Keith: Good morning and welcome to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Radio Show with your host Jason Bramblett and myself, Keith Allen. So, Jason, hope you are having a great weekend. What do we have lined up for today’s show?

Jason: Good stuff. Good morning, good morning. I hope everybody is doing good out there. I believe we are Facebook Live. If we are not, hey, just wave at me. I will see you maybe. Right? Good stuff. I was thinking today may be a good day to start that boat construction company that I have dreamt of for a while. All things serious, hopefully, today, I am told at two o’clock, we will see this big orange ball in the sky. It may be the sun. I do not know. It is just a guess. It is what they are telling me. Let’s hope it is true. I was actually thinking that instead of footings on homes in the Triad, maybe we should start doing pylons and just tether your house to the pylon and that way, as the water level rises, so does your house. What do you think, Keith? Pretty good idea? Innovative, right?

Keith: Listen, some day that rain is going to stop. I do not know when it is, but probably some day it will stop.

Jason: Think about this. If we did not have the weather to talk about, about 90% of mundane conversation would go away and we would just stare at each other. Right? Especially around the office. If we did not have the weather to complain about, what would we do? I am in confident in July we will be begging for water. Right? It will be in some kind of crazy drought, and we will remember the days in 2018. All of 2018 when it rained. It ends in 2019, but anyway. We have got some good stuff set up outside of, just messing around with you, many listeners have been calling in, asking questions, shooting emails over to the office. We appreciate that. You can always reach us. Go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Shoot your email over. You go in that top right-hand corner. There is the email icon. Shoot your question over and I will happy to answer it on the air. I also usually answer it prior to going on the air. But if it is a really great question, then you make the list. Right? You make the show. If you allow me, I will even share your name and all that kind of stuff. We have got some good stuff. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, enjoy getting educated on Triad Real Estate Radio. We have got some good stuff coming your way.

I do want to make one quick announcement. Just really something fun that is coming to Summerfield, North Carolina. If you are a horse, it does not even matter if you love horses or not actually, just come out hang out. It is for a great cause. Horse Friends. Putting on their fundraiser event, Boots and Buckles Benefit. Just to give you kind of a, Horse Friends is something my company and my family has sponsored for a lot of years. It is a therapeutic horse, almost, I would say it is a ministry. They work with kids that have all kinds of different challenges from autism to behavioral stuff to you name it. It does not really make any difference. The really cool thing is to see these kids that just kind of they have different ways of learning, and they have different things that are going on with their life, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, whatever it is, and they get on these horses, and the peace and the calm and the happiness and joy that they experience is instantaneous for one thing. So, it is quickly noticeable, but just a phenomenal opportunity to get out there and support them. It is at Summerfield Farms. It is pretty easy to find. It is like the only business in Summerfield. So, there you go. It narrows it down pretty, it is the only farm in downtown Summerfield. It is an amazing place. You can go there. Check it on. It is on April the 14th. It is coming up at 6:30pm. Tickets are on sale. You go to horse friends ncdotorg. You can also go to our Facebook page, Jason Bramblett Real Estate. We have a link shared to you there. You will also be able to go, after the show next week, to Jason Bramblett dot com. You will have the archived version of the show, and there will be a link that you can click on and you can go there and buy your tickets. They are $75 a person, and I will promise you, not only is it a great value, it is a great benefit, and the money will go a lot further than you think, and just come out and hang out and have a good time. There is going to be food. There is going to be fun. There is going to be a young lady, Stephanie Quayle, which I am told is an amazing singer. Do not know her, but I am going to go with yes.

Keith: She is very good, and that is an amazing event. It is not often that you can go do something that is so much fun and does so much good for so many people. That is just a great event.

Jason: Absolutely. Silent auction, hors d’oeuvres, all kinds of fun stuff. Come out. Check it out. It is going to be at Summerfield Farms, April the 14th. We will keep you posted. We will keep you reminded. Do not forget if you want free tickets to the Greensboro Home Show coming up at the end of March, give us a call, (336)553-0796 at the office, or go to Jason Bramblett dot com. We have your free ticket. Be our guest. Go to the Greensboro Home Show, hang out, and get some ideas. Actually, and really one thing that is really cool when you go there, you will go through the home show and it is all the new stuff that is coming out that has to do with homes and things. And here is what you will not see, anything brass. I promise you. It is not there. I am not even lying to you. I know you guys think for ten years I have been lying. Like Jason, no, everybody loves brass. I promise you. There will not be any brass at the home show.

Keith: You are just not a fan of brass.

Jason: Yeah, I am just not a fan. No. No. It is something that screams 1990. Right? And we have got to get you past that. To get your top dollar, we have got to get you to 2019. Anyway, all jokes aside. If you have questions, get in touch with us at (336)553-0796 or we are live in the studio, (336)553-0796.

Keith: Well, you mentioned some of those really good emails, and we were talking about Summerfield, so I have got an email here if you want to try to knock this out.

Jason: Let’s do it.

Keith: So, it says, Jason, this is Kevin, Mr. Bramblett, I am in need of a contractor to help with my leaking basement. He says we have tried everything possible to stop the water. He is out of options. Could you please assist and who would you recommend? Many thanks, Kevin, flooded in Summerfield. Probably not happy it is raining today.

Jason: No. Two inches of water we had yesterday did not help Kevin out any at all. So, water is mysterious in that it never quite appears where it enters. I do not care if it is on the roof, in the basement, coming down a wall, wherever, especially in a roof. It is amazing. We will find water leaking in a bedroom and find the actual cause 35 feet away, and it is running down a 2x4. It is like the game Mousetrap, you know from back in the day. It is just like it go everywhere and it just difficult to find the source. Sounds like maybe what Kevin is dealing with here in that he has got water coming in and normally, here is what I find. If you have got a block basement, which is very popular here in the Triad. It is one of the, we have some that are poured concrete, but most of the foundations here in the Triad are going to be block. Well, if you take a cup of water and you pour it on a cinder block, the first thing you will notice is it does not all just run away. Most of it is going to get absorbed into the block. And what happens is eventually just like a sponge or like anything, it cannot hold any more water. It only has one place to go. And typically, that is straight towards your basement and or straight towards your crawl space. It is a frustrating thing.

Having personal experience in dealing with basements and flooding, I owned a home in Kernersville a few years back, and I was on a trip and headed down to Cuba doing one of our mission’s trips down there. And I got back to Miami and I get a message from the office. When you land, call the office immediately. This is hugely important. You have got to get in touch with us. I am like okay. We are not running an ER, so that is kind of unusual. But my admin was very adamant that I call, so I did. And she is like you know that house you have on XYZ Street? I said yeah. The front steps are in the basement. That is kind of a problem, I think.

Keith: You think?

Jason: Yeah. Just a little bit. Of course, the neighbor leaves the message and it is like Mr. Bramblett, your porch is in the basement and so are all your flowers, and I do not think that is a good thing. Of course, it is not. And one of the downsides with this type of ground movement is that your insurance does not cover that because it is not an act of God. It is not an earthquake. It is just simply flooding, and unless you have flood insurance, you have got a double problem in that you have the earth that moved and water in your basement and insurance does not cover it. The only person that covers it is Benjamin Franklin. And you have to dole out several of him to get that fixed. It was quite the experience.

But here is the thing. There are companies out there that can help that. So, imagine this. 42 feet of the front wall of the house is in the basement.

Keith: Wow. Just from water. All of that.

Jason: Just from water. Yes. From static pressure. Blew out the wall of the house. And so, I was very impressed though that it was still standing. That was amazing. You have got three sides of a house. Typically, so all the brick fell off the front. It was good times. It was fun. Great experience. Do not recommend it to anybody actually. But we reached out to Greg Harrelson and his team, and boy, they did a great job. We had a general contractor step in. Rob Taylor just did a great job for us. But Greg went in and did the waterproofing. He is just one of the best. And here is the key what you want to look for with any kind of waterproofing company, system, anything like that. You want to make sure they have been in business for a long time. But more importantly, you want to make sure they have a great warranty. And that is the key. Because it is one thing to be in business for two years and offer a lifetime warranty. That sounds great, but what is the lifetime of your business. Right? You want somebody that has been around. And maybe even a generation or two that has been around because now that warranty has some meaning. So, Greg, they have a phenomenal warranty. You can reach out to them. Just google Greg Harrelson waterproofing. He is going to come up. They are all over the internet. Great warranty, great company, stand behind what they do, and cannot say enough about them. They have helped me out and many of our clients over the years many, many times dealing with these types of situations. Not maybe to that extreme, but it can get to that extreme if you do not do something about it. And that is the key.

Keith: Well, here is my question. Now we know we have somebody we can reach out to if we have got the water damage. But obviously, just from your experience, with the kind of damage that can be caused by water, how do we be proactive so that we do not get water in the house in the first place? Because that seems like the cheaper option.

Jason: It is for sure the cheaper option. There is no question about it. And there are things as a homeowner that you can do. There are things as a homeowner that you can, go look at your house. Here is the number one culprit I find with water in the basement and or in the crawl space. It is typically your gutters are clogged. Your gutters are completely jacked full of acorns, leaves, debris. You do not want to have a compost pile in your gutters. Here is a good indication in about the next four weeks that your gutters need cleaning. When they start sprouting oak trees, you know it is time to clean your gutters. Okay?

But here is the other thing I want to warn you about. Not everyone listening to the show needs to be on a ladder. Okay? So do not get on a ladder and say well, Jason told me to clean the gutters and then you fall eight feet into your bushes or on your porch or whatever. You have to use wisdom and common sense. If you are vertically challenged, right, trust me. If it is a risk, like it is big deal for you to get on a ladder, you are the guy that should not be on one. Okay? And so, do not do it. It is the best money you will ever spend. I promise you. It is cheaper than going to the ER for sure. So just hire someone.

But look at the gutters. Downspouts. One of the other things is you have been proactive. You have got the downspouts. You have got the water running into the ground and it is going to be carried away. But the problem is it has settled over the years. And now we have this gap. This four-inch gap between the end of the downspout and where it is going buried under the ground. Well, it is supposed to be connected. Right? You are not supposed to have that. It is not a waterfall effect that we are looking for here. So, what is happening is tons and tons of water is spilling out. It is not doing what it is designed. I cannot tell you how many hundreds and hundreds of houses we will go through. There will be a damp wall. We go outside and the downspout has been disconnected from the gutter. It is just a simple little thing, but it is the simple things that we find do the most damage to the house.

Keep the gutters clean. That seems like a no-brainer. But it is amazing how many houses you will drive around and sure enough, you have got trees and everything else sticking out of the gutters right. Or the downspouts. You have the downspouts where they are completely disconnected, or they are completely clogged. And that is another thing you have got to look at.

So, lots of simple things. Again, do not get on a ladder. If you feel challenged, do not do that. The other thing is the slope of the ground. Over the years, sometimes the ground will slope back toward the house. You actually want it to slope away from the house. So, the current code is you should have one inch of fall over every ten feet. Okay? That is enough to keep water from running uphill, if you will. So far, I have only found one expert that believes that water can actually go run uphill. They actually work for the State of North Carolina. So, believe it or not. We had this interesting thing come up at the office, and someone complained about something and I was dealing with the State. I am like this is impossible for this to happen because water does not defy gravity. But they did not understand that, and they disagreed with me. So, there is one particular place in North Carolina where water does defy gravity according to the State, evidently. So, whatever.

Keith: All right.

Jason: Hey, I am not going to argue with them. You cannot convince all people of all things. Even physics. Right? It is something that is just impossible. There are five or six other things that we are going to dig into. We are going to take a quick timeout. We are going to go pay some bills, talk to some people on our Facebook Live feed. But if you have water issues, stay tuned. We have got five or six things that you can do as a homeowner and then we are going to get you some help. We will be back here in just a minute. You are listening to Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show on 94.5.

And welcome back everybody. Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. Hope everybody is doing great on this Saturday morning. Almost dry. Right? No. But we are getting you dry. We are coming up with some ideas. Some things to do to prevent water from getting in the house. So preventative medicine and maintenance is always the best thing. Right? And so, we have talked about gutters. We have talked about downspouts. We have talked about the pitch of the ground going back toward the house.

And another place you need to look into, and another thing you need to think about is flower beds. Flower beds over time because we just keep adding either mulch or adding pine straw or whatever it is, we keep adding to it. It keeps raising the level of that bed over time. We can end up with, what we started out was below ground level. In 7, 8, 10, 15 years, now all of a sudden, our flower bed is eight inches above where it started. And typically, what we see happen is that is decomposing back towards the house and then we have these wonderful things in our crawl spaces called vent wells for, it is just to give some circulation and some air, and it keeps the mildew and the mold and all that stuff from growing, but it is a great entrance for water.

So, we have just created a nice gaping big hole in our foundation and as that debris and that compost and mulch and everything grows over time, now what happens is it funnels it right into the crawl space. You are talking, it can be hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water. We have opened up crawl space doors and there is a foot-and-a-half of water in them after a good rain sometimes. Which is really, really bad if your heating and cooling system that is under the house is only six inches off the ground. You have a major problem in that not only do you have water in your crawl space that can lead to all kinds of issues, you may be replacing your heat pump and or your furnace down there. So, these are things you want to check out. These are things that you want to look at.

Older homes. Especially in your Sunset Hills, Ardmore in Winston, Fisher Park and these places where you have the old cellar-style basements. Right. A lot of times they and those hand-dug-out basements and there was always a door going to the outside from the basement. Well, those do not get utilized near like they used to back 40, 50 years ago. You need to look at those doors. Most all of them have a drain at the base. You need to make sure that the drain is not covered because that will just fill that little area up. And basically, you will end up with a nice little pool down there, which you do not want, which ends up going all the way up against the door, which eventually will either rot the door, rust the door, or enter into the basement and or the crawl space area. Or typically the basement in this case. None of which, over long periods of time, end up with anything good happening.

If you have water standing down there, you are going to end up with the door rotted out, the door frame rotted out, potentially floor joist and or other components of the house rotted or a rusted door or just a dangerous situation. The other thing with those drains over time, a lot of them would break off and so that could be something that you need to make sure that you are watching and maintaining because let’s face it. We do not go in the basement, in those style of basements every day, and we certainly do not go in our crawl space every day. Most people do not.

Most of the time when we go to a house, I ask them if they have lived there for ten years, when was the last time you were in the crawl space, and they are like five years ago. No clue. It is not on your normal, it is not like your grocery list. Let me go see what is happening in my crawl space. Nobody does it. So, there could be things that are going on. Things that are happening that are not good.

The last thing is those windows. Sometimes we end up with those old, foggy, tilt-in, tilt-out windows in the basement area. Typically, again, in an older house. Pay attention to those things. Again, it could just be a little bit of water running down the wall, but over time, and that is what we are talking about, over time, huge damage. So, it can end up rotting out your walls, just anything that has a wood component, water over a long period of time is not good. Thresholds and those types of things.

So, pay attention and right now is the perfect time. The best time to find a leak is when it is raining. Right?

Keith: Absolutely.

Jason: It just makes sense. An acceptable fix is not putting a bucket under the leak in the roof by the way, guys. We have done home inspections. We go up there and there are like five Lowe’s buckets or Home Depot buckets or whatever. I am like what are all the buckets up here? Oh, the roof leaks.

Keith: That is not an answer.

Jason: Yeah, so what do you do when you get five gallons’ worth? What happens then? The best one is when you go up there and they have got a five-gallon bucket that is not on a ceiling joist. It is just sitting on the sheetrock. Yeah.

Keith: Yeah, we see what is going on there.

Jason: Yeah, water is eight pounds per gallon. Forty pounds potentially once it is full. That is going to be a nice surprise for somebody one night when they are sleeping and five gallons of water busts through the ceiling. That is going to be a mess. That is not an acceptable fix. Okay?

Keith: No, it is not.

Jason: So, think about those things. Think about those things. You go to Jason Bramblett dot com and we will do our best to answer any other questions and help you take care of these water issues.

Keith: Real quick as we are a little bit into 2019 now, if you are looking to buy or looking to sell, whatever you are wanting to do, are you seeing any sales or market trends here locally that might impact that decision?

Jason: Yeah, interesting enough is a couple things we are seeing. You would think with record-low inventory we would see prices just going gangbusters. Right? And we are just in this unusual anomaly right now. Of the 1195 homes sold year-to-date, we are actually 11.9% down in price.

Keith: Wow.

Jason: Which is really odd. It is like you can try to blame interest rates, but they have come back down. So, you cannot really push the blame there. So, what is it? Why are we seeing this? I think it goes back to a couple things we talked about where we had maybe some overly optimistic owners and agents for that matter that really pushed those price points up, that really said hey, Keith, I am going to get your $20,000 more than even remotely possible only to find out that even supply and demand has it limitations. Right? You find out that yeah, maybe not, you are not going to get that. So, I think we are seeing some of those prices come back down. Some of those prices being adjusted over time, which –

Keith: Reality.

Jason: Reality set in. Yeah. Exactly. Just like if you do not clean your gutters, the reality is you are going to end up with some water problems eventually. So, it is an interesting time that we are in, but we do think that we are off to a good start. So, go to Jason Bramblett dot com if you would like to get information about selling your home, and or give us a call at the office, (336) 553-0796.  We look forward to seeing you next week and everybody have an awesome weekend. Do not forget about Boots and Buckles Benefit, April 14th.