Don't all real estate brokers do the same thing?  What is the difference? 

The myth in real estate is that an agent is an agent or a broker is just a broker regardless of what sign they are behind.  That statement was basically true for almost 50 years. 

Today's real estate market is anything but normal. Home sellers are faced with steep competition around every corner. Bank foreclosures and short sales capture the attention of all buyers. Deeply discounted and many only a few years old.

However buying one of these properties presents its own challenges.  Did the bank take care of the water in the house or did the pipes freeze?  Is the title clean or is it a victim of Robo signing and the bank has not properly cleared the title?  Perhaps the previous owners did something to sabotage the property yet to be discovered. 

These things are lurking around each corner and buyers will be the ones that take the risk of discovery. The bank will normally always let you out of the contract but that is after you have spent your hard earned money on inspections, appraisals and the like.  Thousands of dollars at risk, not to mention the frustration of a failed purchase. 

This where an experienced broker can make your home STANDOUT in the crowd and overcome this perceived value perception.  Our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) takes normal everyday homes to the next level in marketing and buyer security. 

To learn how we can convert your home into a CPO property and crush your competition, just give us a call and set up a no obligation in office appointment.  See how our systems will get you top dollar in a down market. 

There is a difference and I will walk with you through each step.


Jason Bramblett