DJ: Well, good morning. Welcome to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett. For the next half hour, we are going to be talking all things real estate, and we also invite your calls. If you want to give us a call and you have a question for Jason or a comment, (336)553-0796 is the number here directly into the studio. (336)553-0796. We say good morning to the man. He has always got a plan. Mr. Jason Bramblett. Good morning.

Jason: Might as well not show up if you don’t have a plan. Right?

DJ: Got to have a plan.

Jason: That is, it. Absolutely. It is amazing how many times we talk to folks and they have had their home on the market, and I am like well, what happened, and they are like we don’t know. We didn’t know what the plan was. The plan was just put a sign out there and let her rip. See what happens.

DJ: You know it is amazing that it is kind of tough, but for years a lot of those companies, that is basically their model. And that is what people think. Oh, we put a sign in the yard. We did our part.

Jason: That’s right. Now it is just sit back and see what happens. Not so much in the 2017 real estate world. You have got to go find the people these days.

DJ: That is right. That is right.

Jason: It is interesting how things have changed, but yeah, there is just a different model. There are certainly companies out there that train that way. They have the belief that whoever the most signs win the game.

DJ: I guess.

Jason: And if you are spreading a big mouse trap, okay, maybe. But not everybody wins in that deal.

DJ: That’s right.

Jason: You look at those numbers we talked about a couple of weeks ago, almost a fifty percent failure rate with that particular model.

DJ: That’s right.

Jason: So, it reminds me of Kenny Rogers had a great movie, I don’t remember the name of the movie, but I remember this, good old Kenny, right? You can’t mess with Kenny.

DJ: KR, man.

Jason: And he has got ten or twelve of the hostile bandits in front of him, and then one of them says what do you think you’re going to do? He goes there are twelve of us and you have only got five bullets. He goes all I need to know is who is the five that’s going to do the dying. Changes everything, right?

DJ: Yes, it puts it in perspective.

Jason: They decided none of them were and they all left. But I always think of that analogy. It is so true. It is like who is going to be sacrificed? Who is going to be the one that takes the bullet and doesn’t get their house sold and it is your plans and your life that is getting put off, on hold, right?

DJ: That is right.

Jason: You have got to have a better plan. So that is what we have developed over fifteen, sixteen years now, that we have just tweaked our brand, and we have worked toward getting it right. To move from out of the averages of fifty percent failure rate to ninety-eight, almost ninety-nine percent close rate this year.

DJ: That is great. Fantastic.

Jason: We want to be one hundred. We still keep working with some banks that keep changing the rules on us, but anyway. That is real estate. But hey, golf in the Triad today. How about that?

DJ: Yeah, Wyndham going on.

Jason: Yes. Wyndham

DJ: Wyndham in Sedge field.

Jason: And how about Webb Simpson tied for first?

DJ: You’ve got to love him.

Jason: Our man from Wake Forest over there.

DJ: Our homie there.

Jason: That is right.

DJ: I hope he can hold onto it.

Jason: I do too. I do, too. I’d say he is playing great. So, we will see what happens today, if he can carry it on through the day and through Sunday. I think he is two or three strokes ahead of, he is tied with somebody. I can’t remember who it is, but anyway, yeah, good old Webb out there making it happen right here in our backyard.

DJ: I know that is great.

Jason: I know all the Wake Forest alum are like go, man, go. So that is good. Hopefully, you guys will be out there to support him. That is some good stuff. And we have got some great golf course homes to share with you today. I thought we have got golf going on, I’m sure the blimp will be floating around here. Well, why not? Why not talk about some great golf course homes? We can do that. If you are ready to sell your house, and many of you have dropped out of the market now that school has started. You are just like it wasn’t our summer, it wasn’t our spring, whatever. There is actually the greatest opportunity to sell is coming up because in the fall and the winter, yes there are less buyers, but there is lots of less competition.

DJ: Right.

Jason: So, if you, maybe your home got lost in the shuffle, if you will, or lost in the minutia of the busy market, we actually do very, very well in the fall and in the winter. So, we keep the hammer down. We don’t let off the gas. We keep spending the money on advertising. And it actually reaches and goes a lot further this time of year because so many people have backed off and a lot of agents and companies will coast through the winter, come right back in the spring. Gear everything back up, and that is one reason we have been able to grow our company as quickly as we, it is no big secret. We just don’t let up.

DJ: Right.

Jason: So, some folks we do. Hey, that is their business model. That is okay, but we have folks that are just as committed to getting your house sold in the winter and in the fall as we are in the spring. And just because there are not as many buyers out there does not mean you cannot get that house sold.

DJ: Right.

Jason: So, we will walk through some of those things. Man, we just got a lot to talk about today. Hey, we will kick it off and get things going. If you have got a question, you can shoot it over to us. It is jason@jasonbramblett.com on the email or go to jasonbramblett.com.

DJ: Sounds good. Well, let’s check back in there. You were talking about with the Wyndham going on, let’s talk about some golf course homes right now that you have got for sale.

Jason: I tell you what. We have got some quality stuff, but there is one we just actually put on the market, and if you are near a computer, jot this down. You have got to check this house out. It is 9 Clair Ridge Court over in Greensboro. It is the Grandover golf community. Man, I tell you what. I have been in a lot of homes. Thousands. A lot of houses. And I tell you what. There is quality and then there is this one.

DJ: Right.

Jason: I mean, it is unbelievable. It is about five thousand square feet. Good size home. Plenty of space. Great landscaping. Just absolutely done right. Sits beautifully on the lot. It has got a, overlooking I think it is seven and eight, I believe, on the course over there. You have got one of the greens, one of the fairways right there on the corner. You have got a little creek in the back there. But man, the paint job on this house, you have just got to see it. I wouldn’t even call it paint. I would say it is art.

DJ: Really?

Jason: It is amazing. So, there is different levels that you can finish out a home. So, level five is the top, and this is level five. For sure. But some amazing detail inside there. It has got a lot of iron work outside, but they carried inside through the house as well. So, you pick up a little bit of that inside, so it is a got a little bit of that rustic, Tuscan style to it, if you will.

DJ: Awesome.

Jason: But it has just got a presence like no other house that you are going to walk into in that price range for sure. And just absolutely amazing. The kitchen, I think they stole the stove from Ruth’s Chris. This thing is like top notch. So, if you like to cook, you have got to come over and check this thing out. You have got enough burners to, you can get eight to ten pans rolling at a time. No problem. It is pretty cool. So, if you like to entertain, which hey, it is on the golf course, why not? And you have got a little bit of room, five thousand square feet.

DJ: You can stretch your legs a little bit.

Jason: You can have a couple people over, hang out, but if you like to cook, but just the quality. I have been in a lot of homes. This is seven hundred and ninety-five thousand, I have been in a lot of homes in this price range, and this one here, it is a step up for sure. Even in that higher end price range. But good stuff all around. If you want to, don’t just show up, right? You have to get a private showing. Give us a call. Call the office, 553-0796. But if you are looking for a quality home on a really nice setting on a golf course, man, this is the, this is the one.

DJ: That is the one.

Jason: That is the one. Definitely.

DJ: Well, you were asking for some emails. We have got an email in here, Jason. So, if you want to, can we just jump right into that.

Jason: Let’s do it.

DJ: Randy has sent us an email. Randy is asking about some golf course living. It says, Jason, we are considering a golf course home. Is it better to purchase on a public or a private course? We are leaning towards the public but wanted your input as we see you have sold several in this area. Thank you, Randy. So, what do we got for Randy?

Jason: Well, thank you very much Randy. You just pretty much set me up there to make about half the people one side or the other mad there, right?

DJ: Oh, yeah.

Jason: It’s kind of like does this dress make me look fat? That is a question that is hard.

DJ: That is a loaded question.

Jason: That is a loaded question. But I will do my best. How about that? I will do my best. Truthfully, in regard to resale, the quality of the course truthfully is, it really makes a bigger difference in my opinion whether public or private. And so, there are just some folks that enjoy that country club type setting, private. They like to have that membership where they can just go out there. A lot of them walk the course for exercise or whatever. And then of course, you do have some in the area that are semi-private. So, you have some that are both. I don’t see though, Randy, a big difference. Really the criteria what I think what it really comes down to is looking at the quality of the course, how the house is located. So, the view essentially is what that comes down, and then the price for that area. And so, you can get caught up in that white elephant issue really quick on some golf courses, so you just got to be cautious to make sure you are not the biggest house in the area, and there is some leeway in that to some degree because there are some amazing, amazing homes on golf courses in the Triad area. And some of them are double the size of some of the comparable homes, but also what I find is that they are also on multiple lots, so they have created an island kind of unto themselves, if you will. But if you have just got to be cautious in what is in your mind, but safe investment, in my opinion, golf course is great view, being in that medium price range for the course, and you rarely lose in that way. Stay somewhat average. Obviously great course is important, and the view is probably definitely number two on that list for sure.

DJ: Right.

Jason: If you back up to the highway even though you are on a golf course, not so much. If you back up to a nice green, got a good view of the fairway, maybe the pond or something, whatever on the course, that makes a big difference.

DJ: You have just got to watch out for the stray golf balls coming through your windows. That is one of those things you have got to think about.

Jason: That is true. But I will tell you that one of my agents lives on a golf course, and man, there are some terrible golfers over there because he brings me about four hundred balls a year. I give them all back at other courses.

DJ: That is right. You’re giving them back, Jason.

Jason: I am. What cometh easy, goeth away easy. Right? And his house is lined up perfectly that if you slice just a little bit, free ball in his yard every time.

DJ: I know. Those folk’s kind of have to do a walk through before they mow.

Jason: Oh, for sure.

DJ: Because they are going to chop up a couple of golf balls every mowing every week because oh look. Somebody didn’t, couldn’t find their ball.

Jason: That is right. That is, it. Exactly. Especially when it is on the porch, right?

DJ: I would imagine, what you were talking about before, these rules apply with all subdivisions not just golf course homes. Would that be a fair statement, Jason?

Jason: Yeah, actually it is. I mean, golf obviously one of the biggest things with golf course homes is you really are buying the view. But that could be true in all real estate in all subdivisions. It is something that changes with time and we see what was popular twenty years ago is not popular now. So, we see things change. I will give you an example. Corner lots. Back in the eighties, man, that was the stuff. If you had the corner lot, you were the house.

DJ: You were in like Flynn.

Jason: You were. And so, people really, that was some of the most sought out real estate is to get the corner lot is a subdivision. I don’t know what it was, but it was all across America. I grew up in Missouri, and that was big thing that I remember back in that time. If you got the corner lot, it was like wow, man, you are something. You did something right. But that has changed, and today, it has totally shifted to, I don’t want to say it is the least desired lot, but it is not very high on the list. We really don’t have a lot of people, maybe one a year even, that say specifically that is what they are looking for.

DJ: Right.

Jason: So, it shifted. Somewhere in the in nineties, it shifted, and people decided they wanted more privacy.

DJ: Right.

Jason: And corner lots have the most limited privacy. And in most homeowner’s association, you are even limited to the size of the fence that you can put on a corner lot because the aesthetics of how it looks when you go into the subdivision. And as people became more and more private, they are like, well, we don’t want all this exposure of our backyard, so they migrated to cul-de-sacs or they migrated to lots that have more privacy. Now don’t get mad at me. I didn’t change it, the rule, right? I just

DJ: All the corner lot people will be calling in.

Jason: I know. I already made the golf course people mad. Now I am right here at the corner lot people. Look, we still sell them all the time. We have sold many, many, many homes on corner lots, so do not get mad at me. You’re not plagued.

DJ: You are just making a point that things change, and things are different.

Jason: That’s it. So, the buyer pool is less, but there are still buyers out there for your house. There are just not as many as there used to be. So, you are going to be okay. Take another sip of coffee. It’s going to be alright. I promise.

DJ: And don’t worry because Jason Bramblett is going to be on it.

Jason: That’s it.

DJ: Anybody else you might have to worry. I can tell you that.

Jason: That is, it. Sometimes I see what is the advantage. What are you going to do? I got a corner lot. We can put two signs out there. So, that is not the plan guys. So anyway. Okay, JB, let’s take a quick time out. Pay some bills and then we will be back, and we got some more stuff coming your way.

DJ: Sounds good. Stay with us folks. You are listening to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett. We are going to be right back.

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DJ: And welcome back. You are listening to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett. I am JB. You’ve got a few more minutes, and Jason, we have got another email in. You want to jump right back into that one.

Jason: Let’s do it. Yes, sir.

DJ: It says, Mr. Bramblett, we purchased home with a pond and paid a lot premium for it. Now we have had our home on the market with three different companies and it seems that our premium lot is nothing more than a view of a retention pond and nobody wants our home. What can we do to help us overcome this negative stigma and it is signed Skip?

Jason: Oh Skip, feeling your pain on that one.

DJ: The old premium lot there.

Jason: We haven’t seen lot premiums in a while, so it tells me when Skip bought his house.

DJ: Kind of tells.

Jason: Yeah, in the peak time. There was a time when you could just about premium up anything. We have got a house with windows. Premium.

DJ: Ooo, it’s premium.

Jason: We have seen this many time over the years, and it was amazing what the builder was able to put out there as a premium. On the flip side, on the resale side, we just haven’t been able to see that come out the other side. And so, I think it has more to do with the time in which the home was built and what was going on in the economy and the market. So, it was probably in that oh three to oh six range. Everything was booming and going. But hey, here is the deal. You’ve got the issue, and we have got to figure out what it is. Right? A lot of it has to do with what does it look like? What is the turnoff? And then there are steps and actions you can take to alleviate as much of that as you possibly can. So, it comes back to what does it look like? Is it scummy? Does it have moss all over it? You should hopefully have a clear water pond, even if it is a retention pond.

DJ: Sure.

Jason: You want to be able to see that it is good, clean, clear water because when people see mossy and scummy and all that, the first thing they think about is the State Bird, right? The mosquito. In North Carolina, that could be a problem, and that is something we hear a lot, and that is usually one of the biggest questions that we have is are there mosquitoes. Well, there are mosquitoes everywhere, and yeah, we do know that they are more prevalent around water. Right. Sure. But there are things that you could do. So, some of the retention ponds, I mean where we have seen where people have put in grass carp and those things and that keeps that down. They also tend to take care a lot of the mosquitoes. Some of the, I can’t speak today, cities, how about that? Some of the cities will actually step in and do some different things and help with some of the mosquito issues and those types of things if they feel that there is a problem. But the HOA can do that as well. Another one is, is it fenced or not fenced? There is a lot of information I don’t have here, but if it is, depending on what the pond looks like, a safety concern is what is the slope of the land down to it? Is it something that is steep and then there is a fear that a kid can get in there, slip in the water and have an accident. So, is it fenced or not fenced? Those are things that we also look at. And how is it maintained? What is the aesthetics of the surroundings? So, what is the access like? Is it, I have seen them where they are just isolated off by themselves, and that is not too big of a problem. And then what is the distance between your property line and where the pond is? That also makes a difference. Most of the fear comes around to the kids a lot of times. If you have small children, and there is a retention pond right behind your house or a lake or even just a pond, it is weird though. It does change. It is like home on the lake, good to go. Home on a retention pond? Oh, the kids are going to drown. Well, water is water, right?

DJ: Water is water.

Jason: So, you think about how many lake homes we have in the Triad, so it is really a perception, so it is just a matter of telling the right story about the property to get rid of that perception.

DJ: Right. Right.

Jason: We have got many things that we know to do to help with that, and sometimes we need the assistance of the owner or the HOA and those types of things. One thing that we have seen that makes a big difference is can you put a fountain in there?

DJ: Sure.

Jason: Now that can sometimes be a hard sell with an HOA because obviously the guy that is six blocks over he is like well, why am I going to have to pay money to put a fountain in this thing and I don’t even see the pond?

DJ: Right.

Jason: So, it takes some selling, if you will, and presenting it properly to the board, and we can help with those type of things. A nice fountain can go a long way. It keeps the water stirred up as well, which also keeps it looking nice and pretty. Gives a good sound and all those types of things. So that is probably a more expensive fix, but it is an option. There are things that you can do to overcome that, but aesthetically usually the ones that I have seen struggle the most is the pond, the water is murky, and you just really can’t, it just doesn’t look good. So, there are easier, simple fixes for that. It is just a matter of taking the time to invest in that. Three real estate companies later and I am assuming that is a good year to eighteen months I can definitely understand the frustration. I can also understand the frustration in that you thought you were buying something that was of more value, and now you are finding out maybe not so much. That is something we have seen with homes that were purchased in that oh three to oh six range. There were a lot of different premium things that people charged for.

DJ: Right.

Jason: Not just that it backed up to a pond. We had some that backed up to the meadow.

DJ: Right.

Jason: Because there was nobody back there, they got a larger premium. So, it just kind of coming through the other side of that, a lot of times we don’t see where that premium just keeps on going forward. So, Skip, there are many things we can do. The biggest thing we need to do really is to just take a look at it and then once we see it, because every one of them are different.

DJ: Right.

Jason: We can walk out there with you, give you some ideas. You can reach us at the office, (336)553-0796 or go to jasonbramblett.com. And if you have got a question about anything real estate, if you are struggling with something, shoot it over to us. We will do our best to answer right here on the air. In the meantime, go out and watch some golf today at the Wyndham. Let’s see if Mr. Webb can bring it home.

DJ: I hope he can.

Jason: That would be awesome. I do to. Everybody have a great weekend. Be safe.

DJ: Alright. Great show. Talk to you next week, Jason.