JB: Good morning and welcome to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett. I am JB. We appreciate you listening to us this morning. If you would like to join in on the program, you can call us at (336) 553-0796. And right now, we welcome the man who has always got a plan, Mr. Jason Bramblett. Good morning to you.

Jason: Good morning. Good morning. Hey, if you do not have a plan as they say, stay home.

JB: That is right.

Jason: Stay home.

JB: That is right. If you are going to stay at home, at least listen to Jason Bramblett.

Jason: That is true.

JB: Every Saturday morning.

Jason: I promise you we can put you right back to sleep. I do it every week. It is so easy to do.

JB: No, no, no.

Jason: The best 23 minutes of blissful sleep you will ever have.

JB: No. No. Some great information coming up. Well, welcome to November, by the way.

Jason: Yes, absolutely. So, I thought we are not at the end of the year, but I thought it would be good, let’s just recap some of the hot topics of 2018 because there are just a few out there, and we have had some phenomenal calls and emails and people asking great questions. That is the key. It is all about what do you guys what to talk about. I talk about this every day.

JB: Right.

Jason: Real estate is what we do every single day. Sometimes 24 hours a day it seems. And that is all right. That is what we are here for. If you have got some questions, we are going to recap the best To Do’s and the best To Don’ts, if that is a word. I am not sure.

JB: It is okay.

Jason: It is now.

JB: I know what it is.

Jason: Things are moving quickly as we wrap up Q4 here. It is coming to an end. Isn’t it just nuts --

JB: It is crazy.

Jason: -- how fast time goes.

JB: This time of year, especially is just a blink. It really does. So much going on.

Jason: Jesus said time is a vapor. He was not joking.

JB: That is right.

Jason: It is just a minute that we are here, and as I have gotten older and my hourglass has flipped over now, it used to be that I did not worry about that sand in that thing. Now it is like, oh that is going the other way. Yeah.

JB: Yeah.

Jason: Especially with family and time and this time of year, it goes fast. Sometimes you have to speed up and slow down. This is a good time to reflect on what is working, but also a good time to take the next 60 days and just enjoy the family as well. Right? Chaos is going on all the time.

JB: It is always something.

Jason: Dave Ramsey, he had a great little line. He said people call up and say man, my budget is all screwed up and this is all screwed up. He said of course it is, man. There are people involved. That is just the way it is. It is so true. It is so true. We are going to hit our top hot topics of 2018, and if you, of course, have got any questions, you can always email us and go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Shoot it over, and we look for great questions to share on the show every week.

JB: Let’s get going. The first topic I want to talk about that comes to mind is the question that Brad and Amy asked about getting their house ready to sell but having some fear as to where to invest their limited funds, and I think, Jason, that is really a fear that every owner has.

Jason: Yeah, true. It really is. The key word is limited.

JB: Yeah.

Jason: Yeah, and you want to do it right. It is kind of like when you know you have only got one shot –

JB: That is, it.

Jason: You want to make that shot count. Right? When you are at the Dixie Classic Fair and you only bought only ten little ring caps to throw, right, for $8 or whatever it is, you have got to make sure you get them right. It is having that limited funds. If money was no object, it is like paint the house pink, yellow, blue, green, who cares? We will change it every other week.

JB: There you go.

Jason: It is not what it is. We hear this all the time. Here is the big ah-ha – is they recognize they might need to do something in order to sell your home. Actually, it is like the first big hurdle is most folks when they think about selling, they actually do not think about oh, I’ll have to spend money to sell my house? Yeah. Like 99% of the time. Yeah. Because we need to freshen up some stuff. One of the best smells in the world is called fresh paint.

JB: Yep. Love it.

Jason: When you go to sell a house and bleach is his friend, too. Yeah, you might need to spend a little extra money on the front yard and fix up the curb appeal.

JB: There you go.

Jason: You may be able to do that yourself. Most of you cannot, so you need to hire a professional, right, that can come in there and do that. We got a call, our good friends over there Growing Green and have him throw some magic down on the lawn and soup it up. Right?

JB: Heck yeah, man.

Jason: So, we have got to do things in order to enhance the curb appeal, and that is what we need to do. I am going to steer clear of that rabbit trail, but we are going to go back to what really the essence of the question is – fear in having limited times and making the wrong decision. That is key because that is everybody.

JB: Yeah.

Jason: Everybody wants to get it right. Sometimes you nail it out right outside the park and sometimes you do not. And if you are unsure, the more unsure you are, the professional advice you should get. Right? It is kind of like if you have been sick for a while, you cannot just go to Dr. Google anymore. You may need to go into a real person –

JB: That is right.

Jason: -- a real professional and get some help. And with selling a home, you might want to talk to somebody who has sold a couple thousand, that has walked in your shoes before, that has been there, done that, wore the t-shirt, as they say. The cool thing about real estate is it is really just old questions to new people. It is really predictable. It is the same situation over and over. It is just happening to new people for us or for them. But it is really the same old questions that we ask or get answered all the time. It is just helping you folks work through it that have never had that experience. There is no recipe, if you will, because everybody has got different ingredients.

JB: Right.

Jason: So, we have got to take a look at what you have got, where you are starting from because not everything is the same. So, we have got to come over and take a look in your house. From the outside, it may be phenomenal. It may be that it looks like a bomb went off inside. Or it could be phenomenal on the inside and the outside needs some love. We find that it is usually one of the two. People like neat freaks, they just forget that they have a yard.

JB: Yeah.

Jason: And then people who really, really love the yard, they forget they have an inside of the house.

JB: Right.

Jason: Yard. It is just what we like. It is what our hobbies are, if you will. So, we kind of migrate to those things. It is just kind of the way people are wired, if you will. Ladies kind of get this more so than the guys, but when we talk to the ladies it is like some people just need a little blush and some eyeliner, and they are good. And some people have got to paint the whole barn, like the whole barn. You know what I am talking about. It has got to be spackled on there.

JB: Painting the whole barn, huh?

Jason: Exactly.

JB: Yeah, buddy.

Jason: I can remember talking to my wife when Facebook was kind of just coming along, I said some of these people look so good and so young. I was like wow. We are not doing something right. I am not doing something right. Something is not right. And then she revealed to me that makeup really does make a difference.

JB: It does.

Jason: I guess to the bare eye, I had not really ever, but makeup in photos is a lot different than it looks in person.

JB: Oh yeah.

Jason: I said wow, I can relate this to real estate probably. It is kind of the truth, and sometimes we look at that. Sometimes we need a little enhancement and the color is good or maybe the color is bad but everything else is good. So, you have got the great kitchen and cabinets and the granite and all that, but the color is not right.

JB: Right.

Jason: So, we have just got to work with what you have and get you to what we have found is the most neutral place that we can get, which is going to appeal to the most people will get you the most money for your house. If you think about a builder in a model home, you do not go in and it is like eccentric to the nines, right?

JB: Right.

Jason: It is not like some unbelievable, over the top bold color this or that. It appeals to more of a neutral palette. That is what we have found as well. So, we have some owners that want to fight us on this, and believe me, I have been very much fought on color especially with some folks. They just like man, I do not care. This is what we like and sometimes we just have to walk away.

JB: Yeah.

Jason: And we will just let you figure it out and we will talk to you in six months when your house expires.

JB: There you go.

Jason: It is amazing how much smarter we get the second or third time the house has been for sale.

JB: Yep.

Jason: It is like wow, you were right.

JB: Yep.

Jason: Yeah, been doing it for a little while, and again, it is just old questions, just new to you.

JB: Right.

Jason: We have been dealing with the same stuff over and over and over, which I guess makes us unbelievable, amazing experts. But it really is. It is like if you had a spelling bee and they ask you to spell the same word over and over and over for 20 years, your kind of just get it down. Right?

JB: Yep.

Jason: Same with real estate.

JB: Kind of get it.

Jason: You kind of get it. Anyway, I guess, there are some out there that will not ever listen. Like Forrest said, you cannot fix stupid. That is just the way it is.

JB: Kind of like our friend Jack Nicholson said, you cannot handle the truth.

Jason: There you go.

JB: That is right. Remember from last week?

Jason: Yes.

JB: Jack is back. Thank you, Jack, for coming back by.

Jason: That is right.

JB: It is hard. It is an emotional thing.

Jason: Yes.

JB: We have talked about it many times. It is hard to hear somebody else, like you have mentioned many times, that the baby is ugly. It is a necessary truth.

Jason: It is. And when you are selling at a really high level, we deal with this a lot. So, we have the expertise. We have the systems, and we are known. We are in-tuned to what the consumer is looking for. I will give you an example. We got a house that we took over in Kernersville that had expired off the market, and the previous agent basically just put lipstick on a pig. They did not do it any good at all.

JB: Right.

Jason: It was actually pretty embarrassing. I was surprised. The house needed definite repairs. It has fogged windows, rotted wood, all kinds of issues, inside, outside, and so this owner, she had a pretty good budget. Fortunately, she had the money and we showed her pretty much what needed to be done, dug in, helped her do it, walked her through it, met with the contractors, and she invested about $20,000, which not everybody can do. But here is the thing. We got $40,000 more for the house than what it was previously on the market for.

JB: Wow.

Jason: So, she doubled her money –

JB: Right.

Jason: -- essentially. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: She turned 20 into 40. It is not a bad deal. Most people would do that every day if they could.

JB: Heck yeah.

Jason: So, this was a no-brainer. It was a phenomenal house. The presentation just was not there based upon not what I think. It is just the feedback that we get from the public and what we know. Again, one of the biggest interview questions we have is has your house had any showings? Yes. What are the people saying?

JB: Right.

Jason: Oh, they like the house, but they do not like rotted wood.

JB: Right.

Jason: Uh, yeah. They like the house, but they do not like that you cannot see out of any of the windows. Yeah. Why? They are fogged. Again, here is another. This was a $300,000 house. This is not what some of you guys perceive is low-end housing. It is amazing how many houses that we are selling in the $3-500,000 range that have these simple little issues. Again, it goes back to you get blinded to your own circumstances and you cannot see them. That is what we are here to help you do. This house, it was on the market for six months with nothing. We sold it in under 30 days for $40,000 more than the previous agent –

JB: Wow.

Jason: -- because we were willing to have the hard conversation of here is what you need to do to get it sold and not just stick our stupid sign in the yard and just let her rip and see what happens. We know what is going to happen. It is not going to sell.

JB: Right.

Jason: It is somewhat the generation of people that we are dealing with, but a lot of them do not want to fix anything.

JB: Right.

Jason: And truthfully, they really cannot. They really do not teach it in school anymore.

JB: Yep.

Jason: Maybe in some of the more rural areas, but do they even have woodshop in school anymore?

JB: We have talked about this before and my wife and I talk about this all the time. We live in this microwave society. Everybody wants everything quick, and then when it breaks, they just throw it away and buy a new one.

Jason: Yeah.

JB: My mind, I am the old school. When something breaks, I am like darn, but I want to know why it broke.

Jason: Right.

JB: I want to take the thing apart.

Jason: Right.

JB: I want to take the vacuum cleaner apart. Have I ever taken a vacuum cleaner apart? Heck, no. But by golly, I may screw it up worse than I did when it was, but at least I know what the inside of a vacuum cleaner looks like.

Jason: There you go. There you go.

JB: I will do my best to try to figure it out, but there is a sense that this, maybe I am sounding like my dad now, but nobody wants to try to take care of things and fix things.

Jason: Right. The first thing I think of when something breaks is I think duct tape. I just go right to duct tape.

JB: You have got your bale and twine. Hey, if you cannot fix it with those, it is broken.

Jason: That is true.

JB: It is done.

Jason: And do not forget chewing gum.

JB: Well, that, you can put the chewing gum, stick it on there.

Jason: For all your MacGyver generations out there. Absolutely. Just do not blow anything up with your chewing gum, your bale and twine, and your duct tape.

JB: There you go.

Jason: Because it could be a lethal weapon. It could happen.

JB: That is right.

Jason: Throw that and a little bit of gunpowder and who knows what could happen. We kid, but we do not sometimes. It is about having some of the harder questions, the answer of these things, having these conversations that are not fun to have sometimes. That is what we are there for.

JB: Right.

Jason: We are going to get you in the right direction. Here is the thing. It may be that the answer is no. That is okay.

JB: Right.

Jason: It may not be your time to sell. It may not be your time to buy. But we are going to dig in and educate you. At least you will leave well-educated, I promise you that, and you will know what is best for you and your family and that is really all that matters at the end of the day. Let’s do this, JB. Let’s take a quick time out. We are going to pay some bills. We are going to come back. We are going to talk about some more of these hot-button 2018 questions that keep coming up again and again.

JB: All right. Stay with us folks. You are listening to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett, and we will be right back. (in/out music) And welcome back. You are listening to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett. I am JB. Before the break, Jason, we were talking about some hot topics, and I have got another question in here. It says, hey, Jason, my house is 17 years old. It has got the original HVAC and roof. Now do I need to replace them and how much will it increase the value of my home.

Jason: Yeah, this is a hot question.

JB: Yeah.

Jason: So somewhere between ages 17 to 22 years, oh man, that can be a challenge. That can be a challenge because perception. Perception is everything starts to break. Everything needs to be replaced. Well, kind of but not really all the time. I remember I sold a house that was built in 1982. It had five heat pumps. Three of them were original.

JB: Wow.

Jason: From ’82.

JB: ’82?

Jason: Yes. Here is what I am thinking. That is the kind you want to buy.

JB: Yeah.

Jason: The kind that last forever. Part of that is taking care of the product.

JB: But is that a guarantee that tomorrow, poof, that is the question.

Jason: There you go. Dropping the bomb.

JB: Just could not help but jump in there.

Jason: Absolutely.

JB: That is where we go.

Jason: That is the rub. That is the fear. That is the fear. And this question really depends on your surroundings more than anything else. What do I mean by that is where is the house located has a lot do to with what the answer is to this question. Here is the thing. Do not flip out, first of all. Just relax. My friend, Bill, he teaches continuing education. He always says now Jason, let’s do this. Grab something. We are going to read this. We need a nice refreshing beverage. Let’s grab some coffee and let’s just sip and read. Sip and read.

JB: Sip and read.

Jason: Sip and read.

JB: I like that.

Jason: So, you are going to just have to get something refreshing. Sip and listen. Do not lose your mind over this. We have got people that get defensive.

JB: Oh yeah, they will get up in your face.

Jason: They are trying to load the gun. It gets serious.

JB: In other words, as the young kids say, you all chill.

Jason: Exactly. Yes. Well because this is real dollars.

JB: Yes, it is.

Jason: Heating and cooling and roof, this is not –

JB: That is not chump change.

Jason: Yeah, this is not Home Depot to Go here. This is serious. What I mean by where is the house located is if you are out in the county somewhere and you do not have a lot of people just standing right upon your house, putting a new roof on or a new heating and cooling system, sometimes you can actually get a little more uptick in your price because you do not have a lot of anything bringing it down. Here is where we run into an issue. Subdivisions. Love subdivisions, and just like anything it is a love hate. Right?

JB: Yep.

Jason: Love it because why? There are rules. You do not have to come home, and you do not have to worry about somebody having a couch on the porch. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: There is going to be no fenced front yards. It is the truth.

JB: It is just funny.

Jason: JB drives a road every day that I promise you, he knows what I am talking about.

JB: I know. I live in Davidson County.

Jason: Yes, he does, and it is just good times. It can be over the top. Right? Like they can tell you what color flowers to plant in your yard.

JB: Right.

Jason: It can get kind of crazy with some of these HOAs. Here is the benefit of that is you have set guidelines and set rules. The downside of that is houses in close proximity that are very similar to yours. So, if every one of your neighbors has a new roof and heating and cooling system, and they have done that, and you have not, your house is going to be very difficult to sell.

JB: Good point.

Jason: Why? Because all agents are going to go in and read the comparable that says built in 1993. New roof, heating and cooling, updated kitchen, blah, blah, blah, and yours is oh, built in 1993. Original roof, original heating and cooling, original carpet, original vinyl in the bathroom. Original ivy wallpaper. Original, original. That is going to have a different price than the one that is updated. Same square footage. Same neighborhood. Much different price. May appraise for the same thing, but market value and appraised value we know are different numbers simply because of these differentiating things. When was something done. Now if you are the first guy out of the box to this, sometimes you can win. We do see sometimes the first one or two owners in a subdivision that put a new roof on or a new heating and cooling system, they will typically get a bump in price because they led the pack.

JB: Right.

Jason: And everybody else that is for sale has got the old stuff.

JB: Right.

Jason: And they will pay a little bit more to get it. But if you are lagging, if you are the last dog in the fight, not so good. So, you are either going to take a beating on the price or you are going to have to step up and pay the money. Now the other thing I get a lot of times is Jason, just put a new roof on this house. $9000. So whatever number you come up with, we are going to add $9000 to that. Well, yeah, who doesn’t? It does not work that way.

JB: Right.

Jason: And my argument to that is well, why did you stop at $9000? Why didn’t you get a $20,000 roof?

JB: Yeah or thirty. Come on.

Jason: Yeah, because we could have added $30,000. It kind of like people that have a finished garage, and they want to count that square footage at $130 a foot the same as the inside of the house. But you do not have a garage anymore.

JB: That is right.

Jason: They are like yeah, but it is heated and cooled. And it is legit. The floor slants a little bit but do not worry about that. No, it does not work that way because we have got to deduct what is missing. The garage, right? We have to take away from that. Secondly, if you use common sense, if I have a garage that is $30 a foot, and the inside of my house is $130 a foot, and all I have to do is put some windows in and a door and some carpet in my garage and I can get $100 more a foot? Who would have a garage?

JB: Right.

Jason: You would be an absolute idiot to have a garage. Nobody would have a garage.

JB: That is right.

Jason: Therefore, your thesis kind of falls apart that way. It does not work that way.

JB: Right.

Jason: Same with some of these other things. These are good technical questions to get in to. You have got other things in your house that we need to talk about. Go to Jason Bramblett dot com. We can dig in and check all those things out, folks. It is on a case by case basis.

JB: Right.

Jason: We have just got to take a look at your house. Go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Shoot us an email. We will come out, take a look, give you some advice and get you started for 2019.

JB: I know it is going to be here before we know it.

Jason: Absolutely. So, everybody have a great, safe weekend. We will be back here next week, live right here. Triad Real Estate 911 or go to Jason Bramblett dot com. We will see you then.

JB: All right. See ya.