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Jason: Good morning, Triad.  And welcome to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. I hope everybody is having a phenomenal weekend, and we have a power packed show for you today. We are going to actually break down all things real estate. But the biggest thing is help you get across that finish line and getting you know getting 2019 to happen for you. If you've been struggling, we are going to dig into that. We've got some great questions in from you our listeners. And, of course, if you ever have a question that you don't want to call in on the air, you can always just shoot us an email go to Jason Bramblett dotcom. Click on the email icon, shoot over your question. We do answer them as quickly as we can. And for those that are really great questions and worthy to be shared on radio, which means basically we feel that there's probably somebody else other than you that has the same question we will share it on the air which we're going to do today. But before we get into the show, don't forget it is the last weekend of the Dixie Classic Fair, which is a must visit. So all of you folks that move from the south and moved from the north and ended up in North Carolina in the Triad, you need to go out and check out the Dixie Classic Fair. It is the best people-watching you'll ever do in your life –

Keith: and funnel cake.

Jason:  Funnel cake. There you go.

Keith:  It is the one time of year I allow myself funnel cake. I'll put down about two of them and two weeks and then I move on with life.

Jason: There you go. So I got a new one for you. It was there last year. We did not go check it out, but it's called the Peachy Baked Bakery Company.

Keith: Okay.

Jason: It's kind of a light bluish, like a powder blue little stand or booth or whatever it is. They have, in my opinion, the best pretzel ever made on the earth. I mean it is unbelievable.

Keith:  Those are big words.

Jason: We are from the Midwest so pretzels and all that stuff is, that's the big thing. This thing is like no other, and they also do donuts and it's hard to say if it is the best one, but man it is it is at the top, and they make them both right there in front of you. Right there in their little food truck, if you will, but if you go to the Dixie Classic Fair, just trust me. Yeah, it's expensive. It's the fair. Don't worry about that. Right if you are going to the fair, you are not worrying about the $10 pretzel or $8 soda or whatever it is but go there and check out. It's Peachy Baking Company and oh my goodness, it is unbelievable. And, of course great time for the entire family. You can go check out all of the chickens and they got the pig races. You got all that, and of course those guys do. It's fun. We've got since our girls have been little, we have our little circuit we go do. We go to the Agra-cadabra show which that guy is a is the driest, funniest person that is probably at the fair. It is kid friendly. It is good and go check it out. And then of course, there's a place there that of I can't think of the name of, but they've been there since, they are actually one of the oldest booths. They have been there since like 1920 something. They serve root beer and absolutely phenomenal.

Keith:  My daughter is the sweet tea girl.

Jason: Okay. There you go. There you go. So but there's something for everything. Of course, you can get fried anything.

Keith: Yeah, but not fried butter.

Jason: Yeah, if your heart so desires. Well, your heart doesn't, your mouth might, but your heart probably doesn't want that.

Keith: No.

Jason: But real estate-wise, we're going to dig into your questions, but if you haven't been to that fair, you need to go check it out. It's just, and it may be the last year it's called the Dixie Classic will be right.

Keith:  It will be, I believe.

Jason:  Yeah, so next year. It's going to be called the Politically Correct North Carolina Fair, I'm sure or something along those lines, but we're going to dig into real estate. If you've got questions, of course, you can send them over go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Shoot us an email, and we'll be happy to get things started. So let's get rolling get things kicked off here.

Keith: All right. Our first email comes from Ron and Becky. They listen to the show every single week on 94.5 WPTI. Thank you for that, Ron and Becky. They've had their house on the market for eight months. They have no offers. They've done everything that their agent has told them to do, and now their agent is saying really the last thing to do is to lower the price. So what they want to know, is it possible to get a second opinion on a home when it's listed for sale from a different real estate company. They appreciate your help and say thank you.

Jason: Okay, very good. So thank you, Ron and Becky, for listening. We greatly appreciate it, but also the email. This question comes up often, so this is why we put it out there. And the answer is absolutely a hundred percent. Yes, you can certainly speak with another real estate company when your home is for sale. That is not a problem. What needs to happen is you, as the as the owner and the consumer, you need to instigate that activity. So that means you need to reach out to whatever real estate company that may be, whether it be us or any company you want to speak with. You need to call them. Let them know your home is for sale. Let them know that you would like to interview or get a second opinion and that is fine. And really the rule is just as long as the consumer contacts the real estate company, there is no issue. Now I will tell you that there will be some agents that will say no and simply because they feel it's a waste of their time. You are in a contract with another company. There is really nothing that they can do as far as actively trying to sell your home. It is a rule in North Carolina that you can only have your home listed with one real estate company at a time, and that's a state rule. If you don't like that, you can contact the State, but that is the rule. But as far as talking to, interviewing or just meeting with other companies while your home is for sale, that is certainly something in a consumer can do especially if you're frustrated. It may be that your agent is a hundred percent right, and it could be that your agent has just simply ran out of ammunition. And the last resort is well, I have done everything I could do, so we might as well just lower the price, and I find a lot of times that is not necessarily a hundred percent the answer. Sometimes it is a new set of eyes looking at the same problem. It is coming from it from a different angle, just a different view all together. Then there are some real estate agents that do not advertise. You have to realize that. There are some people that just stick a sign of the ground and wait and see what happens. Well when you wait to see what happens, it takes longer.

Keith:  Yeah

Jason: Because you're reacting to the hope that somebody is going to stumble across your home and want to buy it. And so when you advertise you progressively and proactively push out that information faster, so it gets in front of more people. So therefore, you are going to see a different result. It is just as simple as that. I will always look at things outside in other industries to give people good word pictures. For whatever reason, it seems like if we are selling a home, we cannot relate to the topic. But if we use a different, like we used cars, people are like oh –

Keith:  More familiar with that.

Jason: Yeah, right because you do it more often. If you think about cars and advertising so, if Keith puts his car for sale in his front yard, he goes to the Home Depot or whatever big-box store it is, he buys the best looking absolute For Sale By Owner sign he can put in his front windshield in his car. It is top-notch. He spent a whole 50 bucks on it. This thing is just screaming buy me. Right?  He puts it in his front yard. And then that's all he does. Will his car sell? Well potentially. Yeah, it may as somebody drive through. But you notice the car dealers don't do that. They are in the most prominent place. They are on the busiest streets. They have variety. They have lots of signs, and then they're also pushing their out their message with radio, TV, flyers, social media. And so they are sending a tremendous amount of traffic to their location. Hence, they sell hundreds and hundreds of cars per month. Now Keith does not have a hundred cars to sell, but his one car is going to take longer because he's just waiting for people to travel up and down his road. Actually, what will probably happen is one of his neighbors or his neighbor’s friends who gets introduced to the car from his neighbor will buy it and if nobody has any appeal to it that's on your street, it probably will never sell. Or you'll have to do additional things. You will have to spend money, put ads, do different stuff like that. Advertising is a huge part of that, so you have to remember some real estate agents do not advertise or they simply syndicate the property to all the free stuff that's out there. There are links to websites but paid placement within these websites outranks what they give you for free. Right? In our industry, it is kind of the you give the mouse a little piece of the cheese and let them taste it, and then what, you want them to upsell. So they give you a lot of these services for free, but if you really want to see the weight and the power of that system, then there is the upsell product. So to answer your question Ron and Becky, you can speak with as many real estate companies as you want. You need to instigate that contact, but I did want to prepare you that there are some out there that just may not engage. There may be some agents that just say I will no talk to you until your agreement is over. Everybody is different. We do not have that opinion and we were happy to speak with you at any time. So you can always give us a call, and we will be happy to come out and talk with you about your house your situation, whatever it is.

Keith: All right, great. Our next email comes from Bill says he knows that his house is in need of repairs and he does not have the funds to fix them. But is that they need to be addressed. So he identifies that, feels terrible. Said he has had some major setbacks in the last few years. The money is just not there, and they need to sell the house, and they really cannot afford to just give it away. So he wants to know is it possible to sell a house as is or give an allowance for repairs

Jason: Absolutely. Well, first of all Bill, I am sorry to hear about your setbacks and you know life, what's the commercial? Life, it comes at you fast. Right?

Keith: It happens.

Jason:  It does happen, and you have got everything from sick kids to just all kinds of stuff, job change that you were not expecting, and the official word is you have been downsized.

Keith: Reduction in force.

Jason:  Reduction in force. That is it. The good news is you do have some options, Bill. A couple things you can do. You can actually sell the house as is. That is no problem at all. You just have to realize that potentially we are looking at multiple different price points based upon that condition. Really it is about finding a number that makes sense for you and makes sense for the buyer. That is the key thing is to be able to bring those two numbers together in some type of agreement. But it definitely can still be sold. We have got a large group of investors that are out here looking for property and there are at all different skill sets. Some of them are simple investors, but an investment property to them is paint and carpet. That's about their skillset.

Keith:  Yep, that is here.

Jason: Yeah, so there are they are our HGTV watchers, not doers. Okay? They like to watch it. They like the shiny stuff. They are like, oh carpet. Okay. I got that. Paint makes sense. Then on the other hand. We have got really intense investors that will strip your house to the studs, rewire plumb it, all that. We look for the skill set that's going to match the condition of the house and so it could be we need to kind of quantify in your mind too what repair means. Because I also find from an owner standpoint your experience of what you think is difficult to do as far as a repair also weighs into your comment. I have had some folks that will say well we have some really bad deferred maintenance, and we want to sell our house as is. Really, I go over to the house, and I'm like your windows are dirty. Your house needs to be painted and your weeds need pulled.

Keith: You can do that.

Jason: This is not bad. We can get through this. This is going to be okay, but compared to the way they used to keep their home and the way that it used to look to them, they feel that it's really in disrepair, and most of the time it's because maybe physically or from a health standpoint, they are just not able to do what they used to be able to do. Now, of course, we do go to some homes and it's like, it takes your breath away from the curb and so, you know that you're dealing with a complete remodel, gut down to the to the core. Right? All those things are different and there's a different buyer out there for all those. Really what we do is we have a database of folks out there we look for. Of course, my company we buy homes as well all the time. I do my best to try to buy a couple of those a month so that we can keep our portfolio full as well. The other thing is is sometimes we can step in and help you fix some of those things. So it's one unique feature or one process that we have within our company. We actually are in a position to step in and make some of these repairs for our clients should they not be able to do that. So I'm not going to rebuild your home for you, but if there are things that need to be done in order to get it sold that will get you a considerably different number with really not a lot of , not reconstructing the house, but I will give you an example. We just put a house on the market yesterday. We went in, painted the entire home. Somebody step through the ceiling and the attic when they were moving. We had to repair the hole, paint all the ceilings, paint all the walls, and we actually ended up redoing the hardwoods in the house. So, you know, it's about is about a 15 $20,000 change that the owners didn't have. But the owners have a tremendous amount of equity in the home. We'll get paid back when we sell the house and we're perfectly fine with that and it is a totally new different number and the house looks amazing with everything fresh. It basically looks like a brand-new house on the inside. So it just took a little effort, a little money, and a willing owner that recognized that hey, I could get a different price if I had this option.

Keith: That is great because the reality is it is going to be a win-win for everybody. The owner is going to end up making more money on the sale of the house. You guys will end up making, everybody involved will benefit from the sale that house and whoever buys the house is going to get a house that has less work for them to do. It's a win for everybody.

Jason: Yeah. It's a hundred percent move-in ready to go, and the house went from a really glim hope of selling quick to we will probably sell the house in a week just because it is going to be so much far superior than anything else that is on the market. When we do this, we look at the competition. We say okay, here is what we got to beat, and we get it done. We are going to do this. We are going to take a quick timeout. We are going to go pay some bills. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. We have got some more of your emails and your questions coming up, so do not go anywhere and we will be right back.

And welcome back. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. So I'm sure you guys have already made the plans to head out to the Dixie Classic Fair now that we have teased you a little bit with that. We are going to dig back into real estate, into your questions that remember, if you have one go to Jason Bramblett dotcom, click on that email icon, shoot it over to us, and we will definitely get you an answer. So what else we got coming up, Keith?

Keith: I got to tell you. Richard, I want to thank you for asking this question because I have seen these exact same TV spots on when I'm at home in the evening and I always wondered this same question. He's writing, and he said Mr. Bramlett, he hears the ads on the radio and sees him on TV with the Shark Tank lady and says that you guarantee to sell the house. He wants to know at what percent do you buy the house at. Can you give us a little bit more details on that? And I thought that same question before.

Jason:  And most people go well if he's buying it, it has got to be for nothing. Right?

Keith: Fifty percent.

Jason:  I'll play with Keith here. So think about that. If I was buying them for nothing, we have been doing this for 14 years and in 14 years, we still talk about the program and we still have people sign up. So therefore, if Jason was making really crummy offers, no one –

Keith: People would stop.

Jason:  People would stop. It would kill itself. Right?

Keith:  Except in some extreme circumstance.

Jason: Yeah, exactly. We have that program. Basically, I did corporate relocation for 10 years. And where this program came from is I noticed something with their processes. They would have every single house thoroughly inspected. They would have it appraised. They would have the title search. They would have it checked for termites. They do all these things and for 10 years I got to see all this data. The one thing I notice is the homes would always sell quicker, and they would always sell for more money a hundred percent of the time. I was sitting there thinking why in the world, why is this. And one day I'm driving down Wendover and a BMW commercial comes on the radio and it says certified pre-owned BMWs hold their value and sell at 33% more than a non-certified BMW. I went to the car lot and looked and outside of mileage, they do this what, hundred-thirty-point inspection or whatever it is. They are not selling the inspection. They are selling the peace of mind in knowing that this car has been checked out differently than the other car at that with the competitor down the street and so certified pre-owned was born. I found out that's not a trademark thing. So we came up with our own certified pre-owned process in which is basically exactly this. It is the process of the corporate relocation, and the only thing that I changed is I made this available to the public as opposed to you having to be an employee at one of the big major, mega companies in town that actually would offer this benefit to them. And their benefits are a little bit different. What they found is in the time that I was ith the relocation companies is what they found is an employee that gets transferred who basically we've uprooted their entire family life most like the teenagers hate Dad or Mom right now. Right?

Keith: Exactly.

Jason: What they found is if they could remove the burden of the past, which being the home and the dead weight and maybe the two mortgage situation, it helped for an easier transition for this new employee to move to Texas or move to Tennessee or whatever was, so they could close the chapter with a definitive date in North Carolina. That's where I stepped in, and I helped them with that process. But what we found and what we gleaned from that system was it was a really good system in that consumer liked the peace of mind of a home being checked out. We had our certified pre-owned, and then I said, well if the company can do this is a buyout why can't we? We know everything is right and wrong with the house. We have got the appraisal. We got the inspection. We know about the title. We know termites, no termites. I would buy this house, and so I came up with a process in which I can make them an offer. We get we set a time, and at the end of that time, if I have not sold the home as agreed, then we purchased the house. And so we've been doing that for 13, 14 years, and I have bought many. I couldn't tell you how many, though I know it is over 50. I could not tell you which one, and of course, there are rumors out there that I have heard from some of our fellow real estate people that Jason only buys the cheap houses. What I found with most cheap homes is those people do not move a lot. Our average price home and our guaranteed sales program is actually $350,000, and most people that take advantage of the program are people corporate relocation 300 to 500 grand. So if that's you, if that's your house, and you need to move a hundred percent, get in touch with us. We will walk you through our guaranteed sales program. It has been around a long, long time. We have plenty of people that we can refer you to but if you want more information go to Jason Bramblett dot com, you can click on the email. Shoot it over to us or give us a call the office at 553-0796. Hey, everybody. Have a great weekend. Enjoy yourself. Go out to the fair, check out those donuts and those pretzels, and we'll see you here next week. Jason Bramblett dot com.