JB: Good morning. Welcome to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett. I am JB, and along with Jason for the next half hour we are going to be talking all things real estate. We welcome your calls if you are listening in this morning and you have a question or comment for Jason. We are live in the studio. (336)553-0796 is the number. (336)553-0796. And with that we say good morning to the man who has always got a plan, Mr. Jason Bramblett. Good morning.

Jason: Good morning. Good morning. I hope everybody is doing well.

JB: Doing good.

Jason: Still fighting that little yellow pollen out there, but

JB: Yeah, I will tell you what and a little muggy out there.

Jason: Yes.

JB: Kind of pea soup out there.

Jason: Yes, it is.

JB: Soupy, swampy.

Jason: It was definitely last night for sure. But, Memorial Day. Thank you, guys. Thank everybody that is, it is the families that have paid the price, the ultimate price, and the freedoms that we enjoy are because of the men and women that are not with us. So, I hope that we remember this weekend. It is what allows us to be on the air. We are not controlled by a government that says that you can only say this and only do this. Because of those freedoms we have I can run a business.

JB: Right.

Jason: It wasn't free.

JB: Right. There was a cost.

Jason: There was a cost. Remember that. That is what the weekend is for is to remember those that are not with us any longer. The true heroes, if you will, that have forged ahead. I have been in many countries where that choice of freedom is not there, and you have the thumb screws of the government controlling what you can do and what you can say. It is that oppression, in America we have competition. Okay? It is just really whoever is the best at what they do is going to win, and they are going to get ahead. Or if you provide great service and all the things that make a company or business outstanding and one that attracts people to it that they want to either work with you or use your service. When you have the government stepping in and creating a system in which that is not, freedom is not there to do that, it is hard to win, guys.

JB: Right.

Jason: I have been in many of these countries where you just do not have that opportunity, the freedom. It is interesting. A lot of the, some, one side or the other of Americans seem to think that is, they want to be like that to make it fair. All I can suggest is maybe go visit one of those countries and test it out first. Because I think if you talk to the locals, you will discover that it is not all quite as great as you might think it is. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: Whether you are running a multi-bazillion dollar company or getting a welfare check today, be thankful that those systems are there and that you have got the freedom to be able to that.

JB: Well said.

Jason: Anyway, real estate. That is a good thing because you can own it. There is actually a few of those countries that I have been to you cannot even own real estate.

JB: Wow.

Jason: So how about that? Everything is owned by the government. That is exciting. That is another great freedom that we have right here in America is that we, you have got the ability to own property, to own land to build a home. So that is a definite freedom that we enjoy here that a lot of places do not. We have some awesome, awesome new houses hitting the market. You need to go to our website. You can check them out. Jason Bramblett dot com. Click on that Coming Soon link. They are all over the Triad. We have got properties from Bermuda Run to Mebane to Asheboro to the Virginia line. We cover it all, and so if you are thinking about selling, I can assure you that we probably, if you can hear my voice, and you are in the state of North Carolina, we probably can help you out. And even if you are not in the state of North Carolina, I have a phenomenal partner up in Virginia that I can introduce you to. Damon and his team will take phenomenal care of you guys up there.

JB: Well, I know we have got a lot of people up in southern Virginia listening to us. We do not want to leave them out.

Jason: We do. Absolutely,

JB: We appreciate you guys listening in, too.

Jason: They call me all the time. I am thankful for the calls. I cannot help you personally, or my team cannot, but we have got a partner up there that does many of the same things that we do, and he does a great job as well. Interest rates. Holy smokes, man! They are just spinning like a top right now.

JB: Yep.

Jason: It is the yo-yo of are they up? Are they down? When should I time this thing out? Look, interest rates are like predicting who is going the win Super Bowl. You have just got to go for it. You cannot sit on the fence right now. They are kind of all over the place. You are losing buying power if they go up. So, think about that. Every time the interest rates go up a percent, it is ten to thirty thousand dollars depending on what rate you were quoted and what your credit score is. It can be significant buying power. Even if it was only ten grand, ten thousand bucks, that is a bedroom in a house most of the times. So that could be the difference between a four-bedroom or a three-bedroom house. So, think about those things. Is now the time to sell? We are going to dig into that as well. One of the things that we are hearing a lot though is man, I cannot seem to find a house I like. I kind of think I want to sell. I am hearing that it is a good time to sell. But I am looking online, and I cannot find. What should I do? We are going to talk about that. That question has come up multiple times in the past three or four weeks. And then we have got your calls and your emails. We are here in the studio. You can give us a call at (336)553-0796 or always shoot me an email. Just go to Jason Bramblett dot com and click on Contact Us. Share your story, and if it is radio-worthy, we will share it right here.

JB: Sounds good.

Jason: And most of them are. I get very few uninteresting emails. Most of the emails we get are really good.

JB: Right.

Jason: Really great questions. So, keep sending them our way.

JB: Well, why don't we just start off with a question? Is that okay?

Jason: Let's do it. Let's do it.

JB: Somebody writes in and says hey, I want to sell, but I cannot find anything I like to buy. What to do? What to do?

Jason: What to do? This is one we just keep on hearing almost daily. The data that is out there right now says that if you sell this year, you will get more for your house this year selling right now than you would have in the past ten. That is pretty good data. Right.

JB: Sure.

Jason: If you are looking at it from a monetary standpoint, the data says put that house up for sale because you are going to win.

JB: Right.

Jason: The interesting thing is that some owners do not care. And so, it is kind funny. The perceived pain of moving or renting for a short amount of time is outweighing that price.

JB: Right.

Jason: It is very interesting. I listened to a very intelligent guy speak in New York City a few weeks ago, Mr. Bob Pittman, who is the CEO and Chairman if I Heart Radio or Media. Very intelligent guy. Something, just some wisdom that he was sharing is that in America with the businesses that he has been involved with, and he has been involved with a few. He started MTV. That is a little one, right?

JB: Yeah, a little company he started.

Jason: So, he has done okay. But one thing he shared with us is people will buy, sell, or react when convenience, whatever the perceived convenience is to them, and that lives out so true right now in this real estate market. Because common sense would say if I am thinking about selling and I bought it for a hundred grand and I can sell it for one-thirty or one-fifty, I am making money. It is America. That is what we want to do is make money. However, the inconvenience of the move say eh, it is okay. Or I cannot find what I want, and I am going to have to move twice.

JB: Yeah.

Jason: It is actually the question is not really about the money. It really goes back to about the convenience. Let's face it. It is a pain in rear end to move. I do not care. I have moved in our office. I have moved from one, I have one, two, three, I have moved my desk four times as we have grown. I might as well have moved to Raleigh. It does not matter if you move twenty feet or eighty-five miles, it is still the same pain in the rear end.

JB: It is a job.

Jason: It is a job.

JB: It is a job, man.

Jason: What is sad is I have not unpacked from each location that I moved within the office.

JB: You still have got the boxes?

Jason: I still have some carry-on stuff. It is like what is that? And every time I move, I am like oh, that is where I was. Oh, I did need that for something I am sure. The pain of doing that, just moving, it is not convenient. And therefore, sometimes we will not take advantage of the market or the opportunity. Why? Not convenient. The money does not really matter at the end of the day. It is kind of interesting. Now not the time for everybody. But for some it will. Here is the thing. We have all been cheap in our life about something. Right?

JB: Sure.

Jason: Typically, what that has to come back to is you did not really maybe want it. I could take it or leave it. I bought a car this way. I really did not care if I got the car or not. It made no difference to me. But I showed the man the money that I had. I said this is what I got. If you want it sold, it is sold today for this price. Outside of that I do not really care. I am not negotiating. I am not nothing. It just is what it is.

JB: It is what it is. Yep.

Jason: It was just hey. If it is convenient, I will do it right now. Now there have been other times where, this other half that I have that is important. It might not have been convenient for me, but it was something that she or he wants. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: So sometimes we maybe do things that are, we overpay for stuff out of convenience. Think about the gas station, right? Think about when you are at the airport and you buy that four-dollar water. It is kind of a government-controlled thing.

JB: Oh, my goodness.

Jason: Why in the world can you cannot take a sealed-up water bottle through the stupid x-ray? It makes no sense to me whatsoever.

JB: I do not even want to go there.

Jason: But TSA, it should be funded by all the things that they confiscate.

JB: Yeah, they could take their confiscated items and sell them and fund that.

Jason: Absolutely. But what do they do? They throw them in the trash. But only in this country. It is interesting. I was flying, I will not mention the country, but flying back to the US and I bought some hot sauce. Just a little souvenir. It was three point two ounces.

JB: Okay.

Jason: All right. The limit at that time three ounces. That point two, which is what, a lick, nothing, kept it from getting on the plane. I am negotiating with the guy because this hot sauce is awesome, and I forgot to put it in my checked bag. I had like four bottles. I am like come on, man.

JB: It is hot sauce.

Jason: It is hot sauce.

JB: Come on.

Jason: I said let me keep one. He is finally like all right you can keep one. He kept three. He took it over to a trash barrel. It was completely full of hot sauce. A fifty-five-gallon drum

JB: Full of hot sauce.

Jason: Completely full of this hot sauce. I said, what are you guys going to do? He said, oh at the end of the, you the last plane. When you all leave, we take all that and put it back in the store. I said that is brilliant.

JB: That is brilliant. We are going to have us a barbeque.

Jason: Exactly. He was like oh we are going to take that back up there and we will resell it. I thought that was brilliant. So, make sure that if you bottle-size it to whatever is above the TSA regulation. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: They were reselling all the hot sauce to all of us lovely tourists that were buying it and forgot to put it in our checked bag.

JB: Nice racket there.

Jason: But I felt good in that I was not obviously the only one because there were probably a thousand bottles in there.

JB: It must be some good hot sauce.

Jason: It really is. It is some good stuff. So, for benefit, right, and for convenience we do different things. So here is the thing. You might have to get uncomfortable and do something temporarily to take advantage of the market that we are in. You might have to get a little uncomfortable to cash out, to get the full advantage of getting the most money for your house right now. You might have to sell and rent for a month or two. That is very possible. You might have to move twice or put that stuff in a little mini storage or one of these pod things they have out here to take advantage. That is a choice. And not everybody is going to make that. Some people are like it is not worth it. I know I am going to get eighty thousand dollars more for my house than I paid, but the pain of doing all that is not worth it. The inconvenience of that is not worth it to them. Some people are like I am out the door. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: And you have got to make that decision. But I will tell you data and the statistics tell us that right now, today, you can sell your house for more than you could in the past ten years. That is a pretty big number.

JB: Right.

Jason: So, think about that.

JB: Well, other than price, are there any additional benefits to selling right now, Jason?

Jason: Oh, absolutely. How about this? You could spend the whole summer at the swimming pool.

JB: I like that.

Jason: Yeah, especially if you did not have one. Right?

JB: Yeah.

Jason: I have got some friends of mine, they were moving to, they moved to Raleigh, but we sold their house in about a day. That was pretty quick, so they were not really expecting that. They thought they were going to have time to look because they knew, obviously they know where Raleigh is. They just did not know where they wanted to live. So, they decided they were going to rent an apartment. We sold their house probably in May. Right when school was getting out. Somewhere in there. I would check on them every now and then. How is it going? You looking? We have kind of looked a little bit here and there. I was like where is the sense of urgency that you all had? Right? It was like man, I come home from work. I do not have to cut the grass. I do not have to pull any weeds. My wife and my kid are at the pool. We go down and have a little barbeque. So, they just turned the whole summer into like a little vacation if you will.

JB: Like vacation.

Jason: They were just at the beach at a condo. And then of course it did finally wear off and they were like it is time to buy a house. But they lost their sense of urgency for about ninety days. They were like this not doing nothing. I like it. It is okay. It is not bad. It is kind of funny that they could take advantage of that. Here is the thing. Another benefit is you can, if you have sold your property and you are in an apartment, and maybe you have got a ninety-day apartment, and we have got plenty of people within the Greensboro area and Winston-Salem, we have a relationship with these apartment communities. They will let you do a three-month lease. So, if you need help with that, we can assist you. But it lets you act faster, right? You can move quick. When you do not have anything to sell it is like hey, I can buy your house and I can, it is not contingent on anything.

JB: Right.

Jason: I am approved for the loan. I have got the money for the down payment. I have nothing to sell. I am ready to go. That is a big deal. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: Think about the seller looking at that offer. If they have got a pile of offers and some of them are contingent, there may be some of them that are financing terms that they are a little uneasy on, and you come to them with nothing to sell, conventional, and I am putting twenty percent down, you are probably going to get moved right to the top of the pile. So, think about that. Those are some win-win things. Just the highest offer, I can assure one hundred percent, we have sold many, many, many homes where the highest offer was not the offer that won.

JB: Right.

Jason: It was the offer that we knew they could get to the finish line.

JB: There you go.

Jason: Just because you can pay more does not necessarily mean that you are going to win. There are other conditions within that. There are other terms that can put you way above the pile outside of price. So, something to think about.

JB: Right.

Jason: Let's do this. Let's go pay some bills.

JB: Okay.

Jason: We have got to let you hear a couple of great commercials. I am sure we have got coming up, right?

JB: That is right.

Jason: Absolutely. We will be back here in just a minute. Triad Real Estate 911.

JB: All right. Stay with us. (in/out music) And welcome back. You are listening to Triad Real Estate 911 with your host Jason Bramblett. Thanks for joining us this Saturday morning. How about an email question, Jason? You want to go back into that?

Jason: Let's do it. Let's do it.

JB: All right. We have got one from Betsy. Betsy writes in and says Jason, I am seeing several homes that have been on the market for a while that we like. Our issue, and it appears the seller's issue, that these home need work, and we do not have the money to fix them up. Is there a loan that we can get the money to fix up these homes? Thanks, Betsy. So that is a great question.

Jason: It is a great question. It is something that yeah, wow, this one here is another one that comes up quite a bit.

JB: So, it is quite common, huh?

Jason: It is. There is a time in a house's life, I tell you the most difficult home to sell is a house that is seventeen to twenty-one years old, and it has got an original roof and heating and cooling system.

JB: Right.

Jason: Because you just know the next guy that buys that house is all in and they are paying for them things.

JB: Right.

Jason: They are not broken. They work. They are out of date.

JB: But the law of averages is creeping up there.

Jason: The law of averages is you are writing the check, buddy. That is just all there is to it. And those are tough because it is not like is the house worth less? No. Actually it will appraise. The appraiser does not look at the roof and say oh this one is new and that one is twenty years old and we are going to ding it. No, they do not. As long as it is not leaking, you are good to go. It is just averages.

JB: Right.

Jason: When you buy a twenty-five-year shingle, it is a guesstimate that it will last twenty-five years. It does not just like I bought it on May first and in twenty-five years on May first I have to take it off. No, I have seen roofs that have gone thirty years, forty years.

JB: Right.

Jason: And a lot of that depends on the condition and the quality, of course, and also how they are installed. Believe it or not, that does make a difference. We have some roofing companies, I do not know. I guess they think they are going to retire by putting one less nail in. Anyway, they do. So, they skip on some of the materials. It is interesting. Those houses out there that people would buy, but they have the fear of that. And or they have got well, let's face it. The wallpaper. The brass. All the lovely things that we talk about. The overgrown bushes. Right?

JB: Right.

Jason: The holly trees that ate the house. They have got all these other cosmetic things. The carpet is worn out. The hardwood floors need polished. The appliances are old. The seller does not have the money to invest to update them. And guess what? The buyer does not either. So, it becomes a difficult sell in that both parties lack the funds to make the change. Now there are some loans out there that will allow you to borrow money for improvements. Okay. Here is the thing. Most of them require a pretty healthy credit score. We have some folks that are not quite where they need to be on the credit score standpoint, and so it makes it difficult for them to qualify for these. The other thing is typically they require a little larger down payment. So, you are not going to get your zero-down home loan on this type of thing. The other one is, there is one that is pretty affordable. It is called an FHA 203K Loan. It is a good product, and it does allow you to do this. There is one stipulation with this one, and actually probably all of them, but this one for sure. You cannot do any of the work yourself. So, you cannot do any sweat equity.

JB: Right.

Jason: They will allow you to borrow the money for the fix. They just want to make sure the fixer is well-qualified to do the repair. So, what they do not want is you to do the plumbing, and you, not being a plumber, and end up flooding the house, which is, it is interesting. The bank, at this point in this type of loan, they always look at it as what are we going to do if we get this one back. So, they are looking at that asset actually a little more stringent even than they normally do. Because they are looking at it as hey, if this does not work out and we end up with this house back, how is this going to look to us, right?

JB: Right. Exactly.

Jason: They scrutinize that. So, they make sure that you, the homebuyer, are very well-qualified. But yes, there are simple, there are certainly some loans out there that can work for that. We have some great lender partners. You can go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Click on the lender link, but it is Caliber Home Loans with Dave Held over there. And Glen with Lending Bay. Also does a great job in helping us out. We have got some guys that have those loans that can help you there. But real estate right now, it is about if you want to move, it is a great time to do it. Remember your home is worth more today than it has been in the past ten years. So, if you would like to find out what it is worth, give us a call at the office or go to Jason Bramblett dot com. Everybody have a safe weekend out there traveling around, driving around. Look out for people. Get off the phone. Do not text and drive. And we will see you next week. Right here. Triad Real Estate 911.


JB: All right. Have a great weekend everyone.