DJ: Well, good morning and welcome to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett. I am JB. For the next thirty minutes, we are going to talking all things real estate. We invite your input. Give us a call if you have a question for Jason this morning, (336)553-0796. That is (336)553-0796. We say good morning to the man with the plan, Mr. Jason Bramblett.

Jason: Good morning. Are you in charge of the weather today?

DJ: I will take credit for it.

Jason: Please. It is pretty fantastic.

DJ: It is awesome. A little cool, not as humid as it has been.

Jason: Yes.

DJ: So, I am getting tired of that weather you can wear here in the Piedmont.

Jason: That is right.

DJ: Of course, we think about our friends down in south Texas right now going through this hurricane, a lot of rain. We just kind of send down a prayer for these folks.

Jason: Absolutely.

DJ: That is some tough stuff that they have got. But I tell you what. Right here in the Piedmont, we have got some beautiful weather.

Jason: We do. We do. For sure. Texas is big, and that hurricane is quite big as well. I am looking at it right there on the map. It is huge, so yes, definitely hope everyone is where they should be and not doing any kind of hero stuff.

DJ: That is right. I hope they bugged out early.

Jason: Absolutely. And I think that is what a lot did. But it is going to be a fantastic day. I got to the office a little later than I usually do this morning, so I actually got there about six-thirty, and I was amazed at how many of our yard sales were already out. There was actually some traffic on the road.

DJ: I tell you what. I saw the signs coming up. Man, it just, I know people think particularly summertime is yard sale time, but I think people wait until it gets a little cooler because it is more comfortable to get outside. But definitely, it is amazing here in the Triad. We must be the, this is the mecca for yard sales.

Jason: I think you are right.

DJ: It is incredible the signs I have seen popped up all over the place.

Jason: Absolutely. So anyway, well, maybe they are getting ready to sell their home. I don’t know. Maybe they are purging, right?

DJ: That is right.

Jason: It could very well be. That is what we are going to get into today is maybe you need some help with some purging, if you will. Really specifically, we are going to dig into what it takes to make it in today’s market on two different levels. They say get your ducks in a row.

DJ: Yep.

Jason: And so, sellers, are you ready? I know you think you might be ready, but we are going to dig into specifically some things that we believe that you need to get, to do to get ready. And we also see a lot of homes that are on the market, and we look at the photos and we look at things thinking yeah, not so much. Wasn’t so much ready for that one I don’t think. We are going to talk about the differences in what we are seeing the folks that are paying attention and listening and doing some things we suggest and the results. And then the ones that kind of struggle through. There are two ways to learn stuff, right? The easy and the hard. The downside with the hard in real estate is that it costs money. It is all about the process. If you have something to sell and you just knew exactly what the buyers were looking for and you could create that, you already know what your audience wants

DJ: Right.

Jason: and then, of course, they are going to come to you and pay top dollar. You have created the whatever, the plate, the restaurant, the burger that they want, right? How about the house? It works the same way. So, we are going to talk about that and go through and teach you if you are willing to, the teacher is here. Is the student? I guess that is what we will say.

DJ: It is back to school.

Jason: That is right. That is right. That is, it. We are getting started. Saturday school right here. And then buyers, you need to be ready to do some homework. Okay? There are two sides to the coin, but both processes really got to be ready to go. And there are a lot of buyers out there that kind of got the cart before the horse on some stuff. So, we are going to talk about that. Get you on the right track, which is key because, I have been doing this a long time. There is an easy way to have a great experience in real estate, and then there is a way a lot of other people just try to do it. And we have got to get that fixed because this could be one of the easiest and greatest processes just smooth as could be. Or you can kind of go at it alone and dig through all that yourself. Take the knots on the head and learn the hard way. But why? We have been doing this a long time. We kind of know what to look for. We know the pieces of the game, if you will, and where to get everybody squared away. So why recreate the wheel, you know? Just plug into the system. And that is it. So, we are going to get into that today. You can give us a call at (336)553-0796 if you have a question. Shoot us an email. It’s info@jasonbramblett.com and we will get started.

DJ: Well, Jason, let’s talk about selling your home and being ready from day one. Where do we start?

Jason: This is interesting. The market right now that we are in. You have got a lot of news about real estate and how wonderfully and great it is, and we confuse a lot of times national versus local.

DJ: Right.

Jason: I will say our local market has improved, which is nice. It is very refreshing, like the weather today.

DJ: Very nice.

Jason: Very refreshing. But what we are seeing is when we get a bump in the market, sellers get overly confident, if you will. And or they just kind of tune everything else out. So, you are listening to the national news. They are talking about how great the market is in Texas, in Austin, doing this, and then they talk about Chicago and they talk about Atlanta, and then all of a sudden, just you associate that with well, it must be great here. It must be everything is on fire. Right? Or even just here in our state, Raleigh and Charlotte. But then we start looking at numbers, and we can see that there are always micro-economies within each economy. So that is where we have to get local. But the sellers will get out there. They get to rush out there. They list the house, put it on the market because everything is just great with the world, and they overlook a lot of things and then they end up shooting themselves in the foot just because they have heard some rumors about some things that are going on and that houses are selling quickly, and buyers are this. But here are the thing guys, buyers just don’t buy anything. They are specific things they are looking for. So, if you have a shortage of inventory, okay, that is a catalyst to improve the market. But you still have to have the product in which people want. Houses are a big deal, and lifestyle is a big deal. So, one of the big differences we see today than we did even fifteen years ago is we don’t have near any many folks entering the market today that are willing to do the sweat equity to fix up a house. Okay? It is kind of weird. It used to be, I can remember when people were like wow, I am going to get my home. It is a huge big deal. It is not perfect, but we will make it ours. You hardly ever hear that anymore. We here this is my expectation, and I am not going to bend. It is just amazing the difference in the attitude of the consumer. It has changed a lot just in the 20 years that I have been doing this. It is amazing. So here is what we are seeing. These folks don’t want to do any repairs or remodeling. We see this proven in two categories. The first one being new construction is very hot. We are seeing many, many more new homes being built and being purchased by this generation, if you will, of new home buyers. One is they assess risk and realize well, new home, less problems. Perhaps. At least I have warrantees in place to protect me. Right? I don’t have to worry about the heating and cooling going out. And if it did in the first couple of years, I have got a warrantee that protects me from that. Versus buying an existing home that may have a seventeen, fifteen-year-old heat pump. Right?

DJ: Right.

Jason: The other thing is, the second one that proves this, and you can look online and see this for yourself is the homes that are selling in the least amount of time are also the homes that are the most updated and maintained. And then the other ones are just sitting there. And you will see them lag, and you can follow them on different websites and you will see very clearly, wow, the days on the market for this house are very high. Why? And then you start looking at the pictures and compare it to the ones that are selling, and the story is right there in front of you. So that is a lesson. Home sellers, you have got to make your product appeal to as many people as you possibly can to get the most money. If you don’t want to do that, then it will probably sell. You just won’t sell it for the most money.

DJ: Right.

Jason: So, I have said for years on the radio. There are two prices in real estate, right? There is the price you get on day fifteen and the price you get on day one hundred ninety-two. They are not the same number. Okay? And it is all about presentation, and it is all about creating demand for your product. So, you are going to see those homes that are going to lag behind typically because they are dated. They lack the maintenance. It could be that floor plan is a big deal these days. It doesn’t have the desired floor plan of the buyer. It doesn’t fit their lifestyle.

DJ: Right.

Jason: So, what we see generally is the seller gets all excited. He hears all these great things. He is reading all this. He said my friend sold in four days. He got two offers and all this other stuff, and what they have not factored is does my house compare. And for whatever reason, we do that just naturally I think. It is like everybody’s kid is whatever, but yours, and we do the same thing with houses. We do the same thing with about everything that belongs to us. Ours is always better and different.

DJ: Absolutely.

Jason: And so, what happens is you eventually once you put the house on the market and you are not getting the response of what your friend did, you have this ah-ha moment, and it is like wow. I guess I didn’t see it that way. I kind of forgot that they had removed all the ivy wallpaper from the kitchen. I forgot that they had replaced almond appliances. Do they even sell those anymore? I don’t know. I have no idea. But I forgot that they added the granite and they had freshened up the landscape, and they have service records for their HVAC system, and they have verifiable data that they keep up with that stuff. And their carpet is one color through the whole house. It is not green, red, blue, and then a different one in the hallway. Right? And the hardwoods look great, and mine are just hmmm, okay. So, theirs are show-ready, and mine are just hardwood. Right?

DJ: Right.

Jason: So, there could be a difference in appeal and how they look. Then they have updated all of the light fixtures to meet today’s buyer’s tastes, and my house still just looks like it did in 1992 when I bought it. The same lights, same brass. I replaced the carpet in the hallway, but because the bedrooms are okay. Right?

DJ: Right.

Jason: Besides, that is kind of a pain in the rear end with the kids in there. We have got to move all the furniture. It was just easier to replace the hallway carpet because it was the worst anyway. And yeah, it is a little different color, but carpet is carpet. Not necessarily. And so, these are where we see the buyers rejecting what is being offered, okay?

DJ: Right.

Jason: And the interesting thing about these buyers is that some sellers will put in all this fluff into their price. Like I know I am going to get low-balled, so I just want to have a lot of wiggle room because I don’t want to do this and that. And what we find is that a lot of the buyers in today’s market, they just move on. They are just not even going to take the emotional energy to deal with a lowball and this back and forth stuff, and here is what is amazing. When they find what they want, they will pay more than you are asking to get it.

DJ: How about that?

Jason: But they don’t necessarily want to go back and forth and work this deal stuff and all this. So really you are going back to shooting yourself in the foot because in the end, JB, it is really the same money. You can pay now, or you can pay later. You are going to pay, right? It is just one of those things. So, look online and you can see very clearly these evidences that are out there, and you can just take a look. Just find a really nice house and follow it for a little bit. Find one that it is a little bit, let’s say dated, and you follow it for a little bit, and you will see some differences in how things go for those two different owners, okay?

DJ: Right.

Jason: But the seller has just got to get ready to be ready on day one. You have got to be ready to go and get out there and deliver a product that these folks are looking for. We can help you with that. We sell hundreds and hundreds of homes a year. We listen to the people. We know what they want. We are interacting with them every single day. It is not millions of dollars that you have to put in your house. It is not hundreds of thousands. It is sometimes just of hundreds of dollars. It may be a little bit of your sweat equity to get your home prepared and ready to go. So, there are some key things that you, just pay attention to the details because the details matter more than they ever have in this market for sure.

DJ: Okay.

Jason: Big time.

DJ: Alrighty. Well, I tell you what. Should we go ahead and take a quick break and come back?

Jason: Let’s do it.

DJ: You want to? Alright. Maybe throw in an email or something when we get back?

Jason: Alright. Let’s do it. We have got a couple coming in. Let’s do that. And then buyers, don’t go anywhere because I have got some news for you, too.

DJ: Well, there you go. Stay with us, folks. You are listening to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett, and we are going to be right back.

(music exit)

DJ: And welcome back. You are listening to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett. JB along with you and of course, Jason in house here for a few more minutes. How about we go back to an email? Is that okay?

Jason: Let’s do it. Let’s do it.

DJ: Alright. Looks like we have got an email in here, Jason, from Jim. It says Jason, love the information on the show. But what is more important? We have seventeen-year-old appliances. They are black GE appliances and is it Corian countertops? Is that right?

Jason: Yes, Corian. Okay.

DJ: I can replace the appliances or change the counters to granite, but not both. What is your recommendation? Thanks, Jim. So, what do you have for Jim?

Jason: Well, Jim, thanks for listening, first off. I would go with the appliances and here is the main reason. They are mechanical. Okay? Seventeen years old. They have got motors, right?

DJ: Right.

Jason: And that countertop, more than likely, is not going to break. Right? It may be outdated, but it doesn’t move. It doesn’t have moving parts. There is no function, so it may not fit exactly what is going on, but anytime you have a fixed item compared to a mechanical item at that age, I typically lean toward the mechanical because a buyer can have a little vision down the road and save money to replace the countertop. If the dishwasher goes out, in today’s world, that is an emergency. Right?

DJ: Sure. Right.

Jason: And that is going to be an immediate replacement. Or the refrigerator or the stove or the microwave. So those type of things are going to take a higher precedent, and also that buyer, when they are going to go look at your home, if they have done their homework, they are looking at those appliances going seventeen years old, guess who the next guy is that is going to be replacing them? Me.

DJ: Right.

Jason: So that will be, they are going to assess that risk, and typical you are going to see that reflected in their offer a lot of times. So, I always lean toward that. Countertops in this case, Jim, I would go, they would take second place for sure.

DJ: Okay.

Jason: Yeah, definitely.

DJ: And thanks for Jim to writing in to us. Alright, Jason, let’s shift back over to the buyer’s side right now. We have got a few minutes left. What should they be doing to be prepared?

Jason: Yes, this is huge. They need to just do that is get ready, and most of them think that getting ready means go look at houses. No, getting ready means we need to get you in touch with people, unless you are paying cash, but most Americans are not. 90% of homes sold are sold with a loan, and so what we are seeing is people, like I said in the beginning. They are getting the cart before the horse, and they are getting all ready and excited, and then the train wrecks because of the hiccup somewhere.

DJ: Right.

Jason: And so, you don’t have to learn from people’s experience. You don’t have to recreate the wheel here, guys. Here is what we find. They go out. They look at a house. It is perfect for them. It is updated. It is move-in ready. The house looks amazing. Updated lights. Fresh paint. Staged like a show model house. It is ready to go. But the problem is you are not. And so, you look, you love it. You just bought into this thing. You are already moving in the furniture. This is the one. This is our dream come true. You call the bank. Why? Well, you need a load. We knew that. Right?

DJ: Right.

Jason: And the bank says, well yeah, we can help you out. That is no problem. We need XYZ from you, and about three days later, once you have sourced all the information they get, you pull up the house for just one last look on the web make sure it is the one, but there is a problem. It is not there anymore. You can’t find it. You refresh your browser. You are beating on your computer. This thing is as slow as can be. It seems like forever for the computer to refresh. And it is still missing. So, you call your agent and you say that there is obviously something wrong with my computer. So, could you help me out because I can’t find the house. And your agent informs you it is under contract, and that is why it is not there, and your heart skips a beat and you kind of get a little bit of a sweat going on, and you don’t really even know what words to get out of your mouth, right?

DJ: Right.

Jason: And what am I going to tell my spouse? What am I going to tell my dog? We just lost our dream house, right? Your whole world is what? Upside down now because you were planning, excited, and going in one way, and then the brick wall was put in front of you. And everything stopped. And there was not another one out there like it. It is a fake story, but it is not that fake. We have worked with folks that have experienced this and then had the train wreck, and then they have come back or come to us, I should say, and said hey, I heard you on the radio. I read something on your website. We experienced this. How can we do this different? And we walk them through the process. We will set you up to win every single time. But you have to follow the directions. And this is the one key thing that too many folks are assuming that there is just going to be no problem with getting a loan today. And I will tell you the lenders, I mean, yes, you hear them on the radio. We are loaning money. It is like they are throwing it out the window like it is free. But there is a process involved, and it is not as easy as it used to be. It used to be fog a mirror, have a job, you are good. Right? And actually, we are not even going to verify you have got a job. You are just existing in front of us. You are good for a hundred grand just by walking in the door.

DJ: Right.

Jason: Not anymore. Now they are doing everything but taking blood samples.

DJ: Wow.

Jason: We had, this is unbelievable. We had a bank verifying a twenty-seven-dollar deposit on somebody buying a two hundred-thousand-dollar house. And I am like it is twenty-seven bucks. Is it going to pay for the house? I mean, really? Just because it wasn’t in the paycheck, it was like where did this money come from? It is twenty-seven, they could have found it on the floor.

DJ: Right.

Jason: in the car seat.

DJ: In your pocket.

Jason: You have got to source this. I am like wow. It is not every bank, but this one particular bank was just, it was unbelievable. And the process is different than it used to be. And some of you have never experience those days and be thankful probably that you did not because you might not be in that house anymore depending on how voodoo they got with the lending though. Here is what we find. Our lenders, phenomenal job, they move quick. They get you ready. They get you to a TBD status, which basically means you are ready to go. You just need to go find the house. That is powerful, powerful, powerful to have because you can prove in writing you can do what you say you are going to do. Alright? And you can move quick. So, when you find the dream house, you are ready to go. You can be first in line because somebody else is listening and they are going to follow my advice, and if you are competing with them on the same house, they are going to beat you guys. That is all there is to it. They are going to beat you out there. And here is the other thing. Sellers, they know the stuff. If they are getting coached by a real estate agent for sure, they are not going to take their house off the market with no verifiable, they are not just going to take your word for it that you are going to get a loan. Right? And I am not just talking about first-time homebuyers. This is for everybody because the banking rules have changed so much. I don’t care if you are buying a three hundred-thousand-dollar house or a hundred fifty-thousand-dollar house, you need to check in with the bank because we have had some credit issues. We have also had some seniors, some of our baby boomer generation that have been turned down for loans because they co-signed their student loans for their kids and it counted against them. So, check your credit. Alright. Go to the website, jasonbramblett.com. We have got tons more information there, guys, and keep the emails flying in. We will see you next week right here.

DJ: Alright. Great show. Talk to you next week. Have a great weekend everyone.