One thing I love about the south and this area of Guilford County is the unique way things happened in the past.
Stokesdale is a great example. Let's flash back to 1860. No cars, no trains, no Segways.. Well unless you had a mule named Segway.

Farmers gathered at the post office and general store. Kind of like our modern gas station, I am sure. Well they needed a name for this place so one fella looked out the window and said "Green Pond". Well sitting right out there in front of them was, sure enough the "Green Pond".

Well that settled that and for the next 25 years.

A Train is coming!

Well to honor the new frontier of the train. The town folk decided to change the name to "Stokesdale". That name was chosen to honor Mr. Stokes. Who was either the railroad surveyor, conductor or engineer. Unfortunately no one knows but it is assumed he was not the janitor for sure.

I just love the south.



A sampling of Stokesdale homes