June 1, 2019

Selling Secrets Episode 2

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Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show Podcast 

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Jason:  …completely perfect, so if you are thinking about buying a house, selling a house, this would be a great day to launch your campaign off for sure.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  It cannot get any better than that.  I think it was in the 50s today. So excellent.  Crazy weather though.  All kinds of people throwing stuff up on Facebook and throwing all their hail balls up there. We had some pretty good hail storms in Oak Ridge, Summerfield yesterday in the Triad.

Mikell: And I saw a rainbow.

Jason:  Okay.

Mikell: Yeah.

Jason:  Well, good.  There is always bliss at the end –

Mikell:  There you go.

Jason:  -- of the everything.  Right?  So hopefully everybody is good.  I know there was some damage, so if you need some assistance, need a good recommendation on anybody doing any repairs, you can always give us a call at the office, 553-0796.  We are happy to help, but welcome to the first day of June. If you are in sales, by the end of this month, you need to be at 50% of your yearly production quota to stay on track.

Mikell:  Yikes.

Jason:  So to give you an idea of where you want to be.  Hey, you still have 30 days to knock it out. Is it 30 or 31 in the month?  Whatever it is.  You have got some time.

Mikell:  It is 30 this month.

Jason: 30 this month.  So you have got 30 days to make it happen to get to that 50% if that is where you want to be.  And if you are not, you need to kick it in gear, and what better day to do it than a Saturday.

Mikell:  There you go.

Jason:  Get out there and hustle it. Make it happen. Today we are going to dig into that.  We are going to talk about sales. We are going to talk about something a little different than real estate. It still has something to do with real estate and houses, and of course, if you have questions, you can always shoot it over to us.  Go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Click on that little email icon. Shoot me a message and I will get you an answer, and if it is a question in which multiple, multiple people will benefit, we will share it right here on the radio. A couple things we are going to dig into is one is how do I create something from nothing?  How do I, I will use real estate as an example. But it really applies to every product or service, and so for all my Saturday road warriors out there, grab a pen and piece of paper.  We are going to dig into how to get started in sales.  How to get started in maybe you have got a great business idea.  Maybe you are in a business and you are struggling.  Maybe you are one of these guys that have a lot of different things floating around on pen, paper, in your head.  Whatever it may be.  You have got the next multi-bazillion dollar idea –

Mikell: Absolutely.

Jason:  -- but it is just that.  It is just an idea. And you are looking for an opportunity.  You are looking for some way to get it off the ground. The number one question I hear from folks, not just young, all folks, is Jason, where do I get the money.  How do I get the money?  What should I do?  Should I get a credit card?  Should I use my HELOC? Should I get a personal loan? How in the world do I raise the capital to get things going?  How do I start this?  And this actually is 100% the wrong question.  99.99% of the time. There are very few industries and products out there where money is the first thing. It actually starts with selling.  It starts with getting things off the ground, and so, you have got to start with an unlimited supply of equity. And it is amazing equity.  It is so great it actually can never be depleted.  It refreshes itself every single day. It is the most amazing product on the market.  It is the real fountain of youth to be honest with you.  It is an equity that is so great it cannot be stopped.  It cannot be dried up.  It is forever plentiful, and its compounding effect is immeasurable.  This equity is called sweat equity. It is disguised in this other word that we call work.

Mikell:  Oh.

Jason:  Yeah, I know.  Everybody thought well we have got it. There is a money tree over at Jason Bramblett Real Estate?

Mikell:  You had me.  You had me.

Jason: Yeah, I had you. But it really is just that.  It is the greatest gift that has ever been given by our creator, and it is in you. Here is the cool thing.  There is nobody else like you out there.  You are 100% priceless.  You are unique, unstoppable, incredibly made, masterfully designed.  The human design is a miracle. It is something to behold.  It is designed with purpose of relationship and driven by specific goals and dreams, which are unique to you.  Everyone of us is different.  Everyone of us is unique.  There is no other person that can do it the way that you can do it. We are not building clones that I know of.  Maybe somebody is out there. They are not in real estate yet. So you think about that, and you think about where you want to go to get started, and you think about the dream and the goal and the thing that you have, and most people, the first thing that they think of is money.  And actually, the first thing they need to think about is themselves. How can I implement this start?  How can I implement this process?  As we look at sweat equity and work, it is definitely the best place to start any business, and man has attempted to replace work with capital to do the job that they were created to actually do.  This is the other people’s money, the get-rich-quicks.  All these other pie in the sky, these mirages are really what they are.  At the end of the day, if you look at the greatest and the biggest companies, Microsoft was started in a garage. It was not started with $50 million. Apple Computers was not started in the Silicone Valley. It was started in the basement.  Okay? These small, well, these are massive companies now, but these small companies to start did not go find the money first.  They followed a simple process that we are going to talk about today.  So people say it takes money to make money, and actually, again, it could not be further from the truth. I started my real estate business 22 years ago, and I can assure you I started it with no money.  100% zero, nothing.  Just the hope of I could go out here and sell a house and actually make some money and earn a living and earn money for doing this service.  I did not have the money to actually get started, but what I had was the will and the drive to get out there and do it.  It actually takes courage to make money.  It does not take anything else. It takes guts.  You have got to be willing to start, and that is where most people fail. They never start.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  It is all head knowledge.  It is all dreams.  It is all ideas on napkins that have been floating around for a year or two, ten, or your entire life. Really it just takes the courage to get started to actually push the thing, to get going, to take action.  So you have got to take that first step.  And when you take that first step, that is where courage starts.  That is where it takes place.  That is where it starts to happen.

So I hear this.  Hey, that all sounds good, but I need money to advertise my product.  I have an awesome product or service and it takes money, Jason, to do those things. And no, actually it does not.  Money does help, but we will talk about where it fits in. It actually just takes action to get started.  That is it.  In the service industry, in a product industry, if you have a product to sell, you already have the product, you can actually just get out there and go make it happen.  Right?  You go do what it takes to push the product and or the service.  So many people get analysis paralysis.  They think so much about getting the money that they spend all their effort in spinning their wheels, and they do not put any effort into actually doing the work.  Right?  Doing the sweat equity.

Mikell:  Right.

Jason:  Making it happen.  So as you get stagnated in this and you get paralyzed in your analysis, what happens is time keeps going and before you know it, it was a year, and then it was two, and then it was ten, and then you are at the end of your career going I wish I would have.  And the only difference between I wish I would have and making it was never the money to get it, the money to begin with. It was the action that you needed to take to get started.  So my goal here today is to push you off of the cliff, to take some action, to go out there and just make it happen. Do it. Get started.  That is the key number one thing. It is June first.  It is the first day.  It is the first day that you could start your new business, your new opportunity, you new adventure.  Whatever the case may be. Some of the greatest salespeople I have met and people that own companies, the stories are amazing.  If you go interview them and talk to them, most of the time it was at my kitchen table. It was at my dining room table. It was in my garage.  This thing always bothered me, and I came up with this little crazy little widget that fixed this problem.  It is interesting.  I am amazed at the types of business that I have run into in 22 years of real estate, and it is just unreal. The opportunities are out there. I am a new tractor owner.  I have a farm.  I bit the bullet and went and bought a tractor, and any time you are new at something, you break stuff.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason: I had a little tractor malfunction with a hydraulic hose.  Come to find out if you do not hook up the bucket properly, it will fall off, and it just happened to strip a couple of the hoses off. I am like, man, this thing, you just cannot pick this thing up and put it in the truck.  Right?  This is a process. So anyway, I am thinking, how in the world am I going to get this fixed.  Went to the wizard, Google, and it just so happens there is a whole industry out here that does nothing but fix hydraulic hoses.  They will actually come to you. 

Mikell:  Wow.

Jason:  You do not even have to go anywhere. Not owning a tractor before I did not even realize that this was a business.  Not only is it a business, it is huge business. I had my eyes opened this week to those things.  And amazing things I have had the privilege of going into a lot of people’s homes and talking to people over the years, and one of the most unique businesses I have ever seen is a gentleman here in the Triad area who used to be in the grocery business. Some of you will remember this back in the day when you had dented canned food, and most grocery stores would put it in the back and they would sell it at a discount because the can was not perfect. Right?

Mikell:  Right.

Jason: And we only want to buy perfect canned green beans. We do not want one with the side all crushed.

Mikell:  For some reason, yes.

Jason:  Yeah, exactly.  So this gentleman came up with an idea that he could recycle these cans, and so he started a little business out of his garage.  It turns out there are two different types of metal or two different types of qualities of metal on these cans.  The lid and the bottom is one quality and the sidewalls of the can are another. So he took over and would go buy these dented, damaged goods from grocery stores, retail stores, all over the place.  And then he would take the contents out.  He would actually donate the contents to a food shelter or something like that –

Mikell: Wow.

Jason:  -- and then he recycled the aluminum or tin or whatever it is the product was made out of.  And that started out of his garage, and then he got a small warehouse, and I think the last time I looked they were in a 50,000 square-foot building doing millions and millions and millions of dollars’ worth of business.

Mikell:  Wow.

Jason:  All started from working in a place and seeing an opportunity. There is just some really amazing business owner here that have come up with some really cool ideas. But what he did is he took action. He did not go out and raise money.  He started in his garage.  He started small, and he made it happen.  So that is what we are going to talk about today.  We are going to talk about that next step but a way to get things going.  A way to take it from the napkin, the piece of paper, the drawing board, whatever you want to call it, the kitchen table, the garage and going to the next step, and actually putting it into production, putting the process out there.  And we have got some examples we are going to dig into.  Maybe you have struggled with an idea, and that is all it has been. Today is the day to get out there and take action.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason: It is perfect.  It is 65 degrees.  It is an awesome day.

Mikell:  Awesome.

Jason: The sun is shining.  Go out, get in the garage, tear it up, whatever it is.  You might need to clean it up first.

Mikell: Right. That is what I was thinking.

Jason: Whatever it may be that you are out here struggling with, the first step is do not look for the money. Look for the action.  Somebody out there has the money, and we will talk about how to get that, but the first step is you actually need to go out there and do something and make it happen.  So I have got about an 8-minute tirade I am going to go on when we come back from this break because I do not want to interrupt it with a commercial or running some ads. So you guys go get a pen, a piece of paper.  We are going to walk you through how to get from the kitchen table out into the community and sell your product or service. We will be right back in just a minute.  You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show.

And we are back.  You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show.  Before we took the break there, we were talking about getting out of the garage, taking whatever it is you are considering to sell, to make a business out of and going to the next step.  I am going to go through a couple of things, give you a couple examples and some ideas, and hopefully you can glean a little information from our talk today. Usually the first thing I get is so, yeah, that is great, but I have no idea what to do. If I do not have money, I do not know how to do this.  So great.  Here is the wonderful thing. Most of us have not created anything on this planet that is original.  Very few of us have. And most people that start a business start it out of an opportunity or something that they see in an existing business they are in. So what I would say is there are some great companies out there. Go find them, and go work there, and go learn. There are some interesting, Dave, I cannot remember what his last name, the guy that started Wendy’s.  He wrote a book and there is a great story in there. He used to get dressed up in a suit.  He would go to McDonald’s and he would say hey, I am from the corporate office. He did not tell them what corporate office.  He just said I am from the corporate office, and he would go behind the scenes and look and see how all their processes worked.

Mikell:  Oh wow.

Jason:  Look and see what type of equipment they had and what their systems and how things were working, and he improved his business model from observing the things that were going on in that restaurant, the processes and production of those things.  So I highly recommend you doing the same thing. There are businesses out here that are succeeding.  Let’s just say you want to own a lawn care business, and before you go drop 30K in equipment, go to work for the best in the town. Go find somebody who is succeeding and latch onto them.  Go find somebody out there who is doing it well at a very, very high level, and go learn every single thing that you can learn from them. We used to call this an apprentice program. We used to call this where it would be on-the-job training if you will, but this was a thing that was passed down and people would learn from other folks.  And corporate America has tried to cut that process out by just raising a bunch of funny money.  It is very disruptive in our industry in real estate right now.  We have got corporate America and venture capital coming in and saying hey do not hire some loser real estate agent.  They are really not going to do anything for you, and they charge a lot of money, and we will just buy your house.  And that is great.  Some of them are, and it works until they run out of money.

Mikell: Right.

Jason:  And they do not make a profit and they are not making a profit right now because they are attempting to change the mindsets of people.  So they are doing it on the cheap, and they are doing it for no money and no profit, and why can they do that? Well, they have venture capital money behind them.  They are attempting to improve a process which has no proof, and they need billions of dollars to do that.  Well, most of us listening to the radio today are not going to tap into billions of dollars or Wall Street money or any of those type of things. Eventually, it will crash and burn, and we will see how fortunate these companies are when the stock market takes a tick downward.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  The old saying all boats rise with the tide. It is easy to raise capital when Wall Street is sitting at the highest level it has been ever actually.  If it dropped 10,000 points over the next year, I am thinking some things might change. So when money is cheap and those things, opportunities are there, but it does not mean it is going to work. What works is work. What works is going out there and making it happen.

So let’s say you are doing the lawn care, and I need this. I need this piece of equipment. I need this widget to get going.  And really what you need to do is go out there and learn it. So before you buy that widget or spend $16,000 on that zero-term diesel, zero-term mower that you have to have with the airbag seats and whatever else it does. It probably has a drink holder that keeps your drink cold or whatever. Maybe you just need a mower. Maybe you just need some drive to get out there and get some business. And so, a fancy $60,000 truck and all the bells and whistles are not going to get you any contracts. Nobody is going to be impressed by your $85,000 F250 pulling your $16,000 mower behind you, especially if it is carrying a boatload of debt with it, which unfortunately is what happens in that industry and a lot of industries in general.  Builders would be another one that happens to.  Hence, the housing crash. All the boys that had all the toys went away because they had this other thing that went with it, and it was called debt. And what happened is they could not service their debt any longer, and so, the bank became owners of some amazing homes and trucks.  Hustle door to door to get some contracts.  Who is your client?  Anybody that has weeds or grass. The great thing is you think about the lawn business and we say grass cutting business, but the way I drive around town and look and see, there are more people growing weeds than they are grass, and they still need to be cut. Right?

Mikell:  Very true.

Jason:  So the great thing is it does not matter if it is grass or weeds, they all need to be maintained and they need to be trimmed.  And so there is an opportunity for you to get out there and sell and get contracts for your business.  What do you need to do that? Some hustle and a mower, and it probably does not need to be a $16,000 one. It just needs to be one that works, that gets the job done.  The interesting thing about my lawn is it gets cut to four inches.  It gets cut to four inches whether it is a $200 lawn mower or a $20,000 lawn mower.  It is still grass that is cut to four inches.

Mikell:  Well, Jason, I think the whole thing is I feel like people who are starting a business feel like they have to have a certain image. Like I am legitimate. I have this nice mower. You should let me cut your grass because.

Jason:  I think that is what is sold to American folks. I think that is right. But it is not the case.  It is the job of the service that we are buying.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason: It is the result actually.  The how to we are not buying.

Mikell:  True.

Jason:  I do not really care if you show up in an $80,000 truck or a $500 truck.  I am looking for the result.  The result is you cut my grass.  It looks great.

Mikell:  There you go.

Jason:  That is it. And so that is what you are selling. Well actually, what you are doing is you are selling time. You are selling my time.

Mikell:  True.

Jason:  I am buying your time because I do not want to do.

Mikell:  I do not want to do it.

Jason:  I do not want to do it.  I do not want to deal with that. And I do not want goats. So it is my only option.  Instead of that $5000 paint sprayer, maybe you invest in this thing called a roller. Okay?  And you get out there and you do it.  So I had a young kid give me a call.  He has got a $15,000 piece of equipment that he wants to buy in order to do his business.  He has got a $70 product.  So it is going to take him 215 sales to pay for that $15,000 piece of equipment.  I asked him how many sales do you have per month consistently.  He has nine. Okay?  So it is going to take him 24 months at zero profit just to get it paid for.  If he applies 50% of his sales to that, it is going to take him 48 months or four years to actually pay for the piece of equipment.  The problem is the equipment needs maintenance.  It needs upkeep, and there is also this lovely thing that is called interest that is on the loan, which means more money and more time.  So if he puts just 25% of his sales to the debt, and now he is looking at 95 months or 7 years and nine months to get to zero. I proposed buying something used as opposed to buying something new.  Well, that reduced it by 50%.  This particular piece of equipment depreciates pretty well.  So a 3-5 year old piece of equipment he can get for half price.  That is pretty good.  The problem was is this.  You need cash.  This particular piece of equipment they do not finance it.  So there comes the issue.  Where to start is get the contracts, earn the money, take the next steps, get out there in the industry.  Who is your prospect?  In that case, it is anybody with grass or weeds. But what is it that you have?  If you are painter, it is anybody that has a wall. There are lots of opportunities out here.  So next week, we are going to pick this back up because this is a topic that I am passionate about.  I want to get out here in our community to help our community. Stay tuned to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show next week.  We will dig into this.  Everybody have a great weekend.  You can hit Jason Bramblett dot com.  If you need a home, we will be back next week.


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