June 15, 2019

June 15

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Jason:  … to a restaurant.  Ask for the menu, get the menu, and it is simple.  It just says this, chicken, pork, steak, fish.  That is it.  No descriptions.  No how it is prepared. No nothing. Just your protein if you will.  That is all you got. You go and you know what, I am going to have the pork. What the heck? And you get these amazing grilled porkchops.  They are the best that you have ever had.  Perfectly seared.  Every single bite is flowing with juice and flavor, and the sauce that they put on these things is like nothing that you have ever experienced. Truly just an amazing experience.  The palette is going crazy. Everything, the flavor profiles are there. The look is there.  And it is so good that you crave it.  It is so good it is what you think about for the next week.  Then the opportunity comes up and you are like, you know what, let’s go back.

Mikell:  Yeah.

Jason: Let’s go have this again.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  Let’s dig in.  And so you and the spouse head over to the restaurant, walk in. You get the menu.  You do not even need the menu because you know what you want, but the waiter or waitress brings it over, and you look and there it is again. Pork, chicken, steak, fish, and you are like I am in on the pork.  That is me.  I am 100% in on this thing. So you order it.  You are there, and you do not even think about anything else. This is what, you are prepared.  You are ready. The expectation is there.  And the waiter brings it out to you except this time when they bring it out, he brings you the most amazing-looking Carolina pork barbeque sandwiches, and you are like wait a minute. Hey, hey, hey, this is not what I was expecting.  You look over at him politely and you are just like hey, this is not what I ordered.  I ordered the pork. This is not it.  The waiter assures you that this is the pork that they have on the menu today.  You are just like what, in awe, in shock, what.  And this is exactly how most salespeople approach selling their widgets and their service.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  Today, I will do this. Tomorrow I am going to do this. I am going to do that.  It is just not a fun way to operate a business.  What you are doing is you are building the most unpredictable pork.  Right?

Mikell: Right.

Jason:  And it is not what people are coming for.  They are not coming for unpredictability.  It is not sustainable, and it is not what people are looking at or looking for.  What they are looking for and what you want in your business is a systematic process to be successful.  Not only in business, but in life. You need to have a process and a system. Because I was in the restaurant business, most of my training that I do with our real estate team is it goes around recipes.  We create successful recipes, and then when they are successful, we duplicate them over and over and over again, and we do not change them.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  One of the things that I teach them is guys, we list out these ingredients.  If you go get a couple eggs and some cracker mill or bread and salt and pepper and whatever other little seasonings that we may want to put in a recipe and ground beef and some tomato sauce or paste and we mix it all together and hit it with a little brown sugar and make a loaf of it and put it in the oven, it never comes out chicken soup.  Ever.

Mikell:  No.

Jason:  It is always meatloaf.  It will never come out chicken soup.

Mikell: Not at all.

Jason:  But the problem is that sometimes we just start grabbing stuff and throwing it in and it ends up chicken soup, and that is not what we were looking for.  It is because we do not have a systematic process in which to walk people through in consistency.

Mikell:  You know what the fear is though?

Jason:  What is that?

Mikell:  It is attention spans in this generation.

Jason:  For sure.

Mikell:  We feel like we have to compete with that. Just say that I am selling coffee. This coffee it did okay, but let me try this one, and now let me try this one.  We do not have that consistent mindset nowadays.  Unfortunately.

Jason:  Well, everything fell off the wheels when people started putting butter in their coffee.  I am like are you kidding me. 

Mikell:  I have heard mayo as well.

Jason:  Yeah.  Whatever these crazy diet fad things are. Because that just proves that you can sell anything. Hey, you want to lose weight?  Put butter in your coffee.  Let’s just stick with coffee. My point is consistency and systems are what lack 99% of the businesses that fail because they do not control the day.  So what you have to do is you have to build an activity report is what we use.  We use a daily activity report that helps us with our career in sales, but not only for our sales career, but life in general.  You need to have a plan.  You need to have a recipe for your day. If you wake up in the morning and do not know what you are going to do, you have already failed.  If you do not have an agenda, here is the thing about life.  Life has a plan for you.  The only difference that you get to choose is are you going to be proactive or are you going to be reactive.  Most people wake up with no plan, and so all they do all day long is react to everything in the world that is going on around them.  Instead of having a plan and a process in making what you want to happen, happen.  Are you going to have distractions? Yes, but we have a plan for distractions.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason: We know they are coming. We know they are going to be there.  It is going to be there. My gift for you this Father’s Day is to guide you through this, but also come up with a plan. Tomorrow is a new day.  Today is a new day for some of you.  You have been up for nine minutes and 54 seconds. And you are thinking why am I listening to this guy? I am just going to go back to sleep.  Well, that is a plan, but when you wake up at noon, you need to figure out what you are going to do with the rest of the day.  Doing nothing is exhausting.  Doing nothing is very exhausting.

Mikell:  That is a gem right there.  Wow.

Jason:  It is.   So having a plan can actually fulfill your day. Right?

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason: So you have got to start in business to even know if you have a business, your idea, your product, or whatever. You have to have what we call proof of concept.  I need to know that this thing is going to work.  I need to know actually that somebody wants the product.  Right?  I need to know that there is an audience out there.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  So if I want to make $100,000 a year, and my commission or my pay, my profit, whatever you want to look at is $2000 per widget, then I know I need to sell 50 of them.  Right?

Mikell:  Right.

Jason:  I need to get 50 of them to get to $100,000.  So here is the question. Are there 50 people in your space, your neighborhood, your city, your territory or on this planet that would buy your service or your widget?  I do not know the answer to that.  In our space, houses, well, I would say there are more than 50 houses. I think we are okay. Maybe cars, there are more than 50 cars, so you are probably okay.

Mikell:  Right.

Jason: Tires? Yeah, you are probably okay.  Roofs on houses? Yeah, you are good.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason: Lawn maintenance?  You are probably good.  So what it is out there that there are 50 of if I am making that money, and you need to adjust if you do not make $2,000 per sale or whatever.  You need to adjust.  Maybe you need 100. Maybe you only make 1000 and you have to sell 100 of them.  Whatever it is, it does not matter. This is just a simple example. But most sales fall apart because people do not know if their audience is there. Now, let’s say we have the audience.  Do we know what to say? Do we have the scripts?  Did we practice the scripts?  We call that role play in our world. Here is the thing about, take any major sports team.  I know the, I think the NBA just wrapped up, but whatever, it is basketball, football, whatever it is.  Take the Panthers. They do not get 30 guys together and say okay, you guys are going to play, you guys are going to warm the bench. Hey, we will see you Sunday.  Hey, show up in Denver. I think that is where we are playing the next game. We will see how it goes.  No, there is a playbook, a recipe, there is practice, role play.  Right?  They are getting ready for the game.  You cannot just practice to practice because you can practice wrong.  If the Panthers went to practice with no plan, they are not going to do well in the game.

Mikell:  Not at all. 

Jason: Perfect practice makes perfect. Not practice.  You have to do it perfectly in order to get the perfect result that you want. And you have to condition not only your mind or maybe your body or whatever it is, but your sales presentation or pitch or whatever it is. I hear things all the time from people.  We interview folks and I am amazed at some of the things that people say.  I had one person just flat out like, Jason, I suck.  I am like, man, well, girl you are honest.

Mikell:  I like the honesty.

Jason: That person there has got potential to me as opposed to somebody who comes in and says well, I was born to sell.  No, you actually were born a baby and not a sales professional.  I can assure you we could call Women’s Hospital and do a real quick poll. Could you tell us of, if your recruiting plan is could you give me the list of all the sales professionals that were born today? 

Mikell:  No.

Jason:  They are going to come back with no, we do babies. They do not even really do anything but scream and cry and that is it.  It is all a process of learning.  Just because you can talk does not mean you can sell. Selling, in general, has become this dirty word in our world especially in certain generations that most people do not want to be pitched.  I do not want to be sold. So there is a good way to do it and a bad way to do it. But really at the end of the day, sales is actually solving a problem for somebody.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  There is a problem that needs to be solve and a salesperson can step in there and make that happen.

Mikell:  You know what it is.  We do live in a sell, sell, sell environment, but it is your conversation.  Like you said, am I solving a problem? Am I helping you?

Jason:  That is right.

Mikell:  Not just can I take your money from you.

Jason: Right.  Right.  Solve the problem and the money is always there.

Mikell: Yes.

Jason:  100% of the time.

Mikell:  And it is not a problem either.

Jason: It is 100% there.  The prospect presents these problems, and you provide the solution which is going to be your service or your product or whatever it is. If you are going to sell something, you might want to take a look at convenience selling because it actually has the highest ROI of all kinds of selling that there is.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason: Think about the gas station.  We have to go to the gas station --

Mikell:  Unfortunately.

Jason:  -- because the car will stop. Well, they also leverage this thing that said hey, people might be thirsty.  We should sell them stuff. It would be convenient since they are here anyway.  Right?

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  You want to think about the hundreds of times that you are paying for stuff.  Just take a bottle of water.  You can buy a case of water for whatever, four bucks. Twenty-four in a case.  Right?

Mikell:  Yep.

Jason:  They probably average a $1.60 or $1.70 at most of the gas stations for a bottle.  So if you did that 24 times in a year, you just paid $38 for your case of water.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason: It is a pretty good profit margin. Here is the thing.  It is four bucks to buy it in bulk.  There is also profit in that.  The grocery store did not pay four bucks for the case. Right?  They probably paid two or a buck. I do not even know.  It does not matter.  They did not pay four because they are not in the business of what, losing money. So you can see how that convenience that we are there anyway.  We will pay a premium for convenience.  Soda is the same thing, and you are not really buying the drink. You are buying the convenience of –

Mikell:  The convenience.

Jason:  -- walking in and getting it.

Mikell:  And you really do not even look at the price when you are looking for convenience.

Jason:  Very rarely.

Mikell: Yeah.

Jason:  Very rarely. You are thinking about what problem do I have. I have two problems.  I am thirsty and lazy. Right?

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  I do not want to walk 1900 yards into the big box store –

Mikell:  No.

Jason:  -- to go get the water. Right?

Mikell:  I do not feel like carrying the case today.

Jason: I do not feel like carrying the case, so I will pay the man the buck-seventy and I am good. There are hundreds of businesses that could be helped from convenience. So we are going to break a few of those down.  We are going to take a quick time out.  Get your pen, get your paper.  When I get back I am going to walk you through not only where to start, but how to get this thing rolling, and then also talk to you a little bit about a training seminar we have got coming up. So we will be back here in just a minute.  You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show.

And welcome back to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show.  So before the break, we were talking about sales and where to get started and all the fun stuff that we have going on with business and energy and things that are out there and things we are attempting to get things rolling with our business and ideas and where to start and the how.  I thought we would just walk you through some things. We talked about convenience being a good place to start.  If you can create, fill a need, solve a problem and then you can wrap that around making it be convenient to the folks, then your margins go up considerably. Restaurants do this by offering dessert or appetizers or how about a gift card for somebody if you had a great experience. Lawn service could do this pretty easily with adding fertilization to it, pressure washing, those types of things. A roofer could do gutters while they are on the house.  There are lots of different things in which you can sell at a convenience especially when you are already on premise, you are on property. So remember convenience things have much higher margins.  You can basically 10x your profit pretty quick with convenience type selling. Our target in this example was 50 sales or 50 widgets to reach our $100,000 a year, but you have to create the recipe.  The how. You must know the following things in order to create the recipe, and most people have no idea. They are just simply aimlessly throwing darts a wall hoping some of them stick. But what you need to know is when I pick up the phone and dial, yes, it is sales.  There is still this thing called making calls.  And some people are like I do not like cold calls.  You do not like any calls.  It would not matter.  You have to love the phone and communicating with people to be in sales.  If the phone weighs 700 pounds and you are scared, do not get into sales.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  You need to get a job in what we call order taking, which is where you receive business.  People call you. You fill out paperwork, and then you process that sale.  It does not pay a lot, but it is a need, and it is something that has to happen.  But true salespeople go out and make things happen.

Mikell:  What it is is you feel like a telemarketer, and you feel like you are going to get hung up on in the face.

Jason:  Yeah.

Mikell:  No really quick.

Jason:  Yes.

Mikell: And I am one of those customers.

Jason:  Yeah, absolutely.

Mikell:  But you will get someone who will listen to.

Jason:  Hey, think about all the time you are saving if they just hang up.

Mikell:  Absolutely. That is true.

Jason:  I would rather you just hang up than have a five-minute conversation of why you are not going to buy.  I do not really care.

Mikell:  That is true.

Jason:  Let’s just move onto the next person.  Right? 

Mikell:  I get to save my breath.

Jason:  Absolutely.  You can go back to sleep on the couch or whatever it is, right, but how many dials do you have to make in order to get an appointment?  How many appointments do you need to get a contract, and how many contracts do you need to actually get a sale or to close the deal or to provide your service?  None of these are 100%.  None of these are 100% ratios.  I tell my team all the time if everybody said yes, I would quit.  I would not do this.  It would be boring. 

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason: It would be no fun at all. They look at me like I am nuts sometimes, and maybe to certain people I am. That is okay.  Everybody has got their opinion.  I have got one of you, too.  Do not worry. But if everybody said yes there is no fun in that.  There is no challenge. That is not fulfilling.  What is fulfilling is to help people see that sometimes they do not even know that they have a problem and be able to walk them through the process of getting them to a place of where you want them to be and that they need to be and they do not even know it. Kind of like what we are doing with these sales things.  People are struggling in sales and they have no idea why.  You do not have a plan.

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  You have no agenda.  You have no way to know if you are succeeding or not. If you have to make, let’s say you have to make 18 dials to get an appointment. It takes four appointments to get a contract, and two contracts to get a closing.  That would be a pretty poor sales ratio, but let’s just assume the worst.  You are not very good at what you do.  It is okay.  We at least know we have a path. We have built the formula. We have built the sales recipe.  We know now what we need to do.  So in addition to having this recipe, I have to have the knowledge to know if I am on the path or not.

Mikell:  Right.

Jason: To know if I am on the right path. The only way that I can do that is actually know my numbers, to know where I am.  Here is the sad thing for some folks is they are actually on the path, and they do not even know it.  They are on the right track, but yet, they do not even know it because they have no data to back it up.  They have no system behind them. When you know the numbers, you also know if you are in the woods. And if you are in the woods, that is not a good place to be because you have to get back to the path.  Right?

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  You have got to get back to the recipe, the way. So the other side of that is you could actually be on the path and because you do not have any data and you do not track your numbers and you do not know this recipe or these formulas, being on the path and not knowing is just like being in the woods.  You are still lost. 

Mikell:  Absolutely.

Jason:  You are still in trouble.  That is what we call it.  When you are in the woods with no GPS, it is called lost.

Mikell:  Right.

Jason:  I do not know where I am. I do not know how to get out.

Mikell:  You could actually still be lost with a GPS.

Jason:  You can. I can assure you that is true.  Some GPS’s have a mind of their own, too.

Mikell: Absolutely.

Jason:  Most small businesses are lost because they do not have these tools. They do not have them.  They have no clue where they are because they have no system or recipe to succeed.  I do not care if it is roofing, landscaping, real estate, insurance, whatever it is. If you do not know the recipe to your success and when you have a sale why you got it and how you got it, you have a problem.  You are in the woods and you do not even know it.  So July 16th, you have an opportunity to learn how to build your recipe.  I am going to actually be teaching what we call Masters Class right here in here Greensboro, and I am going to walk you through the process of how to build your successful recipe, how to create a plan in which you have a system every single day to know if you are winning or losing, if you are in the woods or on the path.  The price of the ticket is going to be $995.  It is open to anybody in the Triad.  Actually, it is open to everybody outside the Triad. We have people coming from all over the place from Wilmington to Charleston, SC and Virginia and all over. We will make room for you. But I am going to break down the how. I am going to break down how to succeed.  It will not necessarily 100% real estate focused, but if you are a real estate agent, and you have no clue what you are doing or how to get started, this would be a great place to do that.  Roofers, plumbers, it does not make any difference to me because the product does matter. It is the system that is the key. This is a recipe.  Now, my Father’s Day gift to you if you reach out to our office, I am going to give you $100 off the ticket.  So you just need to send us an email.  Go to Jason Bramblett dot com, shoot us an email that says Masters Class, Father’s Days, something like that.  I heard this guy on the radio.  Whatever you want to put in there to identify yourself that you heard about our $100 promotion, and we will drop your ticket price down to $895. It is going to be a fast-paced class.  It is three hours of information that is going to get you on the path to succeed.  So before you blow another $1000 on paper clicking and getting a bunch of leads that you do not have a system in which to know what to do with them, perhaps you ought to invest $1000 in to creating a system in which you could earn hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and or at least figure out where you are.  At least know how to turn your GPS on.

Mikell:  Absolutely. And you are hearing it from the top real estate agent in the Triad, so --

Jason: So it would be good to have a GPS that actually speaks the language that you know.  Get in touch with us.  Go to Jason Bramblett dot com.  We will send you a link to get your ticket, and we will see you next week right here.

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