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Jason: Good morning and welcome to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show or I should say welcome to Seattle because good night, could we get any more rain or what? It is absolutely unbelievable. I think the weather is confused about what coast we live on. Right?


Keith: You mentioned Seattle funny enough. Now not for this year, but last year would you believe we actually had more rainfall last year than Seattle?


Jason:  I know. Right?


Keith:  Those hurricanes kind of aided to that.


Jason: Yeah, true. But still, it is and you think about like, all the stigma around Seattle.




Jason: Yeah, it is always cloudy. It is always raining. The people are really depressed. Hello. It is like we are living in your world over here. Where are the Carolina blue skies? Of course, just like anything else, when we go through a drought this summer, we will complain about that, right? Yeah. So, but it is crazy, crazy, crazy weather. Some of you guys are living this kind of nightmare right now realizing that our homes are really not constructed for this much water. We have got folks that are having huge issues with flooding in their crawl space, their basements are leaking, and our ground, being mostly clay and unfortunately, it does not absorb well, and when it does not have anywhere to go, it finds a home in your crawlspace or your basement. Places that are not intended for water or a lot of it, that is for sure. It is a frustration that I know so many of our listeners are going through right now.


Keith: Well, not to mention within about a three-day period it was 26 and 70, which I am sure is not wonderful for a lot of different things.


Jason: Right? Yeah, right, exactly freeze, thaw. We got trees that are even confused. Right? There are trees that are budding that it is like way too early. But here is the thing. If you have got a crack in your foundation, and maybe you already had one, and it is bigger and or you did not have one and now you do, and then as a result of the water, but also because of what we call static pressure, the soil compact compacting and pushing on your foundation wall, you want to get somebody over there to address that because your homeowner’s insurance does not cover that issue. And most owners have no clue. And so, your homeowner’s policy covers ground movement by God, which is called an earthquake. That is it. If the ground moves for any other reason, that is on you. And you do not have insurance that will cover that. So if your basement collapsed for some reason, the wall gave away, your insurance policy is not going to cover that. Just like flooding, right? It is an additional insurance. Hey, it is raining. My basement flooded. I want to file a claim. First question, do you have flood insurance? No. That is on you.  Same with this ground movement. So if you have any type of issue like that, please do not just like look at it as poor, poor me. Oh, man, my wall has got a crack in it. You need to take action because a lot of things that get started moving do not stop until you put something in its way to stop it. And that is what these foundational repair companies will do.

Keith: You mean pretending it is not there is not going to make it go away?

Jason:  Not like the normal like laundry laying around the house. Right?


Keith: Somebody will just eventually just go deal with it.


Jason: You are right. I do not know that there is not a pickup laundry button for a crack in your wall, I think. But maybe there is. I do not know.


Keith:  There should be.


Jason: Yeah, but yes, you cannot ignore it like whatever else. Great example laundry, dirty dishes, in the sink, whatever. There is a crack in your foundation. Well, you need to be proactive. Get in touch with somebody for sure. Because you could have some major, major issues other than water when bricks start landing in the basement, that is a whole different level of mess, right? A whole different level of mess. So anyway, think about those things. We are going to dig into, well, the drier side of real estate. How about that?


Keith: Well, just in case a few of our listeners have some of these issues, and I am sure there are some of them out there that do, who can they call for help? What is the first step? Where do you go when you recognize these?


Jason: This is not a service that most people are like, oh, yeah, I got one of those on speed dial, right? If you do, then I am sorry, because that means you have got major problems for a long time with your basement. So you can give us a call. Call our office. We have got several great vendors that we have worked with over the years. And not just for your basement. Really no matter what your need is. We have got foundation experts, but we got painters, roofers, you name it. Every vendor that we work with, we have vetted out. Having owned a lot of real estate, I always, if it applies, which it does 99% of the time, I always have our vendors work on my properties first, because I figure if they are going to screw something up, I want them to screw mine up before I recommend them to Keith. I want to make sure these people have been tested out. Are they perfect? No, but we definitely have dodged bullets by getting people off the list because they have messed up something at my house and not one of our clients.


Keith: Right.


Jason: Which is great for you, and maybe not so great for Jason. Because some of those tests have been rather expensive, but in the long term, we want to have great confidence in the people that we know that we recommend to you. One of the great things about selling hundreds and hundreds of homes every year is we get to see some of the best service providers in the Triad. And we have some amazing, amazing vendors, not only our list, but just we are very fortunate in the Triad. We have some really great skilled contractors. So if you do not know where to go, and you want to have somebody with a little more personal touch than just whatever Google says, give us a call at the office. You can get in touch with us there and we can help you out.


Keith: So it is crazy to me that we are already, Valentine's day just happened. We are in the middle part of February which means for you the busy time is coming. Selling season is on the way, so there are a lot of people probably who have been thinking about selling their home back around the holidays, kind of figuring it out, and they are getting close to wanting to move forward. Is there like a good 123 punch list kind of just something the first couple steps to get them started?


Jason: Yeah, absolutely. Well the first thing for all you guys listening that just had an epiphany with what Keith just said yes. Valentine's Day. I am sorry.


Keith:  You are too late.


Jason: So yeah, you better regroup quick. The first thing we want to do is always put an action plan together. What is the goal? Okay, the Jason the goal is sell the house. Yeah, but is it sell the house this week? Next month? Is it 60 days from now, a year from now? Not all the timing is just perfect. And not all the timing and every program works for every single owner. We need to figure out what is it that you want to accomplish because that is the only time schedule that really matters. Our time schedule does not make any difference. We are going to be in real estate next week, 10 years from now, selling homes, that is what we are going to do. But that does not matter to you if you want to move in 30 days or you need to move in 92 days, or you need to move in 165 days, so we need to know what your plan is and also what it is that you want to accomplish. So meeting with us is really the best step, the first step to take. And then what we want to do is really dive into what you have and lining up with what the market desires at the end of the day, no matter who you talked to in the world of real estate, the bottom line of all real estate is this. It is supply and demand. If you have what people want, and if more people want what you have, you will get top dollar period. It does not matter if it is a phenomenal house. It can be a dump because maybe the location of the vacant, the lot, is more important than the house. Right? Because things change over time. What used to be neighborhoods now sometimes are shopping centers, right? What used to be a neighborhood is now has a highway running through it. Right? The state came in and paid whatever price you agreed to. They asked nicely once, and then they just say we are going to do it anyway. Right? Sometimes things change and your property that was out in the country and just a farm is now the Palladium in High Point or Wendover Avenue in Greensboro or think about Silas Creek Parkway in Winston. Man, that was like 25-30 years ago. That was like the abyss, right? It might as well have been Lewisville.


Keith: There are parts of Greensboro did not even have city services 10 years ago that are now completely built up. It is amazing how fast some of these areas have grown.


Jason: Absolutely. It can fill in quick. So we want to create the market demand because when you have market demand, you get the most potential buyers looking at your property. And when that happens, you are going to realize better results. It could be a time thing. It could be a money thing. It could be an as thing. There are lots of variables. Outside of just price. Price is typically where we start. But when we start to kind of peel that onion back, we realize that well, price is important, but really the most important thing to you is you need to be out of here in 92 days, not 91, not 93. But 92 is the most important day that we have got to work with. And we can help you with that. Plus, if it is something in which we need to get the house ready, we are talking to hundreds and hundreds of buyers every single week. So we know what the trends are. We know what they are looking for. They are telling us every single day. Every single hour we are talking to them and they are telling us, here is what we want, here is what we want. It does not take rocket science to compile all the data that says, okay, we talked to 100 people today, 98 of them said, we want this, that would be a pretty good thing to probably make sure your home has. Right?


Keith:  Yeah.


Jason: Because, or unless you want to talk to the two that are like off the chart with something really unusual or what, but if I can get my home to line up with what 98% of the people that Jason is talking to want, then that is, that is creating the demand, right? That is giving them the product that they want. So now, there is the flip side of this. You do not have to do anything to sell your house. There is no rule. We always look at it is what can we do to get in front of the most people in the shortest amount of time, which we know will get you the highest price? But you do not really have to do anything. The only thing that is really going to change is the price and the length of time it takes to sell because now we have shrunk the buyer pool down. When we have less of what the masses are looking for, now we start looking for what the term, what the needle in the haystack, right? I am looking for that one person that is kind of like me. And I have had to have some tough conversations with owners before. I remember a couple in Winston that I just flat out had to tell them I said, look, there are four people in America that want to live in a house like yours, and two of them are in this room.


Keith: And the other two we have not found yet.


Jason  And the other two we have not found. That is a challenging house. I do not have very many of those. But that definitely was one of them. And that house had been for sale for like, I do not know, 13 years with 15 different real estate companies and why? It is the needle in the haystack. It is going to take a really creatively interesting buyer for that property. It is not a house in which the masses are going to be able to relate to. It is a challenge and sometimes that is a house that is in the neighborhood, and that is okay. What we look at is time. But if you have got the right look and you have got the right price, I will promise you. We align those two things up with the market and the more that people want to be, and now we have created demand and now you have not just one but typically multiple offers to look at, multiple options. And the interesting thing that we see with multiple offers, most sellers do not take the highest offer. Because at the end of the day price is one piece. Typically, they are looking at all are all the criteria but there are other criteria that mean more to them. Maybe you will give me the most money, but the move is too quick. I do not want to move that fast. I am willing to take less because offer number three’s timeline fits mine better. So money is definitely not the only thing that falls into consideration. Gets buyers frustrated, too, sometimes, because we have had those phone calls where they are like, hey, we offered $5,000 more for that house. And I see it sold for less. Why in the world didn’t we get that? What is going on? Well, there was other criteria. Money, believe it or not, is not everything, especially when you are selling your personal home.


Keith: Well, but this brings back to a good point, because you always talk about the need for your agents to have communication with the other agents and to get an understanding and a feel for the buyers and to know the circumstances around each sale. If you have got that kind of relationship, they can go hey, maybe if you can wait a couple more weeks, you can get the house. That goes back to what you always say. It is so important.


Jason: Absolutely. Communication is huge. And we have so many agents in this business wanting to do business via text.


Keith: Yeah, tough.


Jason: And hey, love you guys, but really this is a communication business. Sales. And if you are, if you want to communicate via text, I love you, but just go do something else. Actually, there is this great tool out here. It is called social media. You can like just puke all this stuff all over their internet and get all kinds of great reaction and you never have to talk to people. It is awesome. Maybe that is where you ought to focus in your endeavors. But in sales, verbal communication is key. It really is. And you have got to ask the right questions to help your clients out. I know that is not what some of you guys want to hear, but it is the truth.


Keith: Well, it is important. It really makes the difference and for both the buyer and the seller.


Jason: It does and so the other thing with real estate is, if it is not priced then typically it comes back to condition, right? And so, yeah, you do have to have the right price with the wrong condition will not get the same results, will not get multiple offers. The right condition with the wrong price does not work either. Right? So you can have the most phenomenal house, but if the price is wrong, people will shy away from it. Right? But maybe you have a great priced home and they walk in and like, man, what color is this on the spectrum? Right? This has not even been invented yet. Yeah, it is called oops. And it is really cheap, and they sell at Home Depot and Lowes. It is on a little shelf on the side. Right? It is like we put the wrong mix in there. And so we will sell it at like 60% off. Yeah, it is a color.


Keith: Match that.


Jason: Exactly, exactly match that one. So anyways guys, we are going to dig deeper into this. We are going to go take a quick timeout, go pay some bills. You are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. You can call our office to get in touch with us, get that vendor list. 553-0796. We will be right back.


Welcome back, you are listening to the Jason Bramblett Real Estate Show. So before the break we were talking about how to match the condition and price and create eye appeal. Right? Get people looking at your home, running into situations where how can we get the masses to take interest? Because when we have demand we have the price we want. Typically.


Keith: That is a tough one. When you get a house that does not have maybe the demand you are looking and maybe there are some oddities or some we will call it uniqueness. How do you go about talking to the owner? I can see an owner being like well it is good enough for me. Why shouldn’t it be good enough for everybody else? That is a tough conversation, isn’t it?


Jason: Yeah, sure. It can be. We do deal with that.


Keith:  You have to.


Jason: Yeah, right. It is funny. I laugh it what you are, I always tell the teams, your words matter. Right? And how you say something makes a difference.


Keith: Sure.

Jason:  And you use the word odd and unique. Unique is the politically correct term for odd, right? We just had a discussion about that. So it kind of made me chuckle a little bit because it does matter, and there are some amazingly creative people in the Triad. Oh my goodness, you guys are like, oh, man.


Leith: And if they love it, that is great. Listen, I think you should absolutely love your home and I think it should be yours. But that does not mean that what you did to your home means I am going to like it.


Jason: That is right. That is right. You think about it, guys. It is the more that you can deliver what the market wants, the better off you are going to do. But when you do not, it is not that it is never going to sell. It is just going to take longer, and typically at a different price. Now, there are even some rules that make that change and it goes back to desirability of the location. If the location is premium, the condition of the property does not matter because most people that are looking at location only do not care about the structure. They will tear it down.  This is a kind of a cliche thing that we run into with people with land. People with land have a belief that, wow, they are not making any more land. Okay, so mine is worth a lot. And that is true until you run into a guy named D.H. Griffin, and it is amazing how much land he can make really, really quick, right? Like there is this whole place in Greensboro called Friendly Center. It has a new addition. Well, they did not make the land was always there. But what did happen? D.H. came over with his toys –


Keith: Yeah.


Jason: -- and leveled it. And then he turned it into what? they wanted to turn it into, which is the new Friendly Center addition. Yes, jokingly, no, no land is being really made. But if you price yourself out of a market which I have seen so many people do, they will just build around you. I can name three locations in Greensboro right now where there are apartment complexes built in a horseshoe completely around someone's land that was the holdout. Now what has happened is their property is worth nothing.


Keith:  Yeah, cannot sell it.


Jason:  You might as well burn it to the ground.


Keith: It is over. Yeah.


Jason: Because you held out for so long and were so unrealistic on your price, that it was not going to stop the movement of the construction. It just changed what it looked like. And so now you have a residential home surrounded by apartments. Yeah, go search that on Zillow. Right yeah, nobody is looking for that. Now the only the other problem is there is so little bit of land left, you cannot even build any apartments on it. So now it is just an island. It is just stuck. And I can think of three locations in northwest Greensboro right now in which that is the case and houses that could have received a premium had they sold are basically worthless. Absolutely. They are probably forever really bad rental properties. And there is really no need for that. So, but hey, some owners have to do what? They have to learn the hard way, and we do not want you to do that. We want you to get the right information because we are speaking with the buyers. We know exactly what they want. And we want to get you that information so you can make a good decision. Now can we sell your house in any condition? Absolutely. We do it every day. It is just time and price that we are looking at because how many people appeal to what you have is going to dictate both of those things. But you may be in a position where Jason, I just I do not want to deal with it. I do not want to fix up anything. No problem. Just understand two things will change. The time and or the price or both. It could be both depending on how unique it is, as Keith said.


Keith:  Unique. Exactly. The uniqueness level.


Jason:  Yes, unique and believe me I have been in multiple, multiple thousands of homes. And I can assure you. You people are amazing with your unique. I have images burned on my retina that should not be there. I promise you after 22 years in this business. It has been an amazing business to be in. So if you want to get a copy of our vendor list if you have questions about selling your home and how to get started and come up with a plan, which is key number one thing we want to do, get in touch with us at the office. 553-0796. Everybody have a great weekend and we will see you right back here.