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Jason:  Good morning and welcome to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. I hope everybody is doing great. We have got a power-packed show for you this week. A huge response to our guaranteed sales program from last week's show. Lots of calls, emails, messages. All that 2020 is definitely looking to be one of our best years yet. Actually, we have added 11 new team members already this year. So it is booming already. That is fun and is exciting. We got our other divisions of our company are growing as well. So we have a property management division. If it is something that you thinking about getting into real estate investment or you just have a rental property that you are tired of managing yourself, we have a great option for you that connects you with our property management. Even let them talk to you about that. But then 2020, we are looking we are going to be adding mortgage into our arsenal as well down the road. We are looking at some different things and how we can bring that service in house to well really just a service the great relationship we have with our clients. All these things we add a lot of times just based upon your request.  It is like hey, would you consider doing this. Even had somebody call and ask me if I wanted to buy their moving company. They are like, hey, man, you sell a lot of houses. You should have your own moving company, right?

Keith:  Good call.

Jason: Yeah. I was like, yeah, you should have come in about 15 years ago because yeah, not that, I promise you I have been probably offered to help move people more than any person on the planet, right, because of obviously what we do a grab a box come on over.

Keith: I am sure.

Jason: But it is unique thing. It would be really cool if we could figure out some day from, I do not know what that number looks like and how many homes it would be. But if we could ever just get to be where it was just a free service, buy or sell a home with us, we will move you for free. Yeah. I think most people will be all in. I think it would be a really cool just added value service. That guy that said that to me I thought I do not know if I want to own one, but it would be cool to provide that service and see what we could do. So who knows? Down the road it may be something we consider, but we are always looking at adding more value any which way we can and so maybe you have got an idea. You can always get in touch with us at the office. Go to Jason Bramblett dot com, click on that email icon and fired over to it. It is definitely 2020 is going to be an exciting year. Hey, it is a presidential election year, which makes it even more fun. Right? It is game on, as they say.

Keith: Well, we had a lot of questions and some great emails about our topic. We are talking about the guaranteed offer that you guys do. This is one of them. Says Mr. Bramlett, heard the show last week about your guaranteed offer. We are being relocated, which unfortunately happens a lot. It sounds exactly like what we are looking for. What steps do we need to take to get started? Thank you, Bob and Rhonda.

Jason: Very good. Well, thank you both for listening. Greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate it. The steps are simple, and it really the same steps regardless of what program you choose. Everything that we have just kind of builds on one another. Our systems and our programs are exactly the same whether you end up selling through us, just through our traditional marketing plans or the guaranteed sale or 72-hour. Everything really starts at the base and then just expands from there. So there are the beginning steps are the same no matter what. It is kind of the investigating part. You are checking us out and we are going to check out you. Right? We are going to check out your property and really make sure it is something that we believe has market relevance. So we are going to send one of our team members out there. They are going to walk you through every single step and every single option. So, you know every single benefit of each program that we offer in each option that is out there. So in your case, it sounds like that our guaranteed sales program is something that you are interested in. What we believe is the best way to start off is with an appraisal and that is not normal. That is not something that most real estate companies do. In this particular case when we are going to offer a guaranteed price on the home, I believe it is it is very important to get that number from an unbiased third party. The great thing about that appraiser is he is going to make the same money doing your appraisal whether your home appraises for $200,000 or $2 million. Makes no difference. He has got a set fee, a set price, and that is it. And that is unfortunately not the case with real estate agents. Real estate agents get paid what, on percentage. So the more sales for them, the more they make, which sometimes does lead the price to get out of hand. Sometimes it gets out of hand because of the real estate agent. Sometimes it gets out of hand because of the owner. Both of them have their heads in the cloud somewhere. It is just an observation 22 years in the business. If it was not the case, then we would not see as many homes come off the market and expire as we do. Right?

Keith: Well, homes are very personal, and sometimes it is hard to step back from a home and look at it without all that stuff tied into it. Sometimes you may value things a little bit more just because you lived there. It was yours.

Jason: 100%.  The number one phrase we hear, I hear it in my dreams, but mine has, but mine did, but this has, mine is better because, but mine whatever. It does not make, and I get it. But that is that emotional piece that we have to work through. The great thing about hiring a real estate agent, and some people do not see any value in our services, but I can assure you most of the population cannot deal with the things that we deal with in the same way. If I go to sell Keith’s home, I have no emotion in that at all. I do not mean this to offend anybody, but after you have sold as many as I have, it is a box with windows. Right? That is it.

Keith: That is good. That is good in this case because you do not take bring that, baggage is probably not the right word, but you do not bring all that history with you right to the table.

Jason: Yeah. Now when I go to sell my house, no, that is me and my little girl planted that tree, we built that, we tore that down. We probably burnt that down, whatever it may be. We destroyed that or we fixed that or, now it becomes more personal. But when I can remove myself from that, I can make a good objective decision. Money managers. Why do we have money managers? Because people are so emotional about money. Most people will not do anything with it. They get into paralysis. I do not understand enough about the market, so I just will not do anything. Well, that is not good for your money just to sit around. The same is true with your house. You need to have that third-party objective to come out there and look at it. And sometimes you just need a good dose of the truth. Right?

Keith:  Sometimes

Jason: Sometimes you do. Sometimes it is not received well, but we have trained our agents on how to deliver that with a smile on our face. Right?

Keith: Gracefully.

Jason:  Gracefully. That is right. Once we determine the value of the home, the company will make an offer on your on your property. And once we have an agreement, then the clock starts. We have 120 days to market that property. At the end of that time if that home is not sold for that price or more, then we step in and buy the property for the agreed-upon price, but we do have 120 days. So some folks want that to start right away, right? Because they are making two mortgages or they do not want to make two mortgages. They do not want to pay. Maybe they are going to move, relocate to Tennessee, and they do not want to pay rent and have a mortgage. So whatever it is, most people's budget is really not set up for double. Right? It is like when I went to buy a house I did not have a reserve thing in there to says oh if my payment doubled, I would be just good to go.

Keith: Well, yeah because all of us whether you make $3 million dollars a year or you make $30,000, all of us live to a certain standard and you cannot just, it blows it up.

Jason: 100% blows it up. So once we have that here, the other thing is we found important over the years as you have that price up front. So you know the exact price upfront going into that and that way it never changes. It is the agreed upon price from day one. So once you enter into our guaranteed sales program, you know the exact number that you are going to walk away with/ Right? Keep it very, very simple. Really most of our guaranteed sales program we mimic a lot of a corporate buyout because I did corporate relocation for years and years and years. That is where we mimic a lot of it at, but hey, the only thing that you really need to provide is the moving boxes.

Keith: All right. Well, here is another great question. And I think this is one that I think a lot will be interested in the answer. Jason, I heard that your show last week about the guarantee. It did pique my interest as we are considering selling our house this year. I do not want to waste your time, and of course, do not want to waste mine. So how much below market value do you offer on a house? Is there a specific percentage you just take off the house? Thank you, Robert.

Jason: Okay, Robert, great question. Probably one of the number one things, and it is fair.

Keith: I would want to know.

Jason:  Absolutely. I always loved how they politely say hey, do not waste my time by throwing in hey, I do not want to waste yours either. Yeah, you do not care about time, Robert. Hey, come on, let's just be real here. Right? At the end of the day, it is, and that is cool. I am the same way. I would do the same exact thing. There is really no magic percentage. I get that question. We probably get that question every week, and I wish if everybody's home was exactly the same, if we all lived in Whoville and had a little Whohuts then that would be a very simple thing to answer. But every single home is different and unique, and so there is just not a percentage that we work off. We actually look at the home just like the buyer that would consider buying your home. We walk through it the same way. We look at the same things. When we see something interesting we say hey tell me about that and it is typically oh, yeah, me and so-and-so built that okay. Did you get a permit? We go back to the permit. It is not that it looks bad. It is just when you have looked at as many homes as we have, something that is not professionally done does stick out. It is okay if you finished your basement as long as you did it right. It is okay that you did put a deck on the house as long as you did it right. We look at all the same things that any buyer coming through your home is going to, they are going to ask the same questions, right? They are going to want to know that. The other thing is some people do not care for their homes the same way, and we have been in some homes that absolutely immaculately kept, maintained. You are almost afraid to even walk on the floors. It is seven years old. It looks like it was built yesterday.

Keith: Makes your job easier.

Jason: Yeah. Oh, absolutely. It is phenomenal, but then we have also looked at houses that were eight years old and they did not even know that they had to change the filter on the HVAC system.

Keith: Hmm.

Jason: Right?

Keith: Yeah. It is a little more problematic.

Jason: Yeah. I actually went in a home and I was like, what is that whistling, and the owner iss like how this stupid thing right here just whistles all the time and I might well, that is your filter. What? No clue. I open the door and the thing is like a concrete brick. I am like your HVAC system is just probably wheezing. It is probably like emphysema now right after eight years of not being changed, or they just take the filter out because they like forget it. It is not that important. It never has that much dust on it, so I just quit putting a filter in there, right? And so yeah, those things are there for a purpose. Just a side note, but there are just different levels of care and there are different levels of maintenance, and some people never do anything. We have some owners that do not have a professional pest or termite protection on their house. They have never lived in the south. Maybe they moved from the north. Termites were never something that they thought about. They are like yeah, I am saving the 300 bucks a year. This is just a waste of money, and then they got $5,000 worth of termite damage. It is those type of things, just like every buyer, that is the reason that we just do not have a percentage that we can work off of. We have folks that have a fireplace in their home, and they have never had the chimney inspected or cleaned in 15, 16, 17 years ever, and it is cracked. There are issues. There is soot. There is whatever. There are just things that need to be maintained in the home, and that is why just coming up with like this percentage-based thing does not work. Each individual home has its own history. There are other owners that have not, they moved in the house 10 years ago and they have not done anything. They have not even painted. I have actually sold homes way, way, way older than that that have never done anything. I can remember some that were 25 and 30 years lived in a house and the pictures on the wall or the same place as when they moved in because when they moved out there was like this whole outline you could tell where every single picture on the wall was and these people did not smoke. It was just fading of the paint of 25-years. Can you imagine 25 years and never painting your home? But whatever. That is what I am saying. Everybody is different. Right? I have also been in homes where they have used every color in the rainbow. Every single room was a different color. That does not appeal across all spectrums to all buyers. Right? We have to take those things into consideration.

Keith: You have to paint then.

Jason: You are definitely committed the painting. There is no question about that. That percentage-based formula, I have not figured out a way for it to work. If I did, I will tell you this. There are a lot of homes that would have received a lower offer if I just did a flat percentage because they did take such great care of their house.

Keith: But that is the answer I assume. Clearly the offer has got to be a fair one because if it was not a fair offer and it was not competitive, you would not have so often. You are do a lot of these and so obviously if the offers were just terrible, no one would do them.

Jason: Yeah. Well the other thing too, we have been doing it for 16 years. If it was not something that our clients wanted and the people in the Triad did not want, I would not have 120 billboards up saying hey guaranteed, about are guaranteed sales program. It would not be on TV. We would not talk about on the radio, right?

Keith: Yeah.

Jason: I promise you there are many, many things that we have done in 16 years we will never talk about it again, right, because it is like yeah, that was a stupid marketing idea, that whole postcard thing. Yeah. It did not work out so good. Right?  

Keith:  We are not going to put that on a billboard.

Jason: Yeah these ridiculous $8 books that we had bound and made professionally and all this crazy stuff that we thought oh, wow. This would be great because nobody has this. Yeah, we do not talk about those anymore either, right? It was stupid expensive –

Keith:  You have got to try stuff.

Jason: -- and nobody cared, right?

Keith:  It is okay.

Jason: Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. There are always things you got to you got to test, right? So anyway, all right we are going to do this. We are going to take a quick timeout. Go pay some bills. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. We will be right back.

Welcome back when you are listening to Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. So before the break we were going through your questions, your emails, and you can always get in touch with us. Go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Click on that contact us or email icon shoot over your questions any time or give us a call at the office, 553-0796. So Keith, I think we got a few more. Let's see if we can burn through another them.

Keith: Yeah, let’s roll through another email. This one is from James. It says Jason, I spoke with the one of your team members, name is Jamie, about selling our home.  He is amazing. Very detailed, informative, and I must say he is not pushy or salesy at all. We really appreciate his approach. We are leaning towards getting a 72-hour offer on our house. But here is one question. We forgot to ask. Is it agreeable could we try to sell the house first, and if we do not get an offer could we then go with that option? Thank you for the time, James.

Jason: Yeah. Okay. So yeah James, good question. So in a nutshell James basically is asking hey, we want to start out with this option. But if something changes could we switch to another option and that is 100% within all of our programs. We have that happen a lot where we will have someone that they agree to the guaranteed sales price. They are interested in it, but they are just not ready to start that time clock because they have not figured out where they are going to go. Because at the end of 100 days, I am buying a house. I do have one other little rule there. I did not put it in there, but it is kind of like this. When I buy the house you cannot stay, right? Yeah, you gotta go, right. They do not want to be homeless and so they just have not found what they are looking for. So we have a lot of folks that will just start out with our traditional, one of our traditional marketing plans and then whatever 20 days, 30 days, 40 days, 50 days later, they find the dream house. They find the one and they are like, okay. Now we are ready to go.

Keith:  Get moving.

Jason: Here is the thing. Because they can make a non-contingent offer, because their house is sold, and so they can move forward with confidence that hey my house is sold. A hundred twenty days we are done no matter what. Some people are in a position to go ahead and buy the new house and just make two mortgage payments for a very short period of time. Some people are not, and we will just close the other house the same day that I buy yours. We do that all the time, and so you go from one property to the next. There are lots of options out there. But yes, you can definitely change within those programs. The other thing, too, is some folks decide after whatever a month or whatever, they are like let's see what the 72-hour offer looks like. And so that is a system that we have institutional investors out here. They are all throughout the United States. We have four that we work with and they will come in. We send them all the information on your home, and we get them to make an offer. Now their offer is not retail. They are buying the home to make money. So this is more of a convenience move on your part. But they pay cash. They typically buy it as is and they also will actually close pretty much when you want typically within 60 days, but you could pick the date, so there are some options there. Normally we can always sell the home for more than what they are going to offer, and we have four different groups and they all do not do the same thing. Some of them are pure buy-and-hold long-term investors. They will pay more than the companies we work with other that are going to buy it, fix it up, and flip it because the margins are different and so the prices have to be different, and or their goals are different, I should say. But it is just an option. It is something that you can take a look at and of course our guaranteed sales program where I actually purchase the property and I look at it the same way. I do not flip very many homes anymore at all. Most of what we do is we are looking to purchase homes to keep in our portfolio. That is how that program works is because it is, I make a great offer, but from a real estate standpoint, a real estate investment standpoint, it is too good of an offer, right? So I am highly motivated to sell your house because I cannot make money flipping it. It is not possible. And so really I end up having to probably keep the house and that is typically what we do until I get in a position where it makes sense to sell it. So every situation is different. Here is the key that I want you to know. You have options. You are not just stuck with one option with our company. Go to Jason Bramblett dot com, get all the information that you want. We will come out, meet with you at the house, walk through, go through our programs. Or you can give us a call at the office. It is 553-0796. Everybody have an awesome weekend. We will see you back here next week. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show.