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Jason: Good morning, Triad. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. My tongue is moving, but my vocal chords are not evidently.  So hope everybody is doing okay today. Going to kick off the real estate show.  Going to dig into a bunch of different things that have to do with getting your home ready to go here in the fourth quarter. But before we do that, it is full-court press time as well.  If you are wanting to move by the end of the year, it is time to get serious.  It is time to really get that punch list of items ready to go, and we are going to help you with that.  The great news is all the part-time, no-time agents in the Triad are headed back to their winter jobs.  What will be nice going forward is the people that are actually in the marketplace selling homes are the professionals, the people that make the transitions and transactions very simple, easy because they know exactly what to do. They have been through the ups and downs and sideways of the real estate market.  So this is an excellent time to get just a great amount of service at the highest level dealing with some of the best real estate agents in the marketplace. We have got very serious buyers that are out there this time of year. Folks that are ready to move. Typically, the tire kickers and those types of folks have kind of moved on.  Their season is over and now we have folks that are very serious. They are ready to move in, and of course, the sellers are ready to go as well.  Folks that sell their home typically this time of year do need to move for whatever reason.  Downsize, upsize, and maybe they are relocating out of the area, but these are folks that need to take action. So we have the right buyers, the right agents, the right sellers.  It is the perfect fourth quarter, and it is ready to get started. We are kicking off our wintertime fourth quarter advertising blitz. You will start to see us all over the place again as we do every year.  I may even put the, what is the theme, I am back, if you will. I may put that out there this year.  Anyway, joining me in the studio today, Mr. Keith is here today pushing all the buttons, making everything happen, getting our message delivered out to all the folks here in the Triad. Really some neat things that we are doing in the northeast. We are investing a lot of money in that area of Jersey, upstate New York, Baltimore, Boston, and the DC area.  Why, you ask. You are a Triad real estate company.  Yes, we are, but there are over a million people that will be making the migration this year.  Through the demographics that we have tracked, the real estate companies that we work with in that market, we know for sure a million people are going to retire.  Empty nesters moving to the South and good old South for them is North Carolina.  And so we want to attract as many of them as we can to the Triad area. And of course, more buyers hopefully means more money for your house.  Right?  Create that supply and demand.

Keith:  Absolutely.

Jason:  That is what we want. So lots of great things happening as we move to the fourth quarter.  So be ready, get prepared, and we are going to help you do that today. We are going to walk through all those things. You can get in touch with us at the office. Hit Jason Bramblett dot com.  You can always click on that email icon there. Shoot us a message or give us a call, 553-0796.

Keith:  So I know this will make you happy. Last week we were talking a little bit about how to get your house ready and the right things to do and kind of the wrong things to do maybe if you are looking to sell.  We got a ton of response to that, Jason, so I knew that would put a smile on your face.

Jason:  Yes.

Keith:  So we got a lot of questions about that. I wanted to see. We got one email in particular wanted to see if maybe we could get your help on. It is from Jim and Nancy, and they want to know what to do.  They say, Mr. Bramblett, we listen to your show on 94.5 WPTI every Saturday. You mentioned spending money in the right places, and we would like to have one of your associates come visit their home. The question is is it better to sell a home furnished or unfurnished? Thank you, Jim and Nancy. That is a great question because I do not know the answer to that one, so I am curious.

Jason:  You just went through that experience. You know the answer for yourself.

Keith:  Yes, for us it is furnished. We preferred being, it allowed us to kind of picture the way that we could possibly set the home up. That was for us.

Jason: And I have had folks just like that.  They go through a house and they are like hey, can they just leave everything because it is perfect. Right?  You have those from time to time.  First of all, let me say thank you, Jim and Nancy, for listening every week.  We appreciate that, and we appreciate you taking the time to email us because really it is your questions.  It is your show. We want to deliver thought-provoking information that really kind of challenges you, the listener and our client, to ask questions.  So we appreciate that because guarantee if you are thinking the question so are hundreds and hundreds of others, and we just need somebody to raise their hand. And you are helping your local Triad folks when you do that. It is really an opinion of what is right and what is wrong or what is better. The interesting thing with Keith’s perspective is furnished. I will be honest with you. In 22 years of experience, it really does not matter. You are going to isolate one segment of the population no matter what. So statistically, this is not my number, this nerd folks that have nothing better to do than figure out stuff, but I am told through this nerd colony that puts out these numbers –

Keith:  Love the nerds.

Jason:  Yeah, love the nerds.  About 60% of the public cannot really visualize their stuff in somebody else’s house. So whether that is vacant or you have left it furnished, they still struggle with that. And the rest of them can to a degree or fully can. Some people can just see it. I have an amazingly gifted daughter that can do lots of things artistic, and she will visualize something in her head, and somehow, her pen, paintbrush, marker, whatever it is, just does exactly what that vision is.

Keith:  Not me.

Jason:  No, it is not me.  It looks very much like Stick Man. Hers not so much. There is just a certain population that is right-brain-centric, and they have that great visualization, but most, 60% according to all the little nerdy actuary people out there that do all these numbers say 60% can’t, and it would not matter if the furniture was there or if it was empty.  If it was empty, they cannot visualize their furniture in the space.  If it is furnished, they cannot visualize your furniture gone and new furniture in. So everybody has got a little different flare on that. We see that it does not make that big of a difference. There are just, no matter what, certain groups of the population and segment, no matter what you do to the house, stage, not stage, whatever, they are just not going to be able to see past it. Really what it comes down back to is financially what can you do. Or what do you want to do. Some folks have the ability to be able to sell their house empty. They can move out, leave a clean slate, or maybe they do leave it furnished or staged, if you will, but that is not everybody.  Not everybody can do that. Some folks cannot move to the next home until they sell the home that they are in. Owners also have folks that do not want the general public just walking around looking at their stuff. We do have that as well. So we do have some folks that choose to sell the home vacant simply because of privacy.  They just like their privacy, and they just do not want anybody coming through. They just do not want to deal with that. So financially, there is really no right or wrong answer. It is just pretty much what are you as the owner able to do. Some people can have no issue with taking that on and just being able to move out of the house, and either leave that home staged or just sell it empty. It really does not matter. But there is that kind of false perception out there that, for some reason, empty homes sell for less, and I really have not seen that.  Now, there may be certain price points where that could be true, but for the most part, if someone is financially able to leave the home empty, they are probably financially not really strapped and have to make a rash decision either. Sometimes we see that they had to leave for reasons that they did not control, and of course, that may put a hardship on there. But the good news really at the end of the day, Jim and Nancy, you can really do what makes you feel comfortable in that. It can be, if you do not want people in your home, and you do not want them kind of checking out your stuff, you can sell the house vacant. No problem. Or if that does not bother you, which obviously there is a proportion of people out there that do not care, we sell those homes every day. So you could certainly leave it furnished. It is really a decision that the owner has to come up with.

Keith:  I think that is really good information.  Because I will be honest, in this world of the HGTV and the flipping and everything, you always see them stage homes and do all of that.  To know that is great if that works for you but is not absolutely necessary, that is really good information.

Jason:  Yeah, well, there is also a difference between you will notice that on HGTV those are very professionally staged.

Keith:  Yes. It is not my stuff.

Jason:  Yes, it is all new. It is typically a furniture manufacturer’s in stuff.  Like hey, we want to sell this stuff. I bet if we put in on TV and make it look really awesome, people will come to our store.

Keith:  It is a win-win.

Jason:  It is a win-win all the way around for sure. And they have a production team and they have designers and your average homeowner is not going to invest the thousands of dollars for all those trained professionals to do that. Now there may be some houses that warrant that.  You look at a builder’s model home. They invest probably over $100,000 easily in a model house. But look how many times they are able to reuse that home to sell 50, 60, 70 houses.

Keith:  Right.

Jason:  It makes mathematical sense.  Everybody has got their own spin on that. But it would be awesome, Keith, if we could just take the whole real estate experience down to 23 minutes of reality TV. Right?

Keith:  That would make it easier, wouldn’t it?

Jason:  Definitely.

Keith:  So it has not felt like it really until the last two days or so, but believe it or now, fall is about here. Are there some things that homeowners should be doing if they are preparing to sell in the fall?

Jason:  Yes, absolutely. So we are in North Carolina, so what is the number one thing?  It is the battle of the falling leaves that we will be entailing here big time. So it is going to be in full swing in the next couple weeks. If you are thinking about selling now, this is something that you really need to stay ahead of. Not attempting to create a part-time job for anybody, but a well-maintained yard makes a huge difference. If you look for little things that help you stand out, well, if your neighbors, let’s just say, maybe slack a little bit off on the maintenance of the yard during this time of the year, you can really make your yard stand out and really stand out from the crowd. This is where an occupied home probably would trump over a vacant house because if you are living in the home you can daily, 15-minute activities to keep the yard up. If it is vacant, they may only be hitting it on the weekends. So if I have a Wednesday showing, and Keith’s house is immaculate and amazing and the yard is kept up, and then I go over to Jason’s house, and he has not been there in two weeks, and the leaves are eight inches tall and I have to try to even find the sidewalk to get to the house, so those can all be obstacles that we will be dealing with for sure definitely in the next 60 days. Make sure the paths to the home are clear. Make sure the gutters are empty. Now, you know my rule about the gutters. If you question whether it is a good idea to be on a ladder, let’s not. It is not worth it.

Keith:  Do you notice gutters come up a lot on this show?

Jason:  Yes, they do.  It is amazing how many times I get phone calls that say hey, we cannot show the house. I am like okay, what is wrong.  Well, so and so fell off the roof because he was cleaning the gutters or fell off the ladder because it slipped off the deck, off the curb, whatever it is. I am not going to argue and say that climbing a ladder is a skilled job or profession, but if you are in a hurry and on a ladder, those two things typically do not go well together. You just need to stop and think and maybe have somebody hold the ladder for you, which would always be my recommendation.  But really my recommendation is spend a few hundred dollars, have somebody professional come over and clean the gutters. I know it is hundreds of dollars that seems to be just a waste of money, but with today’s medical rates, I can assure you that one trip to the ER will pay for a lot of years of gutter cleaning. Not only that.  The pain of whatever you may go through.  We have had some really bad falls where people we know that had some bad falls just doing things they normally do not do and maybe just not thinking through all the processes of hey, what could happen if the deck is a little wet and the ladder falls out from under me?  It may be only six or eight feet tall, and you may be six feet tall, but that two feet makes a difference.

Keith:  Yeah, it sure does.

Jason: Two foot on a 200-pound dead drop, it is going to hurt, and the deck is not going to give. You are. Right? And so it is not going to feel good.  So just use wisdom out there and hire somebody. We have got some amazing fall colors coming in. There is going to be some phenomenal opportunities to buy plants at the farmer’s market.  Right here, go to the Piedmont Farmer’s Market, they have got an amazing display of fall options out there. Potted plants, different things, and then of course, just take advantage of the opportunity of what is in your yard.  Enhance those colors, use those things.  And they do not have to be really expensive things because obviously, they are not going to last, but it certainly will make some great color pop on the front porch, through the walkways and those things. If we can help give you some insight that is what we are here to do, and that is what we would like to do. So we can definitely help out with that. If you need us to do a walk-through, just give you some ideas. We have got photos. We can show you anything.  Of course, our good friend Dr. Google is right out there for you as well, so you can always put something in there to help you with design and those type of things. We are going to do this. We are going to take a quick timeout. We are going to go pay some bills. Stay tuned. We are going to dig into the next steps in getting the house ready to sell in the fourth quarter.  We will be right back.  You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show.

And welcome back to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. So before the break we were digging into fourth quarter, what to do, how to get ready, how to get that home in condition and or presentable using what is around us, which is our fantastic North Carolina fall colors.  Of course, we will be right there to help you through that. We can send one of our associates out to help you with that process.

Keith:  All right. So we have got a couple of ideas for the fall.  What if, so let’s say I know that I am going to be selling next year.  I am not ready to do it maybe this fall, but I know I am going to be doing it next year. What things can I do to kind of get out in front of it?

Jason:  Absolutely. So it does go back to the yard because what you do now is what is going to really pay off in the spring. We have some pretty good shifts of heat and sun and all these different things in the south. We do have the four seasons. So grass and trees and shrubs grow best in not a 99-degree summer day because everything gets burnt up. So really now, heading into fall and the next couple weeks as the temperature starts to drop, this is really the time to get ready for spring. October, I am told, is the best month to go out there and sow new seed, overseed your lawn. This is where you can get the companies to come out and do the aeration and overseeding.  You want to get some of your pre-emergents out there for setting that stage to keep all the, my good word for weeds is guck.  Just get the guck out of the yard, whatever it is.  And some of you will, if you have ever had this professionally done, you do not realize how much grass you do not have until you kind of put the right stuff out that kills off all the guck, and you are like wow, I did not realize all these things were weeds. They were just green. So two things.  It is time to get the glasses checked out.  Right? It all blurs to green after 50 feet.

Keith:  It does not matter.  It could not rain for 4 months in a row, and that weed will continue to grow, yet all of my grass will die around it.

Jason:  Absolutely.

Keith:  But it will keep growing.

Jason:  It will. It is amazing. I have thought about that, Keith. I think we should just switch.

Keith: Have weeds instead of grass?

Jason:  Yeah. Get rid of the grass.  If we could just tame our weeds to be consistently the same color, they seem to be the hardiest for sure, but everybody, I should not say everybody.  Most people love that fresh look, especially in the spring.  You get that deep, rich, green color throughout the yard. So now is the time to do that. Pruning the plants and all that will come in the later colder months, but now is the time when you set the stage to really plan what you want this yard to look like in the spring. It may not be that you need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars. Seed is not that expensive. You need to get a good quality seed. I will say spending the money for a better quality is a good thing to do. You can hopefully spread it yourself if you choose to, but there are certainly many, many landscape companies out here that can help you. We have got several that we can recommend to you, but new trees and shrubs, these are the things you want to get ahead of and get started on.  The temperature is going to be in primetime here very soon. So if you need help, obviously you can give us a call, 553-0796 and we will get you in touch with our vendors that can help you out.

Keith:  You touched a little bit about this, I think a week or two ago, but let’s say I need to sell my house, but I just do to want to go through the preparation, through the public coming through, but nonetheless, I still need to sell it. You touched you have a process to handle that situation. Can you expand on that?

Jason: Yeah, it goes back to the one size fits all. A lot of real estate companies have one option. List your home. Sell your home. That is not always the option or the process that every owner needs or wants. There is no rule out there saying in order to sell your house you have to do X, Y, Z and get it listed with a real estate company and put it out there for the whole world to see. That is just the process that has been developed over years and years and years and things.  But we have systems that are outside of the traditional realm of sales. We have got investment companies that we work with that buy homes daily, and of course, we have a holding company in which we also purchase houses to add to our portfolio for rental and investment down the road. So we can look at every single option and really just see what fits your needs and your plans.

Keith: So when you hear investment, just me, the first thing that jumps out is super big discount. Like it is not going to be a good offer.  Are these offers aggressive?  How does that work?

Jason:  Right. People think investment. They think hey, make money.  Right.  So we look at every angle and what is going to fit the owners. That is the key. We have got owners that have, I have got one right now that has a paid-for house, but it needs about $40,000 in upgrades, but he does not have any income. So there is no way he is going to get an equity line or any type of loan because he just does not have any income to qualify for a repayment of the loan. He does have a tremendous amount of equity in the house. But for him, selling a home is a priority. And here is the one thing he does have.  He does have common sense.  He gets this.  He understands that the house needs $40-50,000 in upfit, and he also understands that people are not going to work for free.

Keith:  Right.

Jason:  So he gets it. For him, this is a perfect option because he cannot do what needs to be done. He understands it. It is always the best fit for everybody, but he realizes that somebody is going to pay. Right? And the people, if somebody is going to take the risk and buy my home and put $40-50,000 into it with the intention that they want to get rewarded for their time, effort, and energy.  And the risk.

Keith:  The risk. Right.

Jason:  And he understands that. So for this owner, it is a perfect opportunity, but not for all. So if you are interested in getting your home outside of the traditional way, give us a call. 553-0796 or go to Jason Bramblett dot com.  We will be back next week.  We are going to dive into this a little bit more.  Everybody have an awesome and safe weekend, and we will be right back here next week. You have been listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show.