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Jason:  Good morning and welcome to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate show.  I hope everybody is enjoying their Saturday morning, getting all your honey-do list of things taken care of.  Maybe doing a little yard work or yard prep or whatever it may be.  Inside, outside, just be careful if you are on top of the roof.  I always hire someone should you be in doubt.  In the studio with me today, Mr. Keith joining me, pushing all the buttons, making everything, and we are in the super cool studio.

Keith:  I do not know if it is super cool.  It certainly has mood lighting.

Jason:  It definitely has mood lighting.  So if my voice is a little calmer it is because the mood has changed. The lighting has changed, and this is a much more calming studio that the other. It definitely is a more relaxed chill version of the radio show now for sure.

Keith:  I agree. This is kind of like my home studio, so I appreciate that.

Jason:  It has the feng shui, so it is perfect.

Keith:  We will turn the furniture.

Jason:  There you go.  That is right. That is right. So I hope everybody had a good week. We are going to dive into all things real estate.  Getting ready for Q4 is quickly approaching. October is almost here. So we are going to get into that. Just like everything we do, being proactive in getting everything in position to get ready for the fourth quarter is key, and that is what you should be doing if you are running a business.  Remember your household is also a business, so you can get your fourth quarter goals together for your home, your household, your kids, your plans, your life, whatever it may be. Before we do that, we still have got to wrap up the third quarter here, and it is just about ready to go.  What we noticed is that 2100 people actually did not get their homes sold in the Triad area, so we are going to talk a little bit about that. So for whatever reason in the second and third quarter, about 2100 failed to get their house sold. They expired off the market or came off the market according to the Triad Multiple Listing Service. Hey, there are a lot of people out here that we are talking to that maybe you have experienced this.  We unfortunately have one house that we did not get closed in that amount of time, so that is a failure on our part. 99% of our folks, but there is that one, and one is still not acceptable.  We want a 100% close rate. That is always our goal is to make sure that every single person that hires us achieves that goal of getting the home sold. But it seems every year, Keith, there is just that one anomaly out there.  It just drives me nuts, and sometimes you just cannot put your finger on it. It is always a different circumstance. Last year it was the most ordinary home. Great subdivision, and every single thing in the world we threw at this house did not stick. This one this year was a very unusual home. Not that that is an excuse, but unusual requires an unusual buyer. So it makes it a greater challenge, which I am perfectly up for. We get some unique stuff.  Actually, I enjoy unique and different because everything becomes so kind of ordinary, if you will, with your standard subdivision type homes. So we get these challenge houses, which I love. This one here was a borderline residential commercial piece of property, so anyway, I think we will still assist that seller in getting it sold.  It is just going to take a little break right now.  But we are going to dig into and understand what may have happened differently to help these 2100 people get their homes sold.  That is, of course, with many, many different companies, all different cities, all different counties, and we are just going to dive into it because they all have something in common other than not being sold.  They also have something else in common we are going to dig into and get that.  So grab a pen, grab a paper. Whatever you have.  Obviously, if you are driving, do not do that.  Just go to Jason Bramblett dot com.  Click on the blog and you can catch all the shows. We have even transcribed them for you real nerdy folks out there like me that like to read stuff still so you do not even have to listen to my voice again.  You can just skim through the notes and look for all the misspelled words.  And we use this wonderful software that does this for us, but its English is a little different than mine.  And sometimes, I read that and I am like what in the world is this computer trying to tell us here? But it is about 99% accurate, if you will.  It is probably better proper English than I normally have actually on the radio.  You can go to the website, fact check us there if you would like as well, check all those things out.  It is Jason Bramblett dot com.

Keith:  It is like when you are texting and it fills in the words for you.  And it is not really the words you wanted.

Jason:  Yes, yes.  And it is always all the good words.

Keith:  So obviously, you would have preferred to have 100% success rate. That would seem to be your goal. But I would say that 99% is hitting it out of the ballpark pretty far. Now, I am going to assume the 2100 homes that did not sell, I am going to assume they still want to sell. They just for one reason or another just did not happen. So with your success rate obviously, you are going to be able to help them. So what should they do before giving you guys a call if they still want to sell this house?

Jason:  That is a qualifier observation there for sure is do they really want to sell.  There are a certain percentage of folks that I think, the old saying is everything is for sale at the right price.  We have some people in the community that kind of just put their house for sale every year, I think.  Why not?

Keith:  If I get it, I get it.

Jason:  Yeah, if I get it, I get it.  If I do not, whatever. But that is not most of the people.  Most 2100 of those people do not do that. The first thing we want you to do actually is to call us even before you do anything because what we are finding is a lot of times the first step is to have that phone call, and most of the fails come down to really simple changes. So if we can spend some time with you in the home and walk you through that to make sure you are getting your home in the right position to sell. This is not a derogatory statement to my fellow agents. It is just a factual truth.  Most real estate agents do not sell enough homes to have a clear good gauge on what the public or the consumer want. Let’s face it.  If 90% of the agents in the Triad have only sold say six homes by October, so by the end of Q3, they have only sold 6 houses, think about what you do for a living. Could you be really good at it if you only did it 6 times in 10 months?

Keith:  Yeah, no.

Jason:  It is very difficult to have a pulse or have a true understanding. Most people would not hire the brain surgeon guy that kind of does it every other month.

Keith:  Six a year.

Jason:  Yeah, you kind of want somebody that has done some volume.  You would kind of like to know when you go see the dentist, you do not want to be the first guy he does the root canal on.  Right?  You would kind of like to know that hey, you did this a time or two.  The same thing is true with sales especially in real estate.  There is just a certain number of sales you need to do to have a clear understanding of the market, to have a clear understanding of really what the buyers are telling you and what the buyers want. Some owners are not going to be willing or they are going to be unable to make the proper changes that really the public may be demanding.  Let’s just say out of the 2100 half of them would not do what it takes. Just for whatever reason.  It is just maybe they do not want to.  Financially whatever it is. That is still a lot of people that more than likely really could have got their homes sold had they just had a step by step coaching process through that. So we have a very, very simple, paint-by-numbers, work right along with you system. It works within any budget or no budget, and the key is what we look at is the budget and the timeline. What is the goal of the timeline? What is the purpose of the move? Is there is a budget or is there not a budget to make the things happen that we need to help you achieve your goal?  Then what it really comes down to, our success is really around our systems we create to reach that goal. We have some folks that need to sell extremely quick. Some that are three or four months, and we have some folks that approach us and they want to build a home and I really do not want to move for nine months until my other house is ready. That is a different marketing plan. I am big on not recreating the wheel.  You guys probably know that by know after 12 years on the radio. I stay pretty consistent with this is what works. We improve the foundational systems that we have, but we also just keep it really simple. After 22 years of doing this, we have developed a system and a plan that is proven and that works over and over and over. I see most people fail, not only in real estate, but also just in most things because they have no plan. You have got to make preparations. You have got to have an action plan. If you do not have an action plan, you are just slinging things against the wall.

Keith:  So let’s say I am one of those 2100 people or maybe I am just looking to put up my house say in the fourth quarter or the first quarter next year, you have talked about this plan that you guys have got, give a little sneak peek.  What are some of the steps that go into that?

Jason:  This is the most difficult part of the plan.  Step one, call us. All right? So give us a call at the office, 53-0796, or go to Jason Bramblett dot com.  In all seriousness, step two is we really need to come up with a detailed marketing plan and strategy.  So that is what we are going to do. We can either meet you at our office or at your home. We need to explain to you exactly what our marketing system is and walk you through that.  You have to have clarity and have to have an understanding of that piece. One is to call. Two is we are going to go through and share with you our specific marketing plan. Once we have one and two done, now, step three is we are going to create an action plan that actually really specifically works for you in your timeline and your goal and we want to exceed your expectations in that, whatever that may be.  We also create a written accountability plan, so that plan is really good and it is signed by both parties. The broker that you are working with within my company is also agreed to and signed off by me and you. So it is accountability both ways. This is what we are going to do, and we have expectations of what our sellers will do as well. So if Keith calls me and says hey Jason, I want to get the most money in the shortest amount of time, and I love your plan and it is great, but I only want to show my house on Tuesdays at 6.  Yeah, that could be a problem.

Keith:  Yeah.

Jason: So we have limited significantly the opportunity time, so we will have a clear communication and we will have an agreement. This is what we are going to do for you, and this is what I need you to do for us. Have the home available. When people come through the home it needs to be in a certain condition of presentation. You have got to beat the teenagers up. Right?  You have got to make sure the rooms are clean and all these different things.  But we do that to ensure that we have a good two-way street of communication.  That is what we are looking for. We want to make sure that everybody is on the same page and we want to create that clear communication path. Then we move into getting the home prepared and getting it ready to go. Whether it be staging. It may be some painting. It may be whatever, but it is a simple paint-by-numbers system, and we are going to help you get the house ready to go from day one. That way as soon as it is ready when the right buyer walks through the property, the presentation of the house is exactly what is going to appeal to the most amount of people. When you think about your home, you think about it as very personal.  In order to get the most money, we have to start thinking like a retailer.  What do stores do that want to get the most people through the door?  They create a trap, or they create an ambiance, or they create whatever it is that attracts to the most people, which brings the most people through the store.  Right? And so that is what we want to do with your home. We want to create a system, an ease, a convenience of being able to get in your home.  People like convenience. They like to go do and see when it is convenient for them, and we need to create that path. So this could be anything from simply hiring a professional cleaning service to come through the property to get it prepared to a complete remodel of the house. We handle everything in between.  This is where really experience comes in and making sure we are spending money in the right areas of the home.  It is of no value and unfortunately, we see this way too much where owners have been coached or instructed or whatever they have done, and they have spent thousands and thousands of dollars in areas that made no absolutely no sense whatsoever.  It is almost going into a time warp if you will. We have had folks that have had the house completely repainted yet a color that was in style five years ago and they still have tattered Berber carpet.  There is not enough continuity of the change.  So yes, you have fresh paint, but it is out of date, or you sometimes you do it yourself we need to talk about that. We have done many shows on that.

Keith: That is scary.

Jason: We have talked about the difference between painting and schmearing color on the wall.  Okay?  There is a difference. But when you do not do things in the proper order or if you do not provide a product in which the public agrees to, likes, wants, whatever, it is going to cost you more time and money down the road. Either by having to redo it or you never get that second chance to make that first impression. That is the key thing. We want to make sure we get it right from the very beginning. That way we do not ever miss an opportunity with folks coming through the door.  So we want to make sure we get it right from day one. That is key.

Keith:  You talk about that first impression.  I have got to tell you we just looked at 20 different homes in a month’s period. I hate to say this but within the first 60 seconds in the house, we walked through the door, and my wife and I could look at each other and go, yep, no, just on little stuff.

Jason:  Right. It is kind of like when you meet somebody, what do they say?  First impressions, that is key.  When you go to apply for a job, most employers or HR people are pretty much making a quick judgement decision within the first five or ten seconds. How you presented yourself and how you communicated yourself in that first ten seconds really sets the stage. Is this going to be procedural or am I really interested in this candidate for this job?  It is the same thing with your house. They walk through the door, and that first 60 seconds is going to determine how long they are going to stay. Are they going to be there for 62 seconds?  Are they going to be there for 25 minutes? Those are all things to think about. Keith, let’s go do this. Let’s go take a quick time out. We will go pay some bills. We will be back here in just a minute.  You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. Do not forget to visit our website, Jason Bramblett dot com.

And welcome back to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. Before the break, we were digging in, talking about having a plan, getting it set up properly, making sure that you have got that first impression set.  Folks we work with, we talked about remodeling, but we work with folks that have no budget, $1,000, $10,000, no limit, everything in between, and every single home has its own specific story that it needs to tell, and that is what we are looking for. That is what we are going to help people figure it out as they come through and check out your house. Do not get hung up on the numbers.  The first step, as we said, is make the phone call.  Give us a call at the office, 553-0796, and we would love to set up that first appointment with you.

Keith:  Now we are ready to get to the next step. What type of investment am I looking at making if I want to get it sold and get it up with you guys?

Jason:  It could be just as simple as cleaning yourself. It is interesting. I find that people clean like they paint. Sometimes they do not know how to do that. Even though you think that cleaning is just kind of a natural thing.  It is not.  I will promise you, having been in thousands and thousands of homes, cleaning is a gift for some folks. Here is the thing. Most people can recognize if they are good at it or not. So if you are not, it is nothing to be embarrassed about. That is why we have professional cleaning companies.  You can get most homes cleaned for a few hundred bucks. It is not a crazy, crazy amount of money.  I had a 5,000 square foot home cleaned from top to bottom for $350.  So you are not talking about a week’s pay here by any means.

Keith:  I just had this discussion with my wife.  There is a difference between cleaning the house on a Sunday, doing the bathrooms and vacuuming because you live in the house and getting it ready for other people to critically come through.  That is two different kinds of clean.

Jason:  It is, and no question about it. It certainly is.  It could be several hundreds of dollars depending on updates and things we are looking at.  But again, we know we work with zero budget all the way to unlimited. We have had sellers spend $10,000 to get their home ready to sell.  However, one of the key elements we look at when we are spending or investing that type of money is what is the return versus the risk. So if I spend $10,000 on this property, is it going to make a difference?  That is one of the key things that we look at. Now you also have to understand that you do not get typically 100% return on anything. These are not my numbers. You can go to all the big box home improvement stores on their websites.  They actually have probably one of the most robust detailed data entries that I have ever seen because they track every single thing that goes in and out of those stores.  And also because they install so many of them.  They track the before and after result.  Typically what you are going to see is somewhere between a 50-80% return on your money that you are going to get back. If you invested $10,000, it’s probably going to get you about $8,000 of it back, but you are not going to lose the whole ten grand.  Right? You will lose the whole ten grand, and then it is no longer in your bank account. That story will be true, but you should see a good portion of that returned to you when the house sells. So the first thing we want to know and the first answer we want to figure out is does this make sense?  If the owner is going to spend one dime on the house, is there a return there, and we want to make sure that that money is spent is going to be in the areas that is going to give the greatest return.  And sometimes that answer is no. We have gone into homes that have been so far out of date, had deferred maintenance for years and years and years, and truthfully, it just made no sense to spend a penny. It was just let’s price it accordingly and move on because everything opened up Pandora’s box to the next issue. In some of those cases it made no sense. We still have people and owners in the Triad that are underwater still from 2006.

Keith: Wow.

Jason:  If you think about that. You bought your home in 2005. You paid the most money you could possibly pay, and you still all these years later cannot get to zero. It is true for a lot of the communities in the Triad. We look at all those things.  For that owner that is already upside down, it may not make any sense to do anything to the house for that particular community, but we need to know that.  We need to know that data.  The good thing is we have that data. Then we have all kinds of other situations.  Job loss, family situations, and it may not make sense for you to put money into your house. We have a situation right now where someone lost their job. The house needs some work. They had a tremendous amount of equity in the home, but they do not have any cash.  So we were able to step in and actually our company made the improvements for them, and we are going to get reimbursed at closing. So that is an option that we have for our owners in the Triad and our listeners here on the radio show. If you want to get more information about getting your home sold, go to Jason Bramblett dot com.  You can always give us a call at the office, 553-0796. Everybody have a fantastic weekend.  Be safe out there.  We will see you next week right there on the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show.