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Jason:  Good morning. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. So 2020. It is here, ready or not. It did not wait on you. I do not know if you noticed that, but it is right here. It has started. You got your plan. We talked about resolutions. We talked about goals. We talked about targets. All those type of things so lots of twists and turns in this thing called life that we deal with. You may already be in. You are only what, 10, 11 days into the new year and you may have already experienced some of those twists and turns and all that, but today we are going to focus on real estate. We are going to dig into that. But before we do, we are just going to pick up on, we talked a little bit about resolution. We talked a little bit about having targets and setting those things up. One of the things that I want to share with you that it is helped me and helped our team is creating tomorrow today.  What by that is just having a plan, right? So at the end of today create tomorrow. Line up what it is you plan to do.  I am going to challenge you for the next 21 days if you are looking to get on task or to get on track and you do not know where to go or what to do, this can be a huge, huge help. For 21 days, why 21 days? Well, they say that is about what it takes to form a habit or to change a behavior. You need 21 days of consistency. We talked about being consistent. Things are going to come at you, no doubt. Absolutely going to happen. But this way it will allow you to get your most important, your most meaningful tasks done first by creating tomorrow today and having that plan of action out there. So that is it. 21 days and then get started and then do me a favor. At the end of 21 days shoot me an e-mail. Let me know how you are doing. You can go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Click on the top righthand corner. It says it is an email icon says contact us. Send me an e-mail. Let me know how you are doing, what your struggles are, or if you are winning, let me know that too. Some of you need a challenge. Hey, I am challenging you, and for the rest of you, I dare you. How about that? 

Keith: Yesterday was an important day. Did you know that technically when people make New Year's resolutions they last till January 10th? So if you have survived to today, you are ahead of the game. It is all gravy from now because you have gone longer than the average person if you got to today.

Jason: You are halfway to the habit point.

Keith:  Right.

Jason: Or to the change or to whatever you want to call it. It does. It takes 21 to 30 days to just get that consistency and then that consistency takes over, and it just becomes part of your programming.  Think about how many things we do every single day that we do not even realize we do.

Keith: Right.

Jason: Everything from checking our phone to whatever it may be that are just programmed in our life that we do and hey, we it is we wire ourselves for that. It is just what we do.

Keith: So let's get the new year off on a good start.

Jason:  Let’s do it.

Keith:  Let's say that I am looking to move around June. I got some opportunities. I am looking to move around June. Question is it is now January. When do I put the house on the market? How do I get started? What do I need to be doing now if I want to get out in June?

Jason: Yes. Let's talk about it. Let's back up just one little step though. Let's talk about even before that plan or even before what it is you may want to roll out. It is kind of like the pre-step if you will. The first thing we really want to do is even though you want to move in June which summer seems like hey, it is summer. It is a long time away. Well, it is actually not. It will be here before you know it. Let's get a plan together. Let's look at each and every action step that we need to take, and meeting us now gives us something that is crucial and that is unpressurized time to get prepared. The perfect time to get all your ducks in a row is before you need to have all your ducks in a row, right?  Having just no pressure. If you could control anything most of us would control stress. Right? Not having a lot of pressure on us to make quick decisions or whatever those things that we need to do.  This way we can customize an action plan that is specific to the target you want to hit, your strategy or however you want to word that. So there are always projects to get done around the house.  If you own a home, there is always something to do. If you own a farm, I can assure you there is all it says a lot to do. There is a lot to do. There is a lot to do. Sometimes it is simply both things you can do yourself, and then other times it is things where we actually need to call in the professionals. We need to get someone that is qualified, a plumber, electrician, whatever it may be, and there are areas of your house that you have not seen in a while like your attic. Maybe that is a bad example because most of you just saw your attic for the first time in a year when you took your Christmas decorations down and yes, by the way take your Christmas decorations down. It is time. Okay? I know some of you guys are like hold onto that thing forever. Like hey I put it up. It is staying up till the end of January.

Keith: It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Jason.

Jason: Yes. Yes. Well, you are weird. Take down your Christmas decorations. Okay? Or your crawlspace and that is one that we see a lot of times that people do not, they just do not go down there. You do not go down to your crawl space. You do not deal with everything is going on in underneath your house. I remember we had a seller that had a seemingly awesome house. Everything look good and on the outside it was great colors. Everything is in this perfect place and all that. And we say spotless essentially, and I say we really need to take a look and get this house pre-inspected. He is like giving me a little bit of kickback. It is like man, this look around everything is in its order, its place, whatever. Except the crawl space which he had not been in a while.  Well after we got into about $18,000 worth of termite damage --

Keith: Ooh,

Jason: Ouch. Yes. He realized that there actually is some value into looking under your home and seeing what is going on and the places that you do not go off and maybe it is a start of a roof leak that you did not know about or maybe it is you have termites and these issues that are discovered, well these take professionals. These are not treat yourself or do it yourself things. What is really huge about that is most buyers would have walked away from $18,000 worth of termite damage.  Most people would they were like, whoa, this is not the house for me. I am going to go find something else. Instead of that deal being blown and wasting time and not being able to hit their target or exactly when they wanted to move by having that unpressured time, we were able to get everything fixed, resolved, and kept everything on target. Had we not done this pre-inspection and had we not done this, we would have lost critical time to their goal.  It would have been an absolute disaster. It seems simple, which most things do, but like we talked about. Simple, sometimes it is hard. Right? Simple is not all the time the easiest thing to do. So having that strategy, having that plan is key, and it is critical. At the end of the day, it is your house. You know it better than anybody else but sometimes it takes a plan, and it takes some critical things to get out there and really get ahead of issues or resolve or whatever you want to call it to make sure that you are going to be able to stick to your plan in your time frame the way that you want to do it. So we have got a punch list of some stuff that we are going to go through we are going to walk you through all those things and get you through where to go and how to make the right plan and get everything set. So what I want to do is want to take a quick break, get a pen, get a piece of paper because you are going to need it when we get back because you are going to make a list of all the action plans and ideas and different things that you need to do to get prepared. So if you go to Jason Bramblett dot com, give us a call the office 553-0796, but when we get back have that pen and paper ready to go and we will have you a list of things that work on to get that house ready to rock and roll. We will be back in just a minute.

And we are back. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. So I said get a pen, get a paper, get a pencil. Of course, the other thing too is you always go to the website. Listen to the show again, and we transcribed it for you. Make it even easier. So you go to Jason Bramblett dot com, click on the blog and actually all the show notes will be right there for you. So for all you critical, engineer-minded people, you can fact check me later on everything that I say, right?

Keith: I have a quick question.

Jason: Sure. Everything you just said makes perfect sense because clearly if you can identify any problems or any issues, because if buyers start doing it that is really going to throw a wrench in the process. So it just makes so much sense. So, why does the majority of people typically just throw their house on without really knowing what is up?

Jason: Yeah. A lot of it has to do with lack of experience. If you think about today's owner, you have got two different people out here. You have got the person that has never sold a home before and then the other group is most people have not done it in ten years. So you think about that it is not a product that you that you are participating in often enough to have a frame of reference to even know what to do about it. And unfortunately, the same is true of many real estate agents fall into the same trap as well. The buyer is going to inspect the house. So why should the seller spend any money on it? And that is probably true. The buyer may very well do that but isn’t it better business and smarter to actually know what you are selling to know what is right and what is wrong. Of course, it does when you are buying, but also in order to sell the product at the highest price to be able to say here is what is right with it. It would be beneficial, right?

Keith: But what does not make any sense is clearly any buyer who comes in, almost 90%, 99% are going to get a loan. So they are going to have to get a home inspection. Even if they do not need to get a loan, they are going to want a home inspection. So this stuff is going to come out. They are going to find it. So why not find it first? Do the pre-inspection know what you are dealing with and then move on.

Jason: Yeah, and it really comes by it to its lack of experience on both parties really. I have found actually some of the more expensive homes we have sold have actually had some of the bigger issues. Just because it looks shiny and beautiful and pretty does not mean there is not a hidden issue underneath. This is why we need to be proactive, and if you do not do it that way, then you are reacting to everything.

Keith: Yeah.

Jason: Certain buyers are not going to, they are going to react differently to issues. Right?  If you do not set up proper expectations with what that person is buying, then you cannot be really surprised when they walk away from the house.  If you think about the most important days on the market are your first 30 days. If I put a home under contract in 10 or 15 days, and then it is 10 or 15 more days before maybe the inspection happens. It is three or four days before they make a decision. I have lost my 30 days, right? It is gone. I cannot get that back no matter what. So there is a footprint of my home being for sale now all over the Internet and there is also a history of it was on the market, then it came off the market, and then it is back on the market. Now if we are playing clue, what is the first thing most buyers are going to ask right?

Keith: I want to know what is wrong.

Jason:  Yeah. What happened?  There are two stories to that answer, right? There is the truth, and then there is everything else. Typically, it is like the truth is oh,the house at $18,000 worth of damage and termites and all kinds of stuff. Not your most best-selling feature. Right?

Keith: Well, and I have heard you say it on the show before that quite often if there is an issue with the home, it is cheaper for you to fix it than the allowance you would have to give or the money you would have to knock off the home for somebody to be interested.

Jason: 100%.

Keith: It is way easier for you to find the best contractor and get it done right. It is going to make you money.

Jason: Absolutely. 100%. You think about certain types of repairs. It is what you can see, and then it is also what is beyond what I cannot see. When I am doing an allowance, if I am the buyer, if I am the person who is going to be risking the money, I am not only going to look at what I can see, I am going to factor in some budget in there for what I cannot see which may not even be an issue.

Keith: Yeah.

Jason: So, once I peel back the first layer, I open it up on my oh, wow. Okay. Well, no big deal money in my pocket, right? Because I plan on worst-case scenario. Where if you were the owner andyou just took care of the issue you would have appealed the first layer of the floor, okay, well the subfloor is in good shape, do not have to spend that money. We will get this resolved, get it fixed. Everything is great. The other thing, too, is from an ethical disclosure standpoint. You only have to disclose what you know is wrong. If there was a problem with the house in which you corrected, there is no more problem. Therefore, there is nothing to disclose. Right? It is kind of like a roof leak. It is not that you are trying to hide it. It is like yeah, my roof leaked 12 years ago when Hurricane Floyd came in.

Keith: I fixed it.

Jason: I fixed it.  I am not going to disclose that. It was 12 years ago.

Keith: Right.

Jason:  It has not leaked since. No problem, right? Whatever tree fell on the house all these things. But we approach it as a lot of times like, I love these Nationwide commercials, right, Mayhem.

Keith: Oh yeah.

Jason: What a great little story that tells in 30 seconds. It is like, hey man, life is going to happen. Right? Mayhem is out there looking for you and what is the other one? Allstate, Farmers has got the crazy things that they cover right?

Keith: Yeah, like a car in your roof.

Jason: Right exactly. It is like the new one I have seen is the guy is playing the air drums, gets a little excited, steps on the accelerator and crashes into the building. Right? And stuff happens. It is called life, but in real estate, there are no emergencies. We can take some time. Most people do not just wake up and like oh, okay, got to move tomorrow. It just does not happen that way. Typically if that is the case, you probably did not make that decision. The sheriff is at your door and he is like locking you out of the house. Right?

Keith: And you have a program for that. It is called the 72-hour offer program.

Jason: This is true. We do have a program for that. So here is the thing. Most people like surprises. Good ones.

Keith: Yeah, these are not good.

Jason:  What they do not like is the mold surprise, water in the crawlspace surprise, problems with HVAC surprise. These are the type of things that also plant seeds of doubt in people's mind, too, because there is a buyer, if I am putting an offer in on Keith’s house and on the appearance, everything is good, but then I get this report and there is a little bit of problem in the crawlspace. The heating and cooling system is not quite on par. This does not look quite right. I start to wonder did this guy really take care of his house. Did he really maintain it or am I going to end up with all of his problems? And for some buyers that is enough that they will just walk away.  Again typically, when people put their home for sale, they do not come to us with okay, hey, I want to sell and just whenever it happens. I am okay with it, like whenever the stars and moon align. I will not even do anything until my house is sold. No. Typically, we have a plan. This is where we want to move. I am starting a new job. I have to be here at this particular time. There is a marching order and a cadence to exactly what they want to accomplish. Most people are not very free-spirited in I do not care. I will just move when I move type thing.  That is plan A. Right? Have a plan. What if plan A does not work because of something now that is an issue that you are reacting to and you are losing valuable time? Then you look at what most people look at this: two mortgages. Right?

Keith: That is no fun.

Jason: Or a mortgage and rent because maybe I cannot buy another home until I sell mine, but my employer really does not care and they are like, hey your new job is in Tennessee. If you want it, get there.  Now I either got hotel expense or additional rent expense or whatever it is. My out go is increasing tremendously, which is burning up my savings, and we know statistically in America, we do not have 18 months of savings in the bank. Most people in America, even though we are the Most Blessed Nation, I think, on the planet, still live paycheck to paycheck.

Keith: Yeah.

Jason: Right.  There is not even an option to do this for very long because most people have limited to no savings. Actually, they have savings. It is just unfortunately instead of calling it a bank account, it is called Visa and then you get into a worse hole. Right?

Keith:  Yeah

Jason: So you want to make sure you have those plans. So when is a good time? You are thinking about June. I am saying we need to talk now. Jason, I am not retiring and moving for 18 months. Great. Let's talk now. Unpressured plans are fantastic, and we are still going to be here in 18 months. Hopefully, you will still be here in 18 months, and we can come up with an action plan now that lets you systemize and get to where you want to go.

Keith: So if I am hearing you correctly, even if you are not looking to sell your home for six months, maybe even seven or eight months, the best business decision you can make is to start the process now. Start looking at your current home and see if there are issues long before you are hoping to have it sold.

Jason: Absolutely. It is even better than good. It really is the right way to get your home sold for top dollar. Now, I always speak from a top-dollar standpoint and that may not be what you want me. Some people do not care and that is fine. We are always going to look at best case scenario, how to get there as efficiently as we possibly can, and then we will adjust our plan based upon your goal. You are the employer, if you will, and maybe where we want to take you is not where you want to go and that is okay. We can come up with a plan for I am not doing anything as well sell it as is but there is still benefit the knowing what is wrong with the house because now I can go to Keith and I can say hey, look here is the house. Here is the price and we know it has about $18-20,000 worth of termite damage. You in or you out? And then Keith now can make an educated decision that says you know what? It is not really what I want, but the location is good, and I am willing to take on that project. So if you get me a discount on the house, I will fix it up for you. I will do it. It could be everything from appliances to a roof, to HVAC all those things we look over. This is what 22 years in real estate gives you. Experience and walking through all these minefields and knowing what are the hot button issues for the buyer. It is not just the shiny objects all the time because shiny gets them in the door and attractive and it is pretty, but really it is the bones of the structure that cause the biggest issues.

Keith: Well, and it is the 22 years that you guys have been doing it and your success that allows you to offer all these different options, too.  We mentioned the 72-hour thing. We mentioned in some cases you have worked with buyers to make renovations. You have a lot of different options and things you can do in your pocket that not every real estate agent has.

Jason: For sure. We have seen what the market is demanding, and we have created programs and systems around those things. Not everybody has the capital or money that they need to be able to fix things, and if it is within reason and it makes sense for the company, it makes sense for the owner, then we will take a look at stepping in there and making those repairs to get the home in a condition in which will sell for top dollar. It is not for everybody, but it is certainly an option. It is one that we have out there. So I am big into giving that luxury experience because most people think luxury is a price point, and really it is more of the experience than it is the price. We have created a system in which we can really tailor that to any price range home and help you get to your target, your goal.  That is what we want to do. You can go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Click on the email icon.  Send us some information or call the office 553-0796. We will be happy to answer your questions and to serve you and your family. Looking forward to talking to you next week. Everybody be safe be a have a great week and we will see you next week.