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Jason: Good morning and welcome to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. Hope everybody is doing excellent today. Well, it is here ready or not. The New Year, the new decade, and man, I tell you this one has been interesting. I have heard more chatter and more talking about maybe the new year because it is the new decade as well. And that is obviously a big milestone for everybody. So what are you going to do? That is the question. What are you going to do about it? Right? What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do differently? I think it is a new year. It is a new year. It is new year, but now that when it is a new year and a new decade, it is like this gets extra, I do not know, points, if you will, I do not know.

Keith: Do I make like two resolutions now instead of one? How does that work?

Jason: Maybe, maybe that is it.

Keith: I can fail on two of them.

Jason:  Well, we are going to talk about that. We are going to talk about that. You set that up perfectly. We are going to talk about that.  So, are you going to make something happen? And or are you going to be doing the same thing? On January 1st, 2021, are you going to be sitting here going okay, this is the year that I am actually going to get XYZ done because it did not work last year, another failed attempt, and, are you ready to start recreating your life? That is the key thing. Or have you figured it out yet? One thing I figured out is this: time waits on no man.

Keith: True story.

Jason: It is going to happen whether you are ready or not. You cannot get it back. There are a lot of things you can get back, but you cannot get that time back. So the cool thing is I have got a great secret I am going to share with you today. It is a secret that will improve your life tremendously. It is one of those things that can get you, well, whatever. What is it? You want new job, new house, boat, second house? How about better husband, a better dad, better health, all those kind of things, and it is a really an amazing secret. And so you are going to want to make sure you stick around to get the secret you want to go make sure you get a pen, some paper, full attention. Grab the extra strength coffee today, right. That way you are wide awake. You are ready to go. But I have the answer that you have been looking for. If you woke up today and are listening to this show, it is not by accident. Something made you tune in to say hey, I am looking for something different. And guess what? I am going to share with you that secret on all you have to do is keep listening and stay tuned. But you have to pay attention, too. But now on with the show.

Keith:  It is a lot of work.

Jason: It is a lot of work. Could be.

Keith: Promise me it  does not have to do with gutters.

Jason:  It does not have to do with gutters.

Keith: Okay, good.

Jason: Well, all things start with gutters.

Keith: That is right.

Jason: This is true. We may talk about gutters, but it will not be the secret. How about that?

Keith: I am excited to hear what this is. So 2020.

Jason: Yeah.

Keith: Look into your crystal ball, your Magic 8-Ball, whatever you got over there. What is it? What do we have in store for?

Jason: I shook it so hard I got to wait until all the bubbles clear up the see what it says, right? I always loved those things. But you go to kids’ birthdays, somebody always seems to get the Magic 8 Ball, right, and you just shake the fire out of it, but then you cannot even see what it says because all the bubbles are in the water and you got to wait till it clears up.

Keith: Patience.

Jason: Patience. There you go. I am going to give you the answer. I am going to give you this, and we are going to do it after the break. There are a few things real estate I want to dig into, but I am going to give you that secret, and here is the thing. It is easy yet hard. It is simple but challenging, and it is going to be worth the wait. So 2020. Hey the crystal ball real estate. Here is the deal. It is going to be a beauty contest in a price war. That is the bottom line. This is everything, all indications, all metrics, everything we are seeing, not only locally here in the Triad, but all across the United States. Most areas in the United States have already started to experience this. The buyers, your customers are not going to be playing games in 2020. And the reason being is inventory is one and good old-fashioned cheap money, and when money is cheap well things go good and bad all the same time. They go good in that money is cheap. It allows more people to buy more things. But it also lets people do dumb things with money. Like overpay and because why well, it is got 50 bucks a month. Who cares? Right? It is 50 bucks, and in our world that is not that significant in the big scheme of things for some people. Some folks are spending that at lunch. You go to the movies. I took the kids. We went out to the movies.  Now I will say they did make the chairs much more enjoyable.

Keith: They sure did.

Jason:  Much easier to sleep through the bad movie now. Right? It is you kick them back and you relax, and so they at least enhanced the experience to justify maybe. Oh, that money that they charge which is unbelievable what some of it is. So, here is the thing with buyers. They do not want to lift a finger. They want this move-in, ready-to-go product, and it is multiple reasons. One, a lot of the skill sets that were taught in my generation in school are simply not taught, and so people today, unless they are just kind of intuitive and good with their hands. They do not know how to do the simple upkeep and fix up of homes, right? It is kind of a dying art, and it is just a business or a trade that is kind of, the sweat equity the do-it-yourself is not there. And the reason being is it goes back to what we talked about before. Time.

Keith: Yeah.

Jason: We are using our time differently. We are using our time in different ways. Where it used to be a lot of the stuff we would do ourselves or figure out ourselves, now, it is just hire somebody to do it because my time is more valuable to do XYZ, or of course jobs have changed and so the skills that people do now are more technical less I wonder what the ratio of White Collar Blue to Collar jobs are in America compared to 30, 40 years ago. I bet it is significantly different. There are a lot less labor intense jobs out there. I would think.

Keith: You just explained everything when we looked for a house. We have been a new house for about six months now, and I did not want to work on a bunch of projects one because I did not know how, and number two I do not have time. Neiter my wife or I have time so we went looking for the most perfect house we could find so you just explained us exactly.

Jason: Is it everybody? Because there is always, nothing is absolute as far as real estate goes for sure. There are many absolutes out there. Real estate is not one of them, but about 75% of the people I think that are in the market fall into this demographic. Location still can be any condition in the house. If you want to be on this particular area, no matter what, then you will take whatever is offered no matter the condition of the house because you are buying really the location and not necessarily the home, and it is just what will work for you. And so that is the way you do it, and of course investors will take a home in any condition and upfit it to do whatever they want to make a profit turn into a rental, whatever, and that is about 25% of the market kind of fall within that niche. I always like to look at top dollar. You can get the home sold, but are you going to get top dollar? I only look at like best case scenario. Let's get the most out of all of our efforts. That means you have minimized by not being prepared you are missing at least 25% of the market. Hey, if you are not that concerned and maybe there is still a shot out there and you are not going to do everything. Well, maybe you have eliminated 50% of the market, but think about that. If you have eliminated 50% of the market that means you have also eliminated opportunity for the most, right? Because in order to get the most, it has to appeal to the most people. So less people you appeal to, the less money, you are going to get. It is really just simple economics of supply and demand. But here is the other thing. You better have another word associated with your offering if you are not going to have that turn-key, ready-to-go thing, and that is value. Value is not the same as discount. But value means you need to be priced in a way in which whoever buys your home sees a great value in them doing the work or them putting in the effort to gain equity, to gain something. There has to be an up value to them, if you will, not necessarily to you the homeowner in the fact that you are unwilling to change or unwilling to do. Well when you are unwilling that means you are not going to appeal to it the most people, right? And when you do not appeal to the most people, you do not get the most money. So they want equity and or money for their trouble just like you would. Right? It makes total sense. It almost makes too much sense. It makes sense unless it is yours, right, and then it does not apply.

Keith: You want the most money and sell it the fastest. Both are going to be a struggle.

Jason: Both are going to be a struggle. That is true. So if you want to well, if you are not willing to do that and what the consumer wants, that is fine. You are either going to give it up in value or you are going to get maybe, it is going to be timing, whatever the case may be. But you have got to offer the product that the consumer is looking for. The great thing is we know what that is. They tell us every single day. We see it every single day. We see it in what they purchase. We see it in what they inquire online. It is amazing. Our best looking homes get the highest number of hits, get the most showings. It is actually, it is so ridiculous. We have a home right now that is really excellent house location and all the feedback is as simple and as petty as it is a great house, but we do not like the floors. It is a great house, but just not exactly what we were hoping for in the floors and the floors and the floors. The floors and it is every single feedback, and I am, of course, I tell the owner got to redo the floors. I do not want to spend the money, and will we get it back? No, you will not get it back. But it is always cheaper to do it yourself or have your contractor do it then to give an allowance.

Keith: True.

Jason: Because the allowance is well, that is a made-up number. Right. The other thing, too, is if we fix the issue we can go back to all those 15, 20 people said the floors the floors, the floors, and now we have removed that obstacle, right, and come on back and say okay now we have got this resolved. So now they are back to interested. What did we do? We created more demand. More demand, more money. Right? It is really not difficult economics, but there has to be a willingness, and sometimes there is just no way to do it. Right? I have no money. I cannot do anything with the house, and there are those type of situations, and depending on situation, we may have an answer for you. We have helped many of our owners actually upfit their home to get the most money, and we work out terms and conditions that make sense for the company and make sense for the owner. So that may be something we could talk about. Yeah. There are always options out there.

Keith: Well, okay. So here is the for instance. Let's say you have got a house. I am not talking about a 50-year-old, 60-year-old house that is got the burnt orange rugs.I am not talking about a real rough area, just an average home, nice home, good home, but maybe you have been in it for ten years. You have not really done anything because you got it turn-key when you got. Have not done a lot to it in 10 years. Even with that average home, do you think you are going to see an issue selling it in 2020?

Jason: I would say if you have your home for sale and you are asking that question, you already know the answer.

Keith: You would not ask the question.

Jason: That is right. Exactly. It is interesting when we go on interviews and speak to owners and looking at considering working with them and all these things. The questions they ask especially when their homes have been for sale, the question they ask you is telling you all the problems. Yeah, right?

Keith: That is a good point. 

Jason: It always does. It always does and I am like, okay. The reason you can sell the house before was because of the floors. How did you know that? Well because you asked me what you thought about the floors, right? You point out that, you ask the obvious instead of just addressing it. There is no magic wand. Is there one person out there that will finally accept the house in the condition? Sure, but that does not get you the most. That settles for whatever is available. Right? So there is a difference in that. It is interesting. So one thing about the buyers and what we see with this generation that is purchasing homes now, and it is going to be really interesting when the Baby Boomers in mass number start selling because the millennial generation they do not even want the product at all. They do not want anything to do with McMansion, the 5,000 square foot home. It does not fit anything about their lifestyle, their desires, nothing. They actually are more simple, compact, do not need as much home, want fancier, nicer gizmos and gadgets and tech and all that, and they will give up square footage for tech. They will give up square footage for better quality. Where a couple generations ago, it was all about the size, the big rooms and all that. So it is interesting how things change over time, but you have got to have the pop.  That is the key and you got to have something that is going to grab their attention and really just bring them into the house. So it would be the equivalent today, I think the best thing I can tell you is you are trying to sell a VHS tape to a generation that does not even know what that is. Yeah, you are out here talking about your great new franchise called Blockbuster. It is going to be amazing. It is going to be wall-to-wall of nothing but tapes and you can go pick out any movie you want for two bucks and we will loan it to you. First of all, you got to come to us in the snow, sleet, rain, and whatever, pick up the stupid carton, pay for it and then go all the way back on then bring it back. Right, and today if I explain that business model to Millennial or whatever the other Generation Z or whatever it is.

Keith: Y, Z.

Jason:  Yeah something, they would look at me like I was from Mars. Like I do not even go to McDonald's. They bring it to me now. Right?

Keith:True story.

Jason: You could not pitch that business model to anybody under 30, and they not look at you like you are from Mars, right? But yet that is what some of you are doing with your house. You are out here pitching your home to a generation that goes yeah, I do not get it. This does not, I do not even understand this, and so you have to change the message to speak to their audience, to speak to the masses. So, all right, we are going to do this. We are going to take a quick timeout. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. You can always send your emails, questions into the office. Go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Click on the email icon and we will share your email on the air if we feel it will reach the masses. We will be right back.

Alright, so we are back. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show, and today philosophy in New Year's resolutions, right? So it is a little bit of both. Right? Now real estate focus, but then we have to have a few rabbit trails every now and then to keep it interesting. That way when people tune in thye are like what in the world what just happened? What was this? I thought we were talking about gutters and shingles and houses and moving.

Keith: Well, we were.

Jason: Yeah. Well it is true.

Keith: But now what is this secret the that you so talked about earlier?

Jason: That is it. The break is over. You have got your pen. You have got your paper. Now we need to break it in. Here is the thing. I said it is easy yet hard. Simple, but challenging. So are you ready? Just like zen in with me. Right? So it is be consistent. It is if you will really, really think about that statement in 2020, I promise you your results, this will be your most productive year to achieve any target, any goal, any resolution that you have. Maybe this is the first time you have ever heard. Maybe you have heard it a hundred times. And we have a saying at our office: says easy, does hard. What do you mean just be consistent? Duh?

Keith: Yeah, it makes perfect sense though.  Especially in today's society the shiny ball syndrome is out of control. You cannot walk more than five feet without being distracted and that goes for big, major things too. So that makes sense.

Jason: Yes, consistency. Here is one gem that will change your life. If you want to change your life starting today, since you have already woke up today, so tomorrow do not touch your phone for the first hour of your life.

Keith: I wish I could do that. I have got to try.

Jason: Just do it.  It is a decision. You know what we say about try in the office? It is the polite way of saying no. I will try to come over to your house later. You liar. You are not coming to my house. You have already made your decision. Just own it. No, I am not coming to your house. Good. Thank you.

Keith: Hope is not a plan.

Jason: Hope is not a plan. Hope is not a plan. Here is the thing. When you do it consistently, and then when you do pick up your phone, do not go to the negativity. Go to something positive. That is a whole other show, but consistent. It seems so simple, yet it is so challenging. There is nothing else that you can do this year that will change where you are going other than being consistent, and you got to do it with purpose. So you need to write this down. I have talked to this many, many times over the years. If you just talk about it, it means nothing. Write it down and then it becomes well, it becomes consistent when we write it down. If you need proof, go to our lovely friend Google which is an action item. All right, and just Google consistency and then you know how you have, so on Google it says all videos, images, la la?

Keith: Yeah.

Jason: Click on, put consistent in there and then click on images and then just read some of the wisdom from the most successful minds ever on the planet. Everybody from Benjamin Franklin to Confucius to whoever, head coaches of whatever teams, and one of the things you are going to see over and over and over are quotes by them about being consistent. Who is the best football team in NFL? It just so happens to be the one that is the most consistent. It is not the one that has the best players arguably. I will get loads of hate mail on this. I think I have heard most people say statistically the Cowboys are the best team out here.

Keith: True, and they get very little out of it.

Jason: From a from a talent standpoint. But here is the thing. You could take the highest level of talent on the planet put it together make a team, and if they are inconsistent, what do they have?

Keith: Eight and eight.

Jason:  Yeah. Eight and eight. They got nothing.  Eight and eight, you might as well lost every game. I bet you that is how they feel, right? So anyway, more into next year. Go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Be consistent. Be consistent. That is the key. That is the word of the day. Go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Shoot us your emails, your love mail and all that or you can call us the office 553-0796. We will be back here next week. Make it an awesome day.