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Jason: Good morning. Hope everyone is having a great day. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. Well, I am sure everybody is well, hopefully recovering from a wonderful awesome Thanksgiving Day. Maybe you did the Black Friday shopping. God bless you is all I can say, but maybe your eyes just hurt this year from the online shopping you No. Hey, I tell you what, Keith things have changed man. It is hot. It is a neat time that we live in my wife still does the Black Friday thing?

Keith I am awful. I have not even started my Christmas shopping yet. That does not like it starts on Cyber Monday. And then last for like a couple Yeah. Yeah. And so, ,  Callie it is just so easy. Now, you go online you are sharp.  90% of what you can buy has got free shipping. Yeah, you get a personal valet to bring your Off to you how about that program just wrap it for me because my skills are not phenomenal.

Jason: Do that there is probably a I would not be surprised. There is a button you can probably click this says hey you want this wrapped? I can guarantee you there is. But it is crazy how things work today.  You think about you got online shopping, you have free shipping, you got Ubereats. You do not even have to go get your food. They will bring you your Big Mac or whatever it is. It is an interesting time. I was actually talking to a gentleman that that runs a company that somewhat similar to that and I was surprised the demographic that actually uses that service and let's just say it is not the affluent. It is you are paying for a convenience. It is amazing.

Did you hear the new one? You can now hire people to actually come and put up all your Christmas decorations. They show up a few weeks before Christmas. They put them all up they cover the house and they come back after Christmas and take them all down for you. Yes, I need to get their phone number. That would be awesome. Actually. Yeah, that is probably it is kind of like cleaning your gutters money will spread right.  Hey, we are going to dig into all the changes going on in real estate today as well.  We got some answers to the questions. You have been sending in through email and from phone calls to the office. And, of course, you can do that any time go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Click on an email icon shoot us a message and if it is something that is beneficial to the community or a repeat question. We always share those on the are course. You can always call the office to 553-0796. Hey grab that scrap left over piece of pumpkin pie, put you a little a la mode on the side, sit down and relax, and we will dig into real estate.

Keith: We got an email, and I like that we got this email because the things we were talking about last week, I learned quite honestly, I had never heard of these things.  It says Jason, Into the show last week made a mistake of hiring a free agent to sell my house. Thank you for talking about this as I believe most people do not realize that this is really working against them. Keep up the great work.  love listening, Joe.

Jason: Yes. Joe, hey, first of all, thanks for the email and thanks for listening to the show and you are correct most owners really just, they do not even realize they are making the mistake and so just to clarify a free agent is not one that is selling your house. House for free is this is the like a sports analogy free agent. It is an agent that is free to do basically whatever they want. We are going to kind of dig into that. I will explain that a little bit further. But if you missed the show last week, you can go to Jason Bramblett dot com. It is archived on there. We have the audio and the printed out written version of the note so you can kind of go through that, but the real issue is the system is actually broken, and it has been broken for a long time has been broken probably. Forty years and the main reason, this issue happens with this free agent of this agent that is going to use your home to sell other properties is. It is really the ease of entry into the real estate business. It is not that difficult to say this is one of the most inexpensive businesses to get started in that you could work out of your house. You can basically spend almost nothing on advertising. You are not going to sell a lot, but you can do three, four, five real estate transactions in a year probably with just people that you may know. The issue is that when you do something so rarely you never get good at it, right? And so it is like a golfer. If you only play golf three or four times a year, you are never going to be Tiger Woods, right? Yeah, and you are never going to be Jason day. You are not going to be on the tour. You do not have enough talent to pull that off. It takes relentless practice, and it is the same that is true with real estate. You just cannot be good at something when you do not do it very often and because it is so easy and inexpensive to get into this business. We get a lot of people that dabble. You can probably look at some of your home improvement projects and see what the quality of dabble looks like. Right? It is not pretty well most of the time so it is too many agents too many owners not really knowing the right questions to even ask. That is that is another one. Sellers typically lead off with this question is how much can you get me for my house when they really should be asking is if you show my house to a buyer, can you show them another house like mine if they do not want it? That is a better question because that answers a lot of different things. That leads into our kind of free agent explanation. Is that agent that you hire if they have the ability to take anyone that s called or inquired about your home and walk them down the street and sell them another home. You do not have an exclusive dedicated listing agent. You have a free agent. Agent in which is going to use your home as bait or whatever to get people to call and they will sell them anything. That is not necessarily in your best interest, right? You hired them to do what sell your home be fully committed to selling your home and by having that carrot dangling out there the fact that they can sell anybody’s house. Well, it creates an issue. It creates an issue for the seller and then that use of representation that they thought they were getting. Well, again it goes back to are you asking the right questions? If you said if they said yes to that then you hired yourself a free agent and unfortunately, it is a big deal because human nature is that we are going to take the easiest possible way out, right? We do not like confrontation and how that affects you is if I got a buyer that comes up with a complaint about your house and I do not like confrontation. I have to deal with the confrontation of that buyer. But here is the other person I have to deal with confrontation of the owner. Going back to sake Ethan's like a Keith. They do not like this about your house. it key says I do not give a rip. Well, if you do not set that expectation properly going in you have to deal with these objections. You have to deal with these complaints and what we find is human nature. When you hire a free agent, they do not deal with them. They just take the people down the road. To another house because that is easy. Hey, you do not like this house. No problem. There is six more within a half-mile the same square footage almost the same color. Probably the front door is different. We will just say you that one. But that is not in the best interest of the owner in the business sort of the owner is to overcome that objection. When you have things that are easy and allowable, that is what people do they migrated to well what is less pain just go down the street selling their house, right? One reason that that is the biggest reason. We just do not even allow it at Jason Bramblett Real Estate that is not an option. We have dedicated listing agents. That is what they do. They cannot even work with a buyer. It is not allowed that way. They are totally 100% focused on selling your house and that is a huge, huge difference. It is certainly not popular. I can assure you that for sure. It is not the I would say some of my folks that are in real estate with me do not particularly like that about our company because we point out an obvious flaw in the system and most real estate companies are and or real estate agents do not have an answer to that. They do not have a rule that says or they do not have a policy within their company that says hey you can only do X and that is it. We differentiated ourselves in the fact that our listing team is just that they are going to work with the seller the seller only and then we have a dedicated team of agents to work with buyers. You cannot work with the same person and do both within our company. We separate out your experience that Keith when you purchased and we find by removing that carrot from that agent the owner or client just gets a better quality experience. They get a better result and there is never any question about who's working for who. What is funny. It seems like a lot of these things. We always joke that a lot of the maintenance things we talk about in the show is go back to your gutter about yeah, right, right, right. It seems like all of these other things the route thing is communication because if the agent isn't forced to be honest with you and tell you the things that you need to do to sell your home, not only do you not sell your home, but arguably when you do sell your home is going to be for a lot less money because you did not address the things that needed to be addressed and whether it is them not communicating that they are showing other houses or we have talked about communicating with other agents before it all goes back to just being straightforward and communicating

Speaker 1: It is key number one thing and setting up the proper expectation most owners just they just do not know what to ask. That is that is the tough piece. That is just that is just like with real estate. Okay.  If you sell three to five houses a year, I am sorry. You probably just are not doing a good job. And it is not that you are doing anything intentionally wrong. It is just you do not do it enough right the even have a clue, right?  Truthfully if you sold three houses in the spring and then the next two houses you sold that were in the fall, our real estate forms change in July. Every single July they change and every single September, October, November. I get offers into our office from other real estate people with the wrong forms. They are using the last year's the previous dated. It is unfortunately some of them do not even have a support team within their company. And so they are they are googling the find the form because their company does not provide them with a form to use.  Sadly, I have received offers on our some of our properties that were using forms that were 5 years old and not even in the like stratosphere of what we do now, right? And so it is it is frustrating on all parties especially us that do it every single day, day in and day out when you are dealing with this this type of in experience when you do not even realize oh the forms changed. Yeah, every July like clockwork, right? Yeah. 

Keith: Well, it is a me. I look it is amazing to me. I was blown away last week when you explained this. I am glad you took the time because I really do think this is a great warning and I think it is a great question for buyers and sellers and everybody to be aware of what is going on. Jason: Yeah. It is something that for sure needs change within our industry and just too many owners fall into this trap, and they do not even know it. Again, it goes back to they do not even know the right question to ask to even figure out that there is an issue right? It is like well, this is the what I thought the this is the way it is always been done. Yes, but it does not mean that it is always right just because this is the way you did stuff like in the North does it mean when you come to the south right you do things this way?  Yeah, it is a little joke there between me and Keith.  I will leave it at that. But anyway, owners just do not sell enough homes to even know what questions to ask think about this most people have either never done it they have never sold a home how they have not done it in ten years. Yeah, right think about everything is changed in 10 years, especially with the real estate downturn, the recession the crash and all that.  all the are different and all the rules have changed so well, so go ahead.

Keith: I was going to say so now I know like the one of the most important questions I can ask when I get started but this is one of the beautiful things to do in the show with you. If you have done this for so many years that you have heard probably every single question and every single experience you can possibly imagine you have run into in your time of doing this what are some of the wrong questions at Sellers.

Jason: Yeah, for sure, and the interesting thing is there is really it is very repetitive and want one. Because human nature we are really all not that different truthfully. There are enough differences to make us unique though. I will tell you that but really, yeah, it is just it is just kind of the same old stuff. Off the top of my head one of them that comes to mind is a lot of times in it depends on the type of market.  In this market, where things inventory is low, things to have the perception that are selling pretty quick. We will hear this. Will you discount your commission if I buy my next house with you? Well, okay, that sounds good because the perception is you are going to you are going to save money, but really what I would caution is never use the same agent to that used to sell your home to buy never have the same person in that transaction and there are several reasons for that. But one of them is that it is the theory of the dangling carrot. I cannot get the big carrot until I sell the little carrot. Right? Right. And so you are just you are just setting yourself up for questions that do not even need to be asked down the road formula most part. I cannot tell you how many times we explain our business model and how we work and the fact that we do not do the free agent thing, and we do not allow our listing agents to work with those owners to buy another home. Part of the We came up with this program and we made this decision as a company is we heard over and over again, even if the they did not make a complaint and they did not file a grievance or they did not contact an attorney. I cannot tell you how many how many sellers of said we just had a not a good feeling after it was all done. It was fine. We think we got what we were supposed to get but looking back we wondered if maybe we could have got a little more for our house innocent it maybe they could not have, but it said that little seed of doubt that they have and so I am a pretty much a common sense guy. I am like, hey, well, if we remove that whole entire fear and that whole entire doubt that is an easy thing to do. Well somewhat easy. It is industry-standard not easy, but from a company standard. It is not out knotted it was just a decision for us to make. But that seller on our side never has to worry about could I have gotten more peace of mind is worth a lot peace of mind is worth a lot. Again it is amazing. Sometimes this is 10 and 15 years later and they still just talking about it. Yeah, you can sense that little bit of doubt that they have. That is really one of the main course. That is the commission question is typically the wrong look there are plenty of discount real estate companies out there. If you do not want a lot of service and you want a cheap whatever hire them. But do not go to a company that is more traditional and ask them for a discount because it mean to be like going to Ruth's Chris and saying hey, I want 20% off the steak. They are going to show you to the door or going to show you the chicken. Right? One of the two. They are going to say we got hey, we got chicken on the menu for guys just like you. Right?  There are three or four more questions. We are going to get into this. Let's do this. We will take a quick timeout. Maybe you have got a question. Maybe you got something comes up go to Jason Bramblett dot com, shoot us that over an email and we will be happy to answer you. Give us a call at the office have 553-0796. We will be right back. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show.

All right, you are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. We are back. I hope everybody had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We were digging into some things that questions that really the that I owner may not know to ask and so we got a couple others that kind of come to mind and one we do here. This is another one that comes up is how many houses have you sold in my neighborhood? and to be I was with you that in today's world. That is really it is an irrelevant question. It does not matter anymore. It used to prior to the internet prior, to search engines, prior to all these other things. But to be honest with you whether the agent sold one house in your neighborhood are they have sold all the houses in your neighborhood. It really does not matter in this day and age and time with the how technology works systems work the information that people have available to them even the Consumer outside of real estate professionals. It really does not make any difference and and truthfully if you were going to hire the best absolute best real estate agent to sell your home. You'd hire the on-site agent in the neighborhood that sold it to from the very beginning that worked for the Builder because they know more about all the houses through than anybody but truthfully with technology. It just does not it just does not make any difference. This is a big one. This is one that we see it. Definitely top A-list asking that Agent to come up with a price for your house horrific idea. Absolutely probably the worst person you can ask to help give a value of your home would be the real estate agent not because they may not know what they are doing. They may be dead on to the penny, but trying to get the price of the house from someone that is trying to get your business. Maybe not the best idea right? Maybe not the best. Use of wisdom. And so what we find is, , it is really just not that hard. , I do not mean this to disrespect our listeners are owners, but you guys are pretty much an open book, right? We come out to the house. , there is really about four or five questions. I need to ask and I can figure out in like no time at all exactly how much you want to get for your home and you didn't even tell me the answer I can tell through body language. I could tell through excitement on your face the the the voices. Elections that you have when we talk about certain numbers,  you are horrific at poker.  just give up and going to work and and so there is good agents out there. They can figure this out too and buy them guessing the price that you want to hear in order to get their sign out in the yard is not a win for you getting the right price is key. Okay. And so where we find this to be an issue is not in the the They got the wrong price, which most of them did over 60 percent of the houses expire the first time on the market because they were priced too high especially in this kind of Market when everybody's all hyped up because although real estate's back and everybody's getting rich and I am going to cash out and I can sell my house for ,

Speaker 2: 30 grand more than it was ever possibly

Speaker 1: worth only to bring that price all the way back down and you can see this like, I just ran a report think we put four hundred and forty houses. On the market a week or so ago and like 390 of them had already reduced our price right?  that is a pretty big swag. If the agent was right in the price. Then why were y'all lowering the prices seem like

Speaker 2: part of the game though nowadays does not it kind of is a game it

Speaker 1: is and so what I would recommend is is do not ever get the price of your house from the real estate agent hire a third party independent person that has no bearing at all. All on what the price is

Speaker 2: like an appraiser, , the great thing about

Speaker 1: an appraiser is there their fee is fixed,  exactly how much you are going to pay and they do not give a flying rip what your house is worth. It does not matter if it is 200 Grand or two million dollars. They are going to get paid the same amount of money. They have no additional incentive Past coming up with that value at all.  these are things to think about so as you are enjoying your pie and choking down your turkey sandwich probably. Now think about these things when you go to hire someone we have an entire list and of course, we'll continue with our conversation here next week, but you go to Jason Brahma.com. Give us a call the office 5 5 3 0 7 9 6. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy your weekend. Be safe out there and we'll be back here next week.