the, well, let’s just face it. It is not the easiest industry to get into. You do not really even have to know much about real estate. Just the rumor mill of that kind of keeps a lot of people from even opening the door and attempting to get started in real estate.

So, what we are doing is we are starting or launching a new program. It is our career incentive program. Essentially, we are going to walk you through the next 36 months of how to start in real estate and how to successfully succeed and become a broker in the real estate industry. So, we have our first career night this Tuesday, the 12th from 6-7:30. You will need to go to our website to register. It is Jason Bramblett dot com. Just click on the email icon or the email link, if you will, and that will get you registered in or at least get you into our database so we can send you the registration. So, you are going to get an actual Eventbrite confirmation that you will need to sign up for, so we need to know how many people are going to be in attendance. I will tell you we have had an overwhelming response just with some other meetings that we pushed this out on. So, if you want to get into the first one here, seating is limited. So, you want to sign up as soon as possible. It is Tuesday the 12th, coming right up right around the corner from 6-7:30. It will be an action-packed, very informative. We are going to walk you through every single step of what you would need to do to get started.

Here is the thing about real estate is everybody needs a place to start, but not everybody can go from paycheck to zero. It is a tough place to get, at least by choice. A lot of you go from paycheck to zero, but you did not have a choice in that game. And so, your employer made that decision for you, and it amazing what happens. I have had folks that have walked through that and it was the end of the world, and in a year, it was the best thing that ever happened to them in their life because it pushed them out of the comfort zone to go out there and make something happen. Make something happen on their own.

Well, we have created a way that you can make something happen. Maybe not without taking the plunge. Here would be a really cool thing. Let’s walk you through real estate. Let’s get you making some money. Let’s get you replacing the money that you are making now in your current career, and then you can walk into the office one day and you can tell your boss exactly what you think about his company maybe. No, I am kidding. You would never do that.

Keith: No.

Jason: But it at least would give you the opportunity to say hmmm, I might consider something different. Because at the end of the day, it is about doing what you love, and taking, there is some chances. So, we are going to walk you through being a goldfish. The great thing about being a goldfish is somebody, you are just swimming around in your little bowl, your little tank and somebody is dropping the food in. The problem is when they forget you and they quit dropping the food in. You ever seen Nemo? Do not let me go belly up. We do not want you going belly up. Unfortunately, a lot of people in real estate go belly up because they go into a company where there is no, there is nothing provided for them. There are no leads. There is no opportunity. There are not systems. Most real estate companies say hey Keith, come over here and let’s see what you can do. And Keith is like hey, I was just working in radio last week.

Keith: Like throwing you out of the nest.

Jason: Yeah. Exactly. Yeah, right? It is like why is the eagle the biggest bird? Probably because it is in the biggest tree. Right? It is long way between there and the ground. Right? You hear about soaring like an eagle? The first 100 feet was not soaring, baby. It was hanging on for dear life. Right? Grasping at everything, and then they figured out they had wings. Right?

Keith: Right.

Jason: So, it is the same kind of situation. You have got to have somebody dropping a little food in the bowl to get you started. And that is what we are going to do. 36 months is going to take you from goldfish to shark. One thing about a shark when they swim around. They really do not worry about the goldfish. The goldfish definitely worry about the sharks though. So, when you become a shark, when you figure out your territory and how to go out and make things happen through meeting people, creating relationships, working your network and bringing value to people, you never have to worry about selling houses. You do not have to worry about selling anything as long as you are bringing value. It would not matter if it is widgets, coffee cups or whatever it is.

So, the really cool thing is to take you from not knowing anything, and we have got a fast track of 36 months, and for some people it may be quicker than that. We have kind of dreamed it out, or believe it is a 36-month path to get you from goldfish to shark without going belly up. Because you know what happened to Nemo, well it was not Nemo, but you know what happened to the fish in Nemo that went belly up. Right?

Keith: It does not work out well.

Jason: All things lead to the ocean. Isn’t that the way the song goes, right? All things lead to the ocean. So, if you are interested again, go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Click on the email icon, right corner. Just put something, hiring, career night, anything like that, and it is going to go to our team. They are going to reach out to you. They are going to send you the Eventbrite confirmation, which you do need to sign up for in order to ensure that you have a seat there. You can also call the office at (336)553-0796. If you do not get anyone, leave a message, and we will get right back to you. So, lots of cool things.

Here is the thing that we have created is the opportunity, the system, and where most real estate, I say companies fail, but it is really just people. They jump into something with no path. And they jump into something that most real estate companies have. What can you do for me attitude as opposed to here is what we are going to do for you. Right? The teaching, the coaching, the training. And it is fun when you are doing something that is exciting. You are watching people step into their dream house for the first time. Or their first house. It is an industry that is interesting to me because it is never the same. It is never the same people. It is never the same house. Circumstances, you have got good and bad unfortunately with why people sell. Unfortunately, we do not have the highest success rate of marriages in America. Right? And usually when that happens, when you do get a divorce, most of the time you do not still cohabitate in the same building. Right? So, people are leaving. Right? Which does create opportunity to sell more houses. Unfortunately, it is not really the way we want to do it, but it is something that happens. The other thing, too, is you want a system that works when the economy does not. That is one of the things that I have worked, it is 21 years in the making, but we have created an economy within our real estate company that does not matter what the economy in the United States is doing. It does not matter. If real estate is going up, great. If it is going down, great. It does not matter. We are going to make it work either way. Now, part of that is you cannot know what to do unless you went through it. I have had the fortunate and unfortunate part of going through its multiple times, so I am not on the learning curve on that deal. I have already been there, done that, got the t-shirt, the whole nine yards. We have set up systems and plans and protocols that if the market goes down, that is okay. We are actually in a better position to win if it goes down. If it goes up, great. That is fine. But if you fall in the trap of all ships rise with the tide, when somebody pulls the cork out of the bottom of the boat, you have got a problem –

Keith: Yeah.

Jason: -- if you do not know what you are doing. Right? If you do not know what to do when the water is going down, that is a bad place to be. One of my favorite quotes is from Mike Tyson. He is like everybody steps into that ring and they have got a plan. They have got a system. They have role played out in their mind what they are going to do, where they are going to beat me, my weaknesses, and everything. And then I punch them in the face. And everything changes. Everybody had a plan until I punched them in the face. And it is the truth. That is life. Right?

Keith: What I think is cool about this is it gives you an opportunity to come in and kind of find out the inner workings of what goes on in your business, and you can decide if it is a good fit for you. It is one thing to just walk in and go I am going to a real estate agent and find out six months later is it is not for you. This way, you can kind of get an understanding, get a feel for it, and then decide if it is the right fit for you, which is better for your business and for the individual.

Jason: Absolutely. That really is exactly what we wanted to create there, Keith, is come in, test the waters without, stick your foot in before you jump in the deep end. And the downside with most people is that they burn those bridges and they are like I really should not have burned that bridge. I wish I could have gone back to –

Keith: I should have done this.

Jason: Should have done this. Right? And what we want to do is this. I am a rip the band-aid off fast guy. I want to know quick is this going to work for me. So, we are going to jam like Real Estate 10.0 down your throat fast, and in three weeks, you will be like man, I am this, I love this. This is amazing. This is what I was born to do or do not ever show me another house ever again. Right? You are out. You are going to go live in a tent you hate real estate so much. Right? Why suffer over a year? Why suffer over a long period of time? The downside with real estate, our national association says this. Most people get into real estate with a dream, a plan, and a hope. And after 18 months they are on the other side and they are broke, busted, and they have got $20,000 in credit card debt because they used the credit card to make up for the lack of income, and then somebody said oh hey, you have got to spend money to make money. And then they came up with this really great idea called Visa, and Visa is like yeah, man, we will let you do it. We do not even care if you sell houses. We will take your money all day long. Just swipe that card. Let her rip. We will send you some leads, and then you do not even know what to do with them. And then all of a sudden, you have used Visa, Mastercard and whoever else to prop up your lifestyle or keep your lifestyle going. Not even prop it up. Just keep bread, food on the table, make enough for the shortfall, not having the job.

Keith: Right.

Jason: And then you are going in debt because you are investing in marketing, which you do not even know if it works or not. And believe me, all these companies, they will take your money. They have no problem whatsoever. Most of the stuff within real estate is a 12-month contract. So, you are signed up for a year. There is no clause in there that says oh, if you do not sell a house, we will give you your money back. Never seen that one before. I do not have it. And then you have got the other issue is let’s just face it. Most people do not go all in on the first hand. Right? That is not how Vegas works. You win a little, you win a little, and you build up that. Right? So, you spend $2-500 a month on your credit card buying leads. The problem is you have got other guys in the game like me that are way spending more than that. Way investing more than that.

Keith: Yeah, the odds are not in your favor.

Jason: The odds are not in your favor. I will assure you. It is much wiser and better to join with someone that is doing it than it is to try to go out and compete with it. Because to compete with it, you are going to sink quick. Who do you think these companies are going to reward more? The guy that is at $200 a month or the guy that is at $20,000 a month?

Keith: Pretty obvious.

Jason: It is kind of a no brainer. Yeah, whose ads do you think are going to show up more? The guy at 200 or at 20,000, right? And that is why it is hard to step in. So anyway, we have created a system, which you can come check it out. And actually, we are going to pay you. That is another unbelievable thing. Most real estate businesses, when you start, it is 100% commission. That does not work for everybody. Most people have to have some money. Right? Anything. So that is what we have created with our apprenticeship program is we are going to let you earn as you learn and go until you say stop or we say stop. Because at some point in time, let’s just face it. 100% of the people, it is not going to work for.

Keith: No.

Jason: 100% of the people do not need to be in real estate. I would say we have 1.2 million people in our association. It is probably half too many. But anyway, they are there. We deal with them. The thing of it is it is a low barrier of entry to start. You have got to pass a test, and magically you are a real estate agent. Not so much. It is like having a driver’s license. Let’s face it. Does that 16-year-old that just got his driver’s license really have a clue how to drive?

Keith: No.

Jason: Absolutely not. Uber is not putting behind the wheel. Right? Liability. Same thing. The guy that just got his license last week maybe not so much going to sell your house for top dollar. It is not because they do not want to. It is just that they do not know how to. They have no experience. All right. Let’s do this. We went a little bit long on that.

Keith: Good stuff.

Jason: Just a little bit behind the scenes of what is going on in Jason Bramblett Real Estate. Stay tuned. We are going take a break, go pay some bills, come back. We are going to get into what you need to do to be ready for the spring market to get your house sold. We will be right back. (in/out music) And we are back. Thank you so much for tuning in. This is Jason Bramblett and you are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. So, we were talking, just having a little fun there in there beginning. But seriously, if you are in the market or if you just ever thought about an opportunity in real estate, what does it look like? We are going to break it down for you from 6-7:30 on Tuesday night. Go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Get your name in the hat. It is limited seating. Linda and the team will reach out to you and get you a confirmation. So, we talked about what do we do with this house. Right?

Keith: Yeah, we were talking about the shrubs and how to get all that stuff ready. Well, what other things can you do? You are getting ready to sell. What areas should we look at when getting a house ready? Where should we invest? What is the best plan?

Jason: The key number one thing is having a plan. You went to the grocery store with a list, and then you have gone to the grocery store without a list. The grocery store list typically keeps you on budget and it keeps you on diet. The go to the grocery hungry, no plan, you leave overspending, and you have got a lot of frozen things in your basket.

Keith: I have done that way too many times.

Jason: Exactly.

Keith: You figure it out on Wednesday that you messed up.

Jason: We went to the store the other day, me and my daughter, for sour cream. We left with Butterfinger ice cream, chips, Doritos, some soda. I was like wait, this was a $2 trip, and all of a sudden it is like 17 bucks to get out the door?

Keith: Do not walk in Costco.

Jason: Right. Exactly. It was like 17 bucks and 8500 calories probably. We actually laughed. It goes back to we did not have a very good plan here, Dad, right. We did not have a very good plan. Here is the key with selling a house. So, we talked about yes, the outside. No, the inside. Outside is important to certain folks. Some people want a yard. Some people want no yard. Most everybody wants the inside. They want shelter. They want it dry. They are not looking for a waterfall coming through the ceiling. They like this thing called air conditioning in the south. Even heat is good, but air conditioning definitely, for sure, especially in July.

Where is the best place to start? Think about the place you are going to make the first impression. Where is the first impression? The front door. It is actually sometimes the longest place a potential buyer will spend at the house just waiting on the real estate agent to unlock the door. To get into the lock box or do the electronic key or whatever it is they have to do. They may spend more time at your front door than they do in any other room in the house. So, think about that. You need to look at the door. Does it need painting? Does it need freshened up? Is it clean? Are the handles tarnished and nasty looking? Is there something living in your lights? Either spiders or birds. It is that time of year when birds are going to start building nests in your lights. If you are thinking about selling your house, you probably should figure out a way to keep them away that is humane. We will leave it at that. I do not want any other mail from some of my other recommendations in getting your house sold. And then as they come through the front door, what do they see? Do they see your fake wood floors are worn out? Or do they see that your real wood floors are worn out? Right? Are they all scuffed? Is the polish off? Is the varnish off? Has the tile been chipped? Is the grout black and it was not? Is it supposed to be gray? Is it gray and it is supposed to be white? All these different things you need to think about. That first impression. Are there shoes and coats and jackets and debris all throughout the house.

I showed a house one time really, they have got a lot of kids and it is a friend and its kind of fun, and we went over, and I am going through the house. And I am like wow, this looks pretty good. And the people they love to cook, and they were like, well, they wanted to open the drawers and the cabinets and all this stuff. And it is fine. That is what people do. Hey, people are going to open the drawers in your house. Right? It is what it is. Let’s face it. It is not the first time they have been in your drawers. Right? Think about it. Okay. So, your friends and all these people are coming over and so I am showing this house. We are going through. They open, there is just stuff falling out. There are jackets, the dog bowl. It is just like whatever was around.

Keith: Get everything put away.

Jason: Yes. So, what happened I am sure is Mom or Dad gave really strict barking orders. Get rid of everything without a specific location. For some, between 8 and 14, get rid of means do not see it. If it is in the cupboard with the glasses, and you put the dog bowl in there, I do not care. It does not matter to me. You just said get rid of it. Make sure you cannot see it. The fact that you open up the dishwasher and there is a jacket inside. Hey, it is the kids. That is what they do. It is amazing what could fall out of that cabinet when you open it depending on what kind of chaos may have went on. Think about as you go through a grocery store as well. When you go through a grocery store, most of them, they have got all the canned food facing a certain way. Right? It is not all a mish-mosh of everything. They have got everything in its order. Right? Everything is specific. Everything is facing the right way. Why? It looks great. It is a great presentation. It is just kind of professional looking. Some folks will be like well that is just a little over the top. You have to think like a retailer when you are selling your house. You have to think what could I do that would get me the most money if the most money is your goal. If you just want to slap a sign in the yard and let it rip, well, there is probably a price you will get for the condition your house is currently in, but it may not be the highest one. It may be the one that somebody is just willing to tolerate. Like I will take it for this, but I could really care less if I get it or I do not get it. That is not how you are going to get the most money for your house. You want people to walk in and you want them to fight for it. Like there is so much value in your house they cannot believe the price. That is when you know you have won. That is when you know you are going to have a good outcome. And you do that by presentation. Right?

We have multiple tiers within our home-selling systems. And they are all at different price points. And one of them is above average. You could just look at it on the surface and say wow that is a really high price or a lot of commission, but when you break it down and you look at the overwhelming value we put in that, you could not touch duplicating that product at, the only way we could do it is because of the volume that we do. We have put so much value into our premier product you could not touch it with a ten-foot pole to try to duplicate it yourself. You would be thousands and thousands of dollars overpriced, out of the league, out of the market. That is how much value we have been able to shrink down and put in there. And that is what you want to do with your house. You want to get it in the condition where people walk in and they are like holy cow. Compared to the other three at the same price or in the same market or in the same neighborhood or in the same school district, this is a no brainer. And sometimes it is even more and sometimes it is considerably more in price, but it is worth it.

One, because maybe the work has been done. Right? Maybe all that frustration of well, I do not really want to paint the house. I do not want to paint the house. I do not even want to go to the store to get the paint. But that is me. Other people like that. Everybody has got their own thing. But we want to look at the little things that can add a lot of value. So, think about when you go to a store. Think like a retailer. If you have ever been to a model home, you will notice one thing. They did not go to a garage sale or a flea market and furnish the house. They did not take their brand new, $300,000 amazing house with all the travertine tile, the beautiful wood floors, the granite countertop, and then go out here on the curb on Saturdays and buy $50 sofas and chuck them in there. Right? You do not see plaid couches and stuff in the model home. It looks like a furniture store. Why? Because it elevates. And that is what you want to do. The little things that will help to elevate. So, we are out of time. Go to Jason Bramblett dot com. We are going to send you a list if you want it. Say help me sell my house. But we would love to see you Tuesday night at six o’clock at our career night. So, call the office. Get in touch with us. (336)553-0796. Make it a great weekend everybody and we will see here next week live.