JB: Good morning to you, and welcome to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett. I am JB. For the next thirty minutes, we are going to be talking all things real estate, and we appreciate you joining us on this Saturday morning. And remember if you have a question or a comment and want to join us in on the conversation here on the show, you can give us a call. (336)553-0796. (336)553-0796 is the number, and with that we say good morning and Happy New Year to Mr. Jason Bramblett.  

Jason: It is that. It is the new year. It is the new start. The fresh start. The do-over.

JB: Everything starts from the beginning.

Jason: Absolutely.

JB: You get 360 days more.

Jason: That is right. January 1, everybody is at zero.

JB: That is right.

Jason: That is, it.

JB: I like it.

Jason: It is the starting gate. Get ready to go. We are going to dig into 2019. This is your go-get-it year.

JB: Yep.

Jason: All right. If you need to earn more money, go do it. Make it happen.

JB: Make it happen. I like it.

Jason: We have got a thing. Who has got your money? You need to go get it. Who has got it? Somebody has got it out there.

JB: It is out there somewhere. You have got to get it.

Jason: You got to go get, do you need to lose weight? Everybody, this is the time that the gyms are like whew, blowing up right now. Right?

JB: Yep.

Jason: I have a 100% proven way to lose weight.

JB: Do tell.

Jason: 100% guarantee. I coined this diet. It is called the Eat Less, Move More Diet.

JB: Hey, I like it.

Jason: That is, it.

JB: It makes sense.

Jason: Eat less, move more. Instead of doing pushups, you do pushbacks away from the table. All right? Stay away from the table.

JB: All right. Let me write that down.

Jason: Simple stuff. Right?

JB: Pushback not pushup. Okay.

Jason: Okay. Here is another thing. We need to get your mind right. You have got to get out of the fog, out of the funk. Get where you got, read positive stuff. You have got to quit putting garbage in your brain. Okay?

JB: Yeah.

Jason: You cannot sit around and watch four hours of doom and gloom TV and go to bed and think you are going to wake up happy.

JB: Right.

Jason: That stuff is just, them gerbils are in there spinning around all night with that stuff.

JB: Man, it is garbage in, garbage out.

Jason: It is. Read something positive. Pick up a positive book of some kind. Anything. But hey, how about this one? Get new friends.

JB: Hey.

Jason: What your momma told you is still true even if you are 50 years old.

JB: That is right.

Jason: Be careful the people you hang around with. That stuff rubs off.

JB: That is right.

Jason: That stuff rubs off.

JB: It sure does.

Jason: So maybe you need to look back, and here is the other thing about that. It gets on you slow, and you do not realize it. Go back and think about who is in your circle from five years ago. Are you more like them, or are they more like you? That is how you figure out who has got influence. Okay?

JB: Oooo.

Jason: And then if you want to change that you have got to change that circle.

JB: That is right.

Jason: So, if you are the influencer and you are pulling a bunch of dead bodies along with you, you have got to get in a different circle. Or if you look around and you are like them, then you are the one that is following them. Are you following the right people?

JB: That is right.

Jason: These are simple things that you need to consider in 2019. And here is the last thing you have got to do is take action. You cannot just talk about it.

JB: You have got to do it.

Jason: You have got to do it.

JB: That is right.

Jason: You have got to write those goals down every day. Why? Because you’ll forget? Yes, you will forget. You will forget the first time somebody slams a door in your face at 8:15 in the morning and you done forgot. You are walking around like a wounded chicken. Right?

JB: Yep.

Jason: You have got to fix your attitude first. Might need to fix your friends. Might need to get some friends. That might be another thing you need to do. You look around and it is only you all the time. Okay. I know. I will quit meddling now. Do you want to talk about real estate? Let’s do that.

JB: All right. Well, I tell you what. You were talking about taking action.

Jason: Yes, sir.

JB: Let’s take some action on selling that house. What do buyers want in this brand-new year in 2019, Jason?

Jason: Absolutely. So, get a pen and piece of paper. If you are driving, just hang tight.

JB: That is right.

Jason: We have got a podcast. You can go check this out later. Anytime. We will get it loaded up Monday. Kayla does a fine job of doing that for us. She makes sure the words are spelled right. It is awesome. You can get up there. She did say one day, she goes, the pronunciation of some of the words I do not think line up with the software or whatever. I said I think that is the speaker more than that. Anyway, we are going to get this loaded up as fast as we can because you will want this list. You will want this to refer back to and then all of our shows for I do not know, like 11 years we have been doing this thing --

JB: Right.

Jason: -- are up there. So, there is lots and lots of content that you can go check out. First place to start, highest return on investment. If you are going to do something, get the best ROI out of it. Right?

JB: Exactly.

Jason: No matter what you are doing, if you are spending money, get a return. If you are investing money, get a return. If you are spending time, get at return. And nothing else will give you a higher return on your house, not a new roof, not a new heating and cooling system, not new windows, all those shiny objects that are out there. Nothing that you can add to your house will get more money in your pocket than this one thing. This is proven. This is 20 years, thousands and thousands of houses sold, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of real estate sold. Are you ready?

JB: Yep.

Jason: This is it. Clean the house.

JB: That is, it?

Jason: That is, it. If the mic would drop, it would have just dropped right then. Right?

JB: Boom. Mic drops.

Jason: Clean, clean, clean, clean the house. And I know that is so simple. Sometimes when we go home, until we have company come over, usually not just any company. Somebody that we feel is important, we get to looking around and we are like wow.

JB: There is not anybody coming in this house until we clean up.

Jason: It is all hands-on deck.

JB: That is right.

Jason: Sometimes maybe you need to have somebody important over to your house or get a friend to come through. Right? I told you guys a hundred times. If you need to somebody to tell you the baby is ugly, I will come do it for you. All right? Some of you just need to know that you got to make that change. Right?

JB: That is right.

Jason: And you have got to come through. And I will promise you in 20 years of selling, there is nothing that is a better return on your time and your money and your effort than cleaning the house. A clean house outsells all other homes period.

JB: Did everybody just hear that? It is simple.

Jason: It is simple. Okay? And then next is paint. Look, we have talked about paint. And I love you guys, but it is the first of the year, and I am kind of excited about 2019. I am not talking about the DIY paint. If you do not know what DIY is, do not look it up. You do not need to know. Remember there are two ways to apply color to a wall.

JB: Right.

Jason: Professionally paint and schmear. Okay? Unfortunately, many houses are painted with the schmear technique.

JB: The schmear technique.

Jason: It is not looking so great. So, most of you schmear and do not apply the product properly. Okay. And that is because well, you have limited time. You work a full-time job. So, you are doing this at night or on the weekends. What do you want to be doing on nights and weekend? Not painting.

JB: Not painting.

Jason: So typically, you rush.

JB: Right.

Jason: You do not prep it properly. You do not prep the wall properly. Instead of filling in the holes, you just roll right over them. So, then it just sticks out worse. Or you try to patch the holes and you have absolutely no clue what to do, and then when you roll the roller over it, you are like wow, I thought I sanded that better. No, you did not.

JB: Yep.

Jason: Why? Inexperience, not knowing what you are doing. So here is what you did. You just schmeared all the new paint on the wall. You have just wasted the money and the paint, the brushes. Here is the other thing. I feel pretty good. A painter may correct me in this, but it is also because they are skilled. Buying the most expensive brush when you do not know how to paint really does not make any difference.

JB: Right.

Jason: That brush does not really enhance your skill. Okay?

JB: Right.

Jason: It would be kind of like we can all drive a car. Okay? But I am not going to get in Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s car and go to Lowe’s. And just because I have his paint brush, I am not going to probably run the same track speed that Dale Earnhardt does.

JB: Right.

Jason: Not going to happen. Same equipment.

JB: Same equipment.

Jason: Same paintbrush. But here is the thing. I will probably end up in turn 4 if I am lucky.

JB: Up in the marbles.

Jason: Up in the marbles.

JB: Sideways upside down.

Jason: Up there in chicken wing alley. Right? And Dale is not because he has done it.

JB: He has the experience.

Jason: He has gone around the circle a couple of times. Right?

JB: Yeah.

Jason: I actually have gone around that circle. I did get to go.

JB: Yeah, that is a lot of fun.

Jason: I did 16 laps. It was a good time. I will tell you. It is fun. But it is still going around in circles at the end of the day. So anyway, guys, a little bit of fun but a lot of seriousness. Do not waste your money. But here is the other thing. It is not just your money. It is your time. Right? That is what you do not get back. You can go make more money. You can mess up, waste $300 worth of paint and all that, and you are going to do it. If you do it yourself, you are going to waste $300 worth of paint. But here is what you really wasted. All those opportunities you could have had with your kids, your family, your wife doing whatever. You are not going to get that back.

JB: Right.

Jason: And I am still going to tell you to repaint the house because nobody wants the little roller marks on the ceiling.

JB: That is right.

Jason: When you go to my website and you are looking for features on a house, roller marks on ceiling not one of them there. Right? Paint on the baseboard? Not one of them there.

JB: Yeah.

Jason: Drips down the paint, drips down the wall, not on there. I will promise you a professional paint job is worth the investment.

JB: There you go. Well you mentioned heating and cooling systems and a new roof just a little bit ago. Are those things that sellers should consider, and will they get a return on their investment?

Jason: Here is the thing. If your roof does not leak, and it is just old, if I was doing a comparison, but your house needed cleaning, I will take the old roof all day long.

JB: Okay.

Jason: Spend $1000. If you cannot clean yourself, and this is, just like a lot, I know how to work on my car. Okay? And some people do not know how to clean their home, and just hire someone that knows how to do it for you.

JB: Right.

Jason: Invest the money. It maybe $200, $500, $1000. It could be $2000. It would be the best money you invested in your home to ensure that, like I said, a clean house outsells everybody.

JB: Right.

Jason: All day, every day. All price ranges. $90,000 house. $900,000 house. Clean house wins period. No matter what. But now, if your roof is leaking, obviously the blue tarp is not going to cut it either.

JB: That is right.

Jason: All things being equal. But just as a shiny new roof or filth on a house is not going to work either.

JB: That is right.

Jason: You can have a brand-new roof, and that is great, and everybody drives up wow, new roof. Okay. Great. And then they go in the house like ooooh. Not going to cut it.

JB: Right.

Jason: Not going to cut it. Think about it. People do not live on the roof. All right? Clean house. They want to be there. I normally see about 40%, 40-45%, somewhere around there are returns for like an HVAC or a roof or something like that. You are not going to get 100% back. So, if you spent $10,000, you are probably going to get about 4000 to 4500 in added value.

JB: Right.

Jason: I get disagreements on this from time to time. The complaint is Jason, I just put $10,000 in my roof. I have got to get my money back. My answer is well, why did you stop there? Just keep on spending. Usually, I would get my $10,000 back plus that added value to my home.

JB: Right.

Jason: Okay, well if that is the case, put a fence up. Put a pool on. How about a new heating and cooling, put in security camera, fountains in the front yard? Just spend, spend, spend.

JB: Yep.

Jason: It does not work. Right?

JB: That is right.

Jason: The theory breaks, and you do not have to take my word for it. There are thousands of independent studies out there. JD Power. You can go to Lowe’s and Home Depot. They actually have great reports. Lowe’s has one of the best. You can go in there and say hey, I want to do this. What is my expected return on investment? And they will actually show you for your region. The highest one is like 62% --

JB: Really?

Jason: -- of no matter what you do you get about 60-62% of your money, and I think that is remodeling a really old bathroom.

JB: Okay.

Jason: You do not have to take my word for it. Go to the third-party independents. And Home Depot and Lowe’s would probably be a pretty good source. They sell a little bit of stuff.

JB: Yeah, they do.

Jason: Yeah, and not just here. Like all over. I am concerned about the market all over the place, but obviously right here in the Triad more so. You get the point. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: There are just certain things you assume when you buy a house that are going to work. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: Like heat. Kind of necessary.

JB: Yeah, you need that.

Jason: A roof that, I have yet to sell a house without a roof.

JB: It is kind of a given.

Jason: It is kind of a given. Yeah. Preferably that it does not leak. Most people are not looking for a house with a leaky roof.

JB: Right.

Jason: I did have one time somebody tell me that I went in the basement. I said wow, you guys get a lot of water in here. There was a water line, mud line, all this stuff. All the heating and cooling, water heater is all jacked up on stilts down there and stuff, and she goes, it is a water basement. I was like uh, what? She says yeah, it is a water basement. When we bought the house, the people told us this is a water basement. It gets water in it, but as long as you got that sump pump plugged in, it will kick it out.

JB: Okay.

Jason: I was like that was a good salesperson right there.

JB: There you go. Here is your sign.

Jason: I am pretty sure there are no water basements, but anyway. They had the first one that I have ever seen.

JB: I am sure it was a nice one.

Jason: We did not sell that house. We did not take that one on. It was interesting. Here is the thing. If you are looking for, there are sometimes when you will see a 100% return, but most of the time it is really not that you got a 100% return on a product. It is you bought the home at such a discount and or the home was multiple generations behind the time.

JB: That is right.

Jason: If you go into the older parts of Greensboro, Winston, and High Point, and you buy a house that the kitchen is 35-40 years old and it has not been touched, there is just about nothing you cannot do to that thing to make it better. Right?

JB: That is right.

Jason: Yeah, you are going to see a nice return on that because it like four generations gone. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: If you have to rake your carpet, right, because it is that thick, no matter what you put down is going to be better. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: That is just the way it is. Let’s do this, JB. We are going to have more stuff coming up. We are going to go pay some bills. We are going to be back. Take a quick time out to give you a break. Go grab some coffee. Come back. Join us. 2019, if you are not ready for it, it is already here. You missed the boat.

JB: That is right.

Jason: It is five days in. Come on, let’s go.

JB: We are going to be right back, folks. Stay with us. You are listening to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett. Stay with us. We are coming right back. (in/out music) And welcome back. You are listening to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett. JB along with you. Jason, jumping back into the conversation here. Is there an improvement I should not make if I am going to try to sell my house in a few years here?

Jason: That is a great question. Yes, and a lot of it has to do with time.

JB: Okay.

Jason: Okay, how long are you going to be in the house. If you are planning, and again, it is my opinion. My show, my opinion. Right?

JB: That is right.

Jason: There you go. You can prove me wrong. Send the emails on over. Jason Bramblett dot com. We love to get them. But if you are planning on moving in ten years or less, I suggest you do not install a pool with a liner.

JB: Okay.

Jason: Okay. That particular type of pool. You have just got to understand you are not going to get 100% of your money back. They are not cheap. Some of these pools, $25-30,000, and you are just not going to see it. Liner pools in this area just do not resell well. And if you want a third-party opinion, call any appraisal company that does residential appraisal in the entire Triad and ask them what value they would assess to a pool with a liner –

JB: Right.

Jason: And you are probably going to find it is somewhere between $1500-3000.

JB: Right.

Jason: It is about 5-10% of probably what it cost to put it in. Think about that. Is there a problem with doing it? Not at all. But do it for the reason of enjoyment –

JB: Right.

Jason: Not for the reason I am going to make money.

JB: There you go.

Jason: If we could make money on pools, ladies and gentlemen, I would own a pool company and we would put them in every single one of your houses.

JB: Poof.

Jason: Just like that.

JB: There you go.

Jason: It is just magic. It would just happen. Solar panels, especially on the roof. Not a fan. Probably truthfully the worst investment. Actually, probably worse than a pool.

JB: Right.

Jason: I know all your road dogs out there selling solar panels I just made your day. But you have got to buy them for the right reason. Here is the thing. If you are going to be in your house for ten years or less, if you calculate the math, you are not going to save enough in energy to even pay for them. It is just simple math.

JB: Right.

Jason: If you are never going to move and stay in your house for 30 years, panel up.

JB: Go for it.

Jason: Go for it.

JB: Right.

Jason: Still not a real big fan of putting them on the roof. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: I have taken more off of roofs that I have put on.

JB: Is that right?

Jason: I promise you that. The other thing is when you take it off, now you have got a jacked-up roof. You have got all these holes in it. There are brackets up there and everything else. I am just kind of, I tend to do my best to use common sense.

JB: Right.

Jason: More holes in a roof, more opportunity for leaks.

JB: There you go.

Jason: Is that just simple logic?

JB: That is simple logic.

Jason: That is simple logic. So, I want to put as little few holes in the roof as I possibly can.

JB: Gotcha.

Jason: Just think about that. Again, if you are going to stay 20 years or longer, it does not matter because everything changes in a 20-year cycle.

JB: Sure.

Jason: As a matter of fact, solar panels, who knows what they will look like in 20 years. I have seen technology now that we are talking about. They are going to make the roof shingles solar panels. That is pretty cool. That may be great.

JB: Right.

Jason: But these big, old, refrigerator-looking boxes sitting up on your house, not so much. Again, my opinion. I just have not seen that. So just understand that if you do a lined pool, do it for your enjoyment. If you are doing the solar panels, calculate in that it is enough return there. Right?

JB: That is right.

Jason: And if you are going to own the house for a shorter period of time, probably not. It is kind of like your car. Right? We use all these great terms like negative equity. You have got to love the car business.

JB: You have got to love it.

Jason: You do. They have invented how to take the worst possible purchase in a financial standpoint and spin it into this positive thing. Hey man, you are not losing money. You have just got a little negative equity over there.

JB: Right.

Jason: What are you talking about? Negative equity, it is a dud, man. You lost. Think about it. If you are looking at it just from a simple logical thing, a car is the absolute worst investment ever because as soon as you buy one, it is gone. Right? Now, use it as a tool. If it helps you earn income, if it helps you earn money or whatever. There are different ways to look at it. Here is the thing. Your car is always worth less than you paid for it like 100% of the time.

JB: That is right.

Jason: Except in the rare case if you have got one of them really cool Ferrari things. There are a couple of those models that actually go up in value, but I also notice this. Coming to the station, I did not see many of those cruising on –

JB: You did not see very many of them?

Jason: I did not. I did not. Not your normal commuter car, I do not think.

JB: Yeah.

Jason: And most of us do not have $3-600,000 to lay out to just let it sit in the garage and let’s see if it actually goes up in value.

JB: Yeah.

Jason: Right.

JB: Right.

Jason: We do not have that kind of influence on the car business. Your Kia sitting in the garage

JB: The Kia.

Jason: The Kia. That baby is not, you could let it sit there forever. It is not going to go up in value.

JB: And all you Kia owners, we love you. Okay.

Jason: I will pick on Honda people later. Don’t you worry.

JB: We are going to make fun of all of them.

Jason: Absolutely. I was somewhere the other day and I saw an F150. I am guessing it was an early 90s, maybe late 80s model.

JB: Right.

Jason: Man, the size of F150s have quadrupled.

JB: They have kind of expanded a little bit.

Jason: Yeah. Really that F150 looked like the Ford Ranger now.

JB: Yeah.

Jason: I was like holy smokes. Again, it is that gradual change. I just did not realize how high off the ground they got and how big and long. This truck, it looked like a little toy truck almost.

JB: Right. It is funny. The trucks got a lot bigger but the sedans and the other cars, they started shrinking them down.

Jason: Yeah, micro whatever. Anyway, so hey guys, just be careful. If you are unsure, check with us. If you do not trust 100% what I am saying, check out a third party. There are no secrets out there. There is this thing called Google. It will tell you everything you want to know

JB: There you go. Well, we have got about a minute left, Jason. Can you give us a recap of the ten best places to invest in the house?

Jason: Absolutely. So, again if you do not have a pen and paper, if you are driving, do not write these down. Just go back and listen to the podcast.

JB: Okay.

Jason: Go to Jason Bramblett dot com. It will be up there first of the week. Number one, clean the house. Promise you. Best money. A good old house that smells like bleach.

JB: Love it.

Jason: Febreze has got nothing on good old bleach. I will promise you that. Professional paint. Okay? Not schmear. Professional paint on the wall. Landscape, number three. Make sure the landscape is looking good. Your deck. A deck is a really good return on investment that is clean and looking professional. New appliances. Floor coverings, but not carpet. So, wood, tile, those type of things. Fixtures on the house, a new fence, counters in the kitchen, and the last one would be carpet. Those are kind of the order of the top ten is what we see. So, if you have got a question, we are going to put that list up on the website. Go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Give us a call at the office, 553-0796. And we will be right back here next week. Everybody have an awesome day. Hey, go do something today to make it happen.

JB: There you go.

Jason: All right.

JB: Have a great weekend.